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Breath is life.

Take Back Your Health Conference

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Detecting and Correcing Obvious and Hidden Dysfunctional Breathing.

PDF of 25 slide powerpoint The WHYs?


Michael White is the founder of "Optimal Breathing®". He is a life, vocal, speaking and holistic complementary health coach. He has spent over 20 years in developing simple measurable breathing skills and natural hygiene approaches that work for vitality, longevity and personal power. Breath is life. At "Optimal Breathing®" it is his intention to make sure that millions of others prevent or recover from being miss handled when it comes to breathing or otherwise, and to get the absolute most out of life. Some of his history.


The way we breathe fosters clear or confused thinking, makes us excited or calm, tense or relaxed and worsens or improves every health condition possible. You can manage something better if you can measure it.

We offer interactive health oriented seminars where we can teach you ways to improve your breathing and as a result improve the quality of your life. Below are a few of our standard seminar themes that we offer. Alternatively, we can also customize these according to the interests of your organization.

You may know you can lose muscle mass but few realize the average person reaches peak respiratory function in their mid 20's. Then they begin to lose breathing capacity between 10-27% for every decade of life. What to do?

Breath is life and the primary marker for health and longevity, but it is often overlooked in the health industry because breathing cannot be patented. The way we breathe affects EVERYTHING we do including our states of being, moment to moment 24/7/365.  Used as an adjunct to ANY health or wellness goal, Optimal Breathing? often invites astonishing wellness results. It also helps remove the physical and emotional barriers that prevent vocalists and speakers from reaching their full performance potential. There is up to 10 times more reported diagnosed illnesses with poor breathing skills than good ones. How good is YOUR breathing? Take our free breathing tests Click Here

During a one hour seminar we will walk you through several tests and exercises and then if you've time have a 3 hour workshop to help you train to improve your and others breathing in the short and long term. Meanwhile, because breath is life, I suggest you get our Optimal Breathing Mastery Kit and begin to study the breath, for life.

30 minutes to 6 days. Any numbered theme separately or in combination with any others. From fee to free.


  1. Breathing: You're doing it wrong. Dysfunctional breathing can destabilize mind and muscles, mood and metabolism.
  2. You do not need to get sick. Breathing development is the key. Not the only thing but the key. Start there. Take good care of your breathing and all the things you do carry over into the rest of your body and your life.
  3. Optimal Breathing® to wake up rested. Secrets, tricks, techniques for better sleep without drugs or surgery.
  4. Optimal Breathing® and deep peace within. Tricks, techniques and ground breaking information to handle stress, high blood pressure, anxiety or panic—for example, before a final exam or an important meeting or interview—that will bring you energy, clarity and calmness in minutes.
  5. Optimal Breathing® to reduce and eliminate depression without drugs or surgery.
  6. Optimal Breathing® stress management protocol that train you to, if needed, walk calmly through the gates of hell. Reduce cortisol, adrenaline, histamine, inflammation and more.
  7. Optimal Breathing® for improved movement including hand-to-eye coordination for bowling, shooting, tennis, football, soccer, basketball, golf, batting a ball etc. "If breathing is not normalized, no other movement pattern can be". Lewit 1980
  8. Optimal Breathing® running, walking, and swimming. I trained a 55 year old billionaire to swim in 20 minutes. I am a  race walker with a Senior games Bronze Medal.
  9. Optimal Breathing® speaking and singing. Have the voice you've always wanted. Tricks, techniques and ground breaking information.
  10. The way you breathe can make you sick or make you well. By the time we are diagnosed with some kind of lung issue we have lost 50% of our breathing? What was going on up to then? You can manage most things better if you can measure them.
  11. Shortness of breath reduced or eliminated.
  12. Optimal Breathing® and asthma-COPD Overlap Syndrome. The turf war that splits the person into various parts instead of one holistic whole raises its ugly little head, again. Hint. There is some kind overlapping with just about EVERY health challenge imaginable but the various modalities too often know too little or nothing about the other approaches that might complement their approach. This is why Holistic health clinics are sprouting up around the country and often include a variety of licensed or certified approaches such as MD, DO, OD, Acupuncturist, massage therapist, clinical nutritionist, psychologist, biofeedback expert, fasting instructor, breathing coach, Yoga, Tai Chi or Qigong teacher and meditation teacher. The Health Medicine Center in Walnut Creek California is a good example. It is where I first experienced this incredible cooperative group of patient (not modality) centered health professionals. In this seminar I share my experiences and what largely led me to focus on the study of the breath and why I often get very fast and lasting results developing breathing and changing lives.
  13. Why you need an independent case manager for complementary health programs.  Most modalities know too little or nothing about the other modalities.
  14. The top ten things you need to know about Optimal Breathing®
  15. Modern technology simultaneously utilizing carbon dioxide detection, heart rate variability, and EMG muscle action feedback.
  16. Optimal Breathing® for asthma, fear and trauma. Techniques and truths of gentle and safe recovery.
  17. Optimal Breathing® fundamentals.  Can't be stressed too much.
  18. 40 Optimal Breathing® techniques and exercises and why one or two are not enough.
  19. The 5 skills of Optimal Breathing®: You can manage most things better if you can measure them. Live training and information.
  20. Breathing based clinical studies. Dry but meaningful.
  21. Wearing down the "speedbump of life". From victim to unstoppable spirit.  The "speed bump" of life is located at the bottom of the breastbone (sternum). Wearing down that speed bump is absolutely essential to allowing for creative and powerful breathing, speaking, thinking and getting out of your own way for breakthrough results.
  22. The statistics of breathing related health and well being. For numbers people only. Simply stated: As the breathing tests scores improved there was up to 500% improvement/lessening in 37 diagnosed illnesses including cancer, HBP (high blood presure), poor sleep, anxiety, and depression.
  23. Saved by the breath. Twice. About Mike's path from childhood till now.
  24. Oxygen or breathing. Getting the best out of both.  Thousands of Free Breathing Test takers showed there are breathing skills and several breathing development techniques, exercises and tools that correlate with massive improvements in energy, sleeping, stress management, singing, speaking, blood pressure, anxiety, depression, weight control and asthma. Learn some today and how to add others that work.
  25. Breathing, Brain Training and oxygen: The Optimal Power Nap. The brain uses 25% of the total oxygen supplies. Its energy supplies MUST be consistent. If the breathing pattern is unbalanced it will send inconsistent supplies of oxygen to the brain.
  26. Weekly breathing classes that are delivered by Mike or someone in your vicinity he has trained.
  27. Breath is life.
    We've all heard the saying that breath is life, but few have a clear idea what that means.

