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O2E2 TurboOxygen Reservoir Bags 

Turbo Oxygen BagO2E2 TurboOxygen™ Reservoir Bags(2 sizes 1 or Multiple Person/O2 Units), Turbo Masks and Mask Holders Unbeatable value.
Think 25-150 Liters Per Minute versus 1-3 Liters Per Minute via cannula delivery

Our partner MyOxygenMachine LLC has developed the best way to exercise there is.

Imagine 25 to 150 times more oxygen than you ever had before while exercising. When I use it daily for a week or so I get stronger and stronger and have more stamina. Naps are no longer needed.

Oxygen enhanced exercise and rest has been used for top secret military training as early as 1952. In addition, a man who could not walk up a curb was walking a mile 30 days later. I have seen it improve almost every symptom known to mankind including
Parkinson's and ALS.

Using it just 15 minutes a day I wake up rested and my brain function has gotten much sharper. I rarely need to take naps any more.

I personally used it to reduce a full minute off my 1500k race walk time at the senior games, four years older, age 75 and one minute faster.

If I am out of town for week I sense no loss of energy. Actually I could take it and an O2E2 with me as they both fit into a large suitcase for air travel weighing under 50 pounds total including the suitcase.

If I am out of town for week I sense no loss of energy. Actually I could take it and a portable O2E2 with me as they both fit into a large suitcase for air travel weighing under 50 pounds total including the suitcase. I used it to reduce a full minute off my 1500k racewalk time at the senior games: four years older age 75 and one minute faster.

If you can exercise I believe this reservoir bag is many times more effective than hard or soft oxygen chambers.

Please be advised we will not answer any medical questions. This applies for any Live Chat questions and/or contact submissions. Our representatives can discuss product and science with you, but cannot address your medical issues. Thank you!


1-4 simultaneous users and 1-5 O2E2 units.
Unbeatable versatility and value. Worldwide usage.

bag vertical front

Front view

bag vertical angle view

Side angle


Bottom angle

Vibration Platform and Sauna

Vibration Platform and Sauna

Four Exercise Stations One at a time or all at once

Four Exercise Stations One at a time or all at once

Spinalator in Separate Recovery Room

Spinalator in Separate Recovery Room

Ideas For Single or Multiple Person Usage For Our Turbo Oxygen Exercise-Rest-and-Repeat


Two people sharing bag

Two people sharing bag

Two people sharing bag-1

Two people sharing bag

10 foot Extension hose and joiner for a longer feeder hose

10 foot Extension hose and joiner for a longer feeder hose

Recovery Room Biomat

Recovery Room Biomat (or Bed) or Massage Chair. 1-3 people

Turbo oxygen bag usage

Outside or garageseparate room and Bag

Outside or garageseparate room and Bag

turbo mask sweat eric

turbo mask sweat eric

10 foot Connector hose & plug

10 foot Connector hose & plug

Versus 1-2 Liter mask

Versus 1-2 Liter mask


Bag Stand

Masks for varying styles, head sizes and adjustable holders.

Call us for accurate choices and sizing 704.597.6775

Stationary Exercising, Home Gyms, Retreat Centers Worldwide

Many Olympic and professional athletes use this as their "secret weapon"

Multiple O2E2 Machines Feed One Bag Faster or Multiple Bags Simultaneously in the Same or Different Rooms

o2e2 mechine

Turbo Oxygen Usage

This high volume, low profile advanced TurboOxygen system is purpose-built for HIGH PERFORMANCE and to deliver the ultimate user experience. Made with the most technologically advanced and inert materials available, the reservoir is designed to provide a chemical free, VOC free user experience. It is especially manufactured using the highest quality 'food grade' materials. When used according to manufacturers guidelines, this product has a minimum 10 year life expectancy.

You will feel physical changes in about 3 minutes and get real results in 15 minutes. We know you will want to try it for yourself, so contact us to arrange a demo. Feeling is believing. If you already have an EWOT, upgrade it to our Turbo Oxygen System.

Call or email us for complete answers to over 30 relevant questions for which you need answers to make an informed decision.  704.900.4174  Eastern USA Time zone 10-6 pm Email: kim@myoxygenmachine.com

A basic overview of the reservoir system concept.

When you use a 5 liter per minute oxygen concentrator it produces approximately 93% oxygen as long as you have it on. The issue is that it's producing 5 liters a minute, but you're not breathing 5 liters of oxygen a minute because  you are, number one: exhaling half that time and number two: breathing in a lot of air along with the oxygen because you are using a nose cannula.

So that boils down to about 1-1 1/4 liters a minute based on roughly a 30 breaths a minute. If you breathe in more or less breaths a minute then you will breathe in that much more or less amount of oxygen. So you the combination of breathing rate, volume of lungs and percentage of oxygen mixed with air per breath.

Let's take that 30 breaths a minute and increase the potential for the oxygen by 50-100 times by not have any air diluting the O2. If you're breathing a full breath of oxygen every two seconds and your breath is two liters, you're breathing 30 times 2 liters of oxygen or 60 liters a minute compared to 1- 1 1/4 liter per minute. IF YOUR LUNGS CAN HANDLE IT WHICH DO YOU THINK IS BETTER: 1 1/4 LITERS A MINUTE OR 60 LITERS A MINUTE? Well 60 of course!!

Now, If you have larger lungs and you're breathing 3 liters every breath at that point you're breathing 30 X 3 or 90 liters of oxygen per minute. If you're breathing much faster say 1 breath every second and you have a 3 liter breath you're breathing 30 x 3 or 90 liters a minute, whereas the cannula 5 liter approach gives you 1- 1 1/4 liters per minute. You are then looking at potentially 50-100 times more oxygen per minute depending on your breath rate and volume.

On the flip side I had elderly man say he couldn't walk up a curve and a month later he is walking a mile and that was just with the a 5 LPM and cannula. So you see that even a small amount can pay big dividends depending on your age and goals. It is largely a time and money issue. More volume is much or powerful, costs more money and requires much less time.

Athletes and supplemental oxygen

So far the feedback from using the bags is that all people need is about 15 minutes a day and if they want they can push themselves much harder and still feel good. Athletes like that a lot and of course competitive athletes love it. I never recommend the hard push as I have no idea of one's state of health. I personally use a medium to slow walk (watching Netflix documentaries) when using my bag.

I've had people have sleep apnea they're on CPAPS or BIPAPS, it forces breathing down while you're sleeping, forces breathing up you're nose, I've had them say "I don't need my CPAP anymore". Well we can't guarantee that but it DOES occur. Those on CPAPS are recommended to get our Breathing kit.

Another option is to add the oxygen to the CPAP,or BIPAP as we carry an adapter that costs 6 dollars, you add it to the CPAP or BIPAP. CPAPS do not need more than 5LPM as a higher volume is quite distracting to try and sleep with.


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