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Learn about your breathing and what 85,000 others have about why and how optimal breathing is so important to a healthy life.

"Without data, you are another person with an opinion". Edwards Deming.

"In retaking this test I realize how much the Kit has helped me move forward with hope for the future". Mary Lu Coughlan


How good is YOUR breathing? See what 85,000 others have learned and be helpedm tom tale approparoa te action.

This test is an assessment of various aspects of your breathing, including measurements, abilities, and qualities. It also includes a comprehensive set of questions for assessing diet, fitness, lifestyle, and overall health. We designed this test to be personalized so that we may better assist you.

Did you know?

Breathing volume is the primary marker for how long you will live?

We know we can lose muscle mass but few realize the average person reaches peak respiratory function in their mid 20's. Then you begin to lose breathing capacity by 10-27% for every decade of life.

What is going on while your breathing slowly slips away?

Did you know clinical studies show that anyone can greatly improve their breathing?

Breath is life.

High blood pressure, anxiety, energy, weight loss, stress management, sleep, speaking, singing, sports endurance, weight management, concentration, longevity, sex and much more are aided or worsened by the way you breathe.

If you can't measure it, you can't manage it.

To reduce possible distortion of your answers, we suggest you take the test no more than once in 24 hours.

Use the test as a way to learn more about your own current way of breathing. And whatever the numbers seem to tell you, don't be frightened or elated by the results.

With breathing, it may or may not serve you to compare yourself with someone else.

What is most important is to feel how to breathe properly each day so that your breathing is becoming freer, stronger, more like yourself, and more natural.

Tests for Limitations, Causes, and Positive Indicators of Optimal Breathing Functionality A-Z

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