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Optimal Breathing Self Mastery Kit

Learn the whole 9 yards all in one place about developing healthy natural breathing and how that impacts everything in life including health and life span.

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O2 E2

 Self administered affordable supplemental oxygen for exercise, rest, sleep and anti-inflammatory protocol without any tanks to fill. Stationary and portable.

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TurboOxygen™ Reservoir Bags

High volume, low profile advanced Turbo Oxygen system is purpose-built for HIGH PERFORMANCE and to deliver the ultimate user experience.

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OXY CLEANSE Dietary Supplement

Oxy-Cleanse is a colon conditioner that works without psyllium or herbs. It is fast-acting and is designed to work gently, safely and effectively. 

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Over 40 Years of Experience

Optimal Breathing® is the most advanced and versatile natural breathing development program in the world. We have helped thousands of people from around the world.

Take control of your health and life now.


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Why Buy The Breathing Kit?

When you buy the Optimal Breathing Mastery Kit™ you will learn the whole 9 yards all in one place about developing healthy natural breathing and how that impacts everything in life including health and life span.

bring variety
bring variety

Bring Variety

bring variety
Variety is mandatory to developing
one's breathing
breathe better
bring variety

Breathe Better

bring variety
Optimal Breathing program helps
you breathe better
Take control
bring variety

Take Control

bring variety
Take control of your health and life now

Stress Management

Our premier Theme related to anxiety, anger reduction, phobias...

Energy & Sleep

A program for how to boost energy, stamina, recovery and good sleep...

Shortness of Breath

Take back control of your life with the customized Shortness...

Weight Management

This program not only focuses on weight loss...

Singing & Speaking

Be empowered vocally with our Singing, Speaking and Personal Power Theme...

Disease Prevention

Like chocolate must be tasted to know what it is like, breathing must be felt...

Optimal Breathing® integrates diaphragm and lung improvement techniques and exercises that will directly and indirectly strengthen almost every facet of your life, without using drugs or surgery. This kit combines teachings from India, China, Tibet, Native America, classical voice, and those Michael Grant White combined/created from over 40 years of studying the breath and breathing. There is a certain feel of improved breathing that most breathing exercises fail to create.

We have used 85,000 Optimal Breathing test takers scores to glean the 5 most important skills in breathing and how to develop them in the shortest possible time. We have recently included SUBTITLING in DVD1 (disk only not online) for those with hearing problems and/or wanting to learn English better.
You do this program and you WILL benefit. If, by any chance, you are not satisfied within a 1 year period, we offer an Unconditional Money Back Guarantee (minus shipping charges)


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