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Increasing Your Body's Oxygen Easily and Naturally

What increases our body's oxygen?

Without proper breathing coordination, built up tensions cause our breathing to become erratic and shallow. Deep breathing in a slow and EASY relaxed way oxygenates and relaxes the body. Deep coordinated inhalation brings oxygen to the tissues, while deep PASSIVE exhalation moves wastes from the body.   By consciously replacing that habit by deeper EASIER breathing, we can bring partial benefits to both the mind and body.  But beware of deeper breathing that actually restricts optimal breathing. 

Aerobic exercise is any exercise that increases the level of oxygen in the body. This exercise, whether it be breathing more, walking, jogging, cycling, dancing, kundalini breath of fire or swimming, conditions the heart and lungs to work more efficiently. Both work to maintain our maximal oxygen uptake.  When the lungs give the heart the oxygen it needs it does not have to over work and make it more susceptible to heart attacks. Most fitness experts recommend a minimum of 30 minutes a day three to five times a week. I have a way to shorten that and make it much more effective than even an hour.

Allergies to some nuts aside, a diet highest in oxygen is a raw food diet with a high concentration of fruits, green vegetables and sprouted seeds and nuts. This is largely because live fruits, green vegetables and sprouted/soaked seeds and nuts are composed of water, which is hydrogen and oxygen and mostly oxygen by weight. The green in the vegetable is chlorophyll which is very close in atomic structure to human blood. GREEN chlorophyll is green due to a magnesium atom and human hemoglobin/red blood cells have an iron atom. Exchange one for the other and you have a completely different color and name but very similar function albeit related to oxygen.  With enzymes from raw food the magnesium ion is more easily changed to an iron one making blood that can transport oxygen. E3Live is the best source of LIVE chlorophyll and many other vital nutrients.

Cooking kills the oxygen and enzymes (enzymes are almost as important as oxygen and in some ways more important)We use up our metabolic energy to process cooked foods. WEll, OK some great dishes are worth it. The raw foods are also excellent sources of both alkalizing minerals, which help your cells stay at healthy PH, and anti-oxidants, which protect our cells from free-radical damage. An oxygen-depleting diet would consist of one high cooked foods, red meat, sugar, saturated fats, white bread, processed and frozen foods, and carbonated beverages. Switching to an oxygen-rich diet often brings immediate energy and a more vibrant face, skin and positive attitude. Visit a Raw foods Potluck or Gourmet Feast function to get a great sample of state of the art recipes prepared without cooking.

Choose foods rich in chlorophyll such as dark green leafy foods like spinach, broccoli, kale, mustard greens, spirulina, chlorella and aqua botanicals.  Juice them for optimal results.  

What else can enhance oxygen?

Stabilized oxygen electrolytes are sold as a liquid to be added to water by drops. The oxygen contained within the solution is released when it comes in contact with stomach acid and is then absorbed, acting as an antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal substance.  More effective when combined with better breathing and increased raw live foods.  

Massage. increases circulation which carries more oxygen to the individual cells of the body. Massage enhances all essential body processes by opening the passageways of liquid and energy movement within the body. When people come for a private sessions I often will send them to my local massage therapist to give them. 1. a great session; 2.  a first-hand experience of what a top-level bodywork session feels like.

Lymph massages cause highly dense tissue (lymph must be moved) to circulate more oxygen.

Ozone air-purifying machines are extremely effective in destroying and eliminating airborne pollutants, fumes, cigarette smoke, chemicals, odors, fungi, mold, bacteria, and viruses from the air. Ozone (O3) is oxygen with a third oxygen atom. This third atom is unstable, and ozone will readily give up that extra atom which attaches itself to airborne pollutants and pathogenic organisms. This oxidizes and destroys them. Ozone purifiers are commonly used in hotels, bars, restaurants, and fitness clubs anywhere odors and fumes are a problem. Portable ozone purifiers are relatively inexpensive and clean as much as 1500 square feet. Since ozone is heavier than air, place your purifying machine on a high surface. Those using these machines report the elimination of allergies, nasal congestion, headaches, sinusitis, and brain fog. I recommend against having them running when a human is in the area.

Ozone water-purification units are units that not only purify the water but increase the oxygen level of the water itself. These units range from sink top to whole house size. Over 3,000 cities, including Los Angeles, use ozone water purifiers to disinfect their water supplies.  Ozone intravenously is perhaps the best way to boost the human body with oxygen but sadly it is illegal in the USA. Go figure.

Breathing is the primary, easiest, cheapest most effective way of getting adequate oxygen, even while you sleep BUT the vast majority breathe at about 20% capacity. I strongly suggest you learn to breathe optimally before you spend needless dollars on expensive alternatives to healthy breathing. 

There is one source of enhancing oxygen that is far and above anything else out there and is extremely inexpensive to access. Oxygen Enhancement. Home Model Personal Oxygen Bars for Oxygen Therapy, O2E2 (Oxygen Enhanced Exercise and EWOT -Exercise with Oxygen Therapy or Exercise With Oxygen Training) Turbo Oxygen Banner

Whether or not you are not you have a health challenge or if you just want to maximize your energy or performance in the most efficient way possible, begin here.

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