School Calendar of Events –

Calendar of Practitioner Certification Trainings & Speech Clinics

Faculty Members who have attended the school who sometimes assist at trainings.


Skype options see below

Student Qualifications

  1. Those legally allowed to touch others in a therapy setting.
  2. A family member working on another family member.
  3. Someone wanting to take this training primarily for their own benefit and does not plan on working on others until and if they become licensed in a modality that allows for that.
  4. Non touch techniques for example for psycho therapists, counselors, psychiatrists etc who routinely do or can not legally touch.

Practitioner Trainings 3-6 days or private one on one with Mike.

Group = 8 hour days. Private is student specific

Varying number of training days

It is VERY rare in the industry but we will not cancel a class due to low attendance.  Sometimes it does not reach maximum attendance. We know that we progress much faster and need less time with fewer people. For example is 8 people attend we hold class for 6 days.  If 3 people attend we hold classes for 3 days and so on. We structure the number of days around the number of attendees. 

1. 7-8 attendees = 6 days.
   4-6 Attendees = 4 days
   1-3 Attendees = 3 days


$1,200 for the 3-6 days.

2. Everyone commits for 6 days. If someone who flew in with set departure times for the 6 days ends up only needing 3 days due to the number of attendees, they spend the balance visiting the many interesting places within driving range. Mountains, ocean, Florida, Golf etc. We have several days of relevant videos to watch as an option.

3. Those who drove just go home early.

Start with the Kit and see how much you learn.

Then take it from there.

OBDSA Most take days 1,2,3 and possibly to get the main techniques and exercises right and the OBDSA cert: A= Apprentice.


school mike strapping standing

school mike prone DSC_1366

SCHOOL chek caliper

OBDS certificate is earned after 100 session write ups and a few hourly fee based Skype Sessions to verify student efficacy.

We suggest you begin here. 

2015 - Group
Guaranteed to be held
February 14-19 FULL
June 6-11
October 10-15

Individual private or semi private sessions throughout the year are always possible on an as available basis.

You sponsor a training in your area? Let me know what your needs are

General practitioner curriculum PDF   Subject to customizing depending on your needs.

NCBTMB contact hours at the school. Distance learning below via Skype.

Daily Scheduling

All necessary equipment including a 180 page student manual are provided. The student keeps the manual and all other props stay with the school.

Typical class times: 10:00 am-6:00 pm
Location. 1820 Sunhaven Ct. Charlotte, NC 28262 or your area, see below

Optional scheduling for those that need to do more personal one on one work with Mike but also wish CEU hours. Call 704.597.6775 for an evaluation.

Skype sessions. Semi Private or private only.

Skyped CEUs for Massage Therapists are NCBTMB Category Distance Learning.

Distance practitioner training sessions require you having a partner at least one Breathing Kit and having watched the Breathing Kit Videos plus have at least one Blue Pron Piilo ( and the partner to give and receive the work. You as a team each pay for semi private skype sessions.  Four hours at $125.00 per hour each.

1-42 NCBTMB Massage CE Contact Hours require on site training


2-42 Naturopath CE Hours from the ANCB remote is allowed.

Cancellations more than two weeks prior to a class will receive a full refund.

Cancellations of less than two weeks will receive credit towards a future class.

Cancellations of less than 48 hours notice will not receive any refund or any future credit.

ADVANCED TRAININGS.  Advanced post in-person trainings will be done via Skype.

Overcoming Spasmodic Dysphonia and stuttering. Success stories of attendees from previous clinics.

Group Training Tuition Cart  First call toll free 866 MyInhale (6946425) to specify which date(s).

Private in-person or skype payment options   Consulting page

Travel to your location requires a special  quote.

Below is a general outline. We can customize to fit your needs. Call 704.597.5775 for a quote.

Call toll free with any questions and for assistance in choosing a program.

Email for those who are too voice challenged to use the phone.
866.694.6425. (866 MyInhale) Non USA and Canada 001 704.597.6775

QUESTIONS call 704.597.6775 or Skype "breathmike" or email


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