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8 Steps To Optimal Breathing
Step 5 - Cleanse and Fast

According to Chinese medicine, the lungs and intestines are very interdependent.

Relevant Products

a. Oxy Cleanse - Excellent oxygen based intestinal cleanser. Very safe and effective. If the intestines back up with debris and toxins they cause excessive mucous and toxins to clog the lungs and upper respiratory tract. Click here for the PDF of an impacted intestine and what is beneath many a large stomach or pot gut.

b. Oregano Oil - Kills bacteria, especially in the lungs and bronchioles. 

Optimal Digestion - To maximize the breaking down of foods and minimize excessive waste, colon and lung blockage (information only - must purchase directly from manufacturer.  Here is great picture from a colon hygienist showing how a large stomach can be ever so much more than just fat. Click here for the PDF and get ready for an eye opener.

Sinu Clenz  Excellent portable germ killer
e. Sinus Cleanse - Safe and effective. No drug side effects.

f. Proflora - Friendly bacteria/beneficial flora, with synergistic botanical and nutritional support. Helps to overpower unhealthy bacteria.

g. Building Healthy Lungs Naturally

h. Oxygen Concentrators


According to the Essene Gospel of Peace, ancient fasting in the middle east during pre biblical times consisted of a water only diet. Some augmented that with bowel cleansing.  Juice fasts or mono diets are not true fasting. They may help but are not equivalents of plain, simple water fasting plus optional cleansing. See a health professional for more about this.

The two links below are professional fasting supervisors.  They work with you in person at their facility or on the phone.

Costa Rica
Loren Lockman 

Southwest USA
Dr. Vetrano's Health Information Service
PO Box 102
Barksdale, TX 78828 USA

Eat as much raw living foods as you can. The natural fiber helps to cleanse the entire upper and lower respiratory and intestinal tract.

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Optimal Breathing 
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 6. Smoke or Smoking Recovery 
. Shortness of breath including  Asthma   Bronchitis   COPD  Emphysema
 8. Singing, Speaking, Acting, Personal Power 
9. Sleeping, Snoring 
10. Weight Management

 11. Most other goals or chronic challenges are Control-Find searchable in the Supplemental material CD included in the Kit.

General breathing development
 2. Deepest Calm for: emotional regulation, 12 Steps, anxiety-panic,  headaches, high blood pressure, pain reduction, stress management, immune strength

 3. Energy, stamina, recovery, sports, gentle yoga, breathwork, Pilates, Qigong, Tai Chi

 4. Focus, Concentration, Learning

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"He who breathes most air lives most life."

Elizabeth Barrett Browning

"Mike's Optimal Breathing teachings should be incorporated into the physical exam taught in medical schools as well as other allied physical and mental health programs, particularly education, and speech, physical, and respiratory therapy."

Dr. Danielle Rose, MD, NMD, SEP





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The breathing improvement techniques, practices and products outlined in this publication are extremely gentle, and should, if carried out as described, be beneficial
to your overall physical and psychological health. If you have any serious medical or psychological problem, however, such as heart disease, high blood pressure,
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