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Optimal Breathing Self Mastery Kit

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Buy the Optimal Breathing Self Mastery Kit  Learn the whole 9 yards all in one place about developing healthy natural breathing and how that impacts everything in life including health and life span.

Buy the Optimal Breathing Self Mastery Kit  Learn the whole 9 yards all in one place about developing healthy natural breathing and how that impacts everything in life including health and life span.

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Tens of thousands of free Breathing Test takers showed us there are 5 key breathing skills and several breathing development techniques and exercises that correlate with massive improvements in speaking, sleeping, stress management, singing, energy, blood pressure, anxiety, depression, weight control and asthma.  take the test
"I feel fine." "My breathing is fine". How many said they felt great or passed a stress test then took sick or dropped dead shortly thereafter.
Like planning for retirement, knowing the fundamentals helps you stay on course. Here is an example of being way off-course - Superman Syndrome.

Questions you need answers to.

  1. Why is breathing volume the primary marker for how long you will live?
  2. What proof is there that unless you do something to maintain it you lose 10% breathing volume every decade of life after your mid 20s.
  3. Which skills in breathing are correlated with up to a 1,000% increase or decrease in reports of diagnosed illnesses.
  4. Why do most conventional approaches to health focus on the symptoms and not the causes?
  5. How can high blood pressure be reduced or eliminated by better breathing?
  6. When is breathing deeper harmful to your health?
  7. When can negative emotions including depression be reduced or eliminated by proper breathing?
  8. How can practicing only one or two breathing exercises eventually restrict your breathing?
  9. Which 150 health and well being conditions are greatly influenced by optimal breathing?
  10. Is your breathing strong or weak? Sending you toward illness or health?
  11. Which simple self help exercises, techniques and tools properly develop your breathing?

Our Optimal Breathing Kit answers these questions and so much more.

Our self help kit (scroll down) has been incorporated into the first University level Doctor of Advanced Athletic Training program (DAT) in the USA.

Facts you should know:

Most of our energy comes from breathing. We know we can lose muscle mass but few realize the average person reaches peak respiratory function in their mid 20's. Then they begin to lose breathing capacity between 10-27% for every decade of life. We BEGIN with breathing then include whatever else is related to life and living such a oxygen, nutrition and brain training.

  • Breathing volume is the primary marker for how long you will live?
  • Science has proven that cancer is anaerobic - it does not survive in high levels of oxygen.
  • Shortness of breath and heart disease are directly linked - the heart goes into spasm when it is deprived of oxygen.
  • Studies have shown that there is a high correlation between high blood pressure and poor breathing.
  • Breathing well is the key to sleeping well and waking up feeling rested.
  • Yoga breathing may hinder rather than aid proper breathing.
  • Oxygen is the ultimate natural anti-inflammatory?
  • Breath-rate is a develop able skill.  5 breaths per resting minute is very good.  How many resting breaths do you take in a minute?

How good is YOUR breathing?


Clinical studies prove that oxygen, wellness, and life-span are severely dependent on optimal breathing.
Lung volume is a primary marker for how long you will live.

Optimal Breathing© is the most advanced  and versatile natural breathing development program in the world.

We have helped thousands of people from around the world. Take control of your health and life now.  Why the Optimal Breathing Mastery Kit's WHOLE 9 YARDS approach?  To do just one technique or exercise will help some now and if continued over time will reach a cross over point where that technique or exercise becomes limiting and even harmful. Variety is mandatory to developing one's breathing.

Breath is life. Study breathing, for life

The All In One Optimal Breathing Self-Mastery Kit

We start with breathing, then include everything else
Self mastery training, techniques, exercises, ergonomics, statistics, holistic health and wellness that include:

  • Wake up rested
  • Enhance learning ability
  • Reduce asthma symptoms
  • Strengthened immune system
  • Strengthen performance skills
  • Reduce cardiovascular risk
  • Reduce agitation, anxiety & depression
  • Improve regulation of blood sugar levels
  • Help prevent neurological & circulatory issues linked to disease
  • Improved digestion
  • Improved recovery following exercise or exertion
  • Reduced attention deficits & hyperactivity
  • Pain relief from headaches, migraine, back pain, sciatica, neuralgia.
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