    We learn breathing habits that serve us in powerful and unconscious ways, but like any kind of habit they may work for us, OR against us. When they work against us, they can cause, trigger, exacerbate, and perpetuate serious changes in physiology, emotion, cognition, personality, and performance.

    Much of dysfunctional breathing is a learning problem, not a clinical one. Given proper protocols, clinical and mechanical aspects can often be addressed simultaneously with poor breathing habits.

    Areas that this is critical are energy, anxiety, concentration, sleep, shortness of breath, sleeping, speaking or singing, meditation, weight control and ALL nervous system function.

    Breathing patterns drive the nervous system from deep peace within to anxiety and panic. One can as well entrain good or bad breathing patterns to those nearby, especially children. We MUST develop ours properly to develop and sustain health and well being.

    Questions we need answers to:

    Why is poor breathing such a big problem?

    Why is it so common and we don't know it?

    How does it affect our health and performance?

    Why are the effects so serious and insidious?

    Why do we learn or acquire dysfunctional breathing?

    When and where are these problems triggered?

    Why are popular prescriptive protocols not a solution?

    What are some common signs and symptoms of hidden dysfunctional breathing?

    What are some common signs and symptoms of obvious dysfunctional breathing?

    What are examples of good breathing to show others?

    We will demonstrate some exercises to the group to recommend to others - easy, safe and generic.

    We will include relevant case studies.
  28. Business Performance
  29. Energy, Inner Peace, Longevity
  30. Transformative breathing as a subject: Yin/Yang; Active/ Passive; Male/Female; Positive/Negative
  31. As you begin to wake up to the power of optimal breathing and cultivate more mindfulness in your working day, you will notice an improvement in concentration, energy, productivity, communication skills and overall wellbeing.

Your Event is Important

You want and need a professional speaker who understands your meeting objectives, tailors his presentation accordingly, and delivers on his promise.  I have started 6 successful businesses including commercial real estate brokerage and was the president of a public company. The latest for the last 20 years is holistic health professional.

My job is to work closely with you to ensure that we offer the best possible program for your audience based on the setting, the needs of the group, and the overall meeting objectives. Everything I do leading up to, during, and after the event is designed to achieve that goal. I invest the time up-front to get to know you, your audience members, and your organization. No “off-the-shelf” presentation can be as effective as one that is specifically tailored for your meeting.

My mission is to offer facts, education, entertaining, and inspiring interactive presentations to help your group members become more healthy and productive.

At each presentation, I draw upon my 25 years of intense study and research on the topic of how breathing is a metaphor for life, and living and working at a non damaging pace but still more effective in our sped-up digital society. Once my presentation begins, I establish a strong connection with your audience members. I present my key ideas with stories and anecdotes which prompt your audience members to reflect and discuss what they can do to improve health, productivity and overall performance.

I offer a message that informs, trains, persuades, and endures long after our time together has ended. I’ll cover any tough issues in an enjoyable manner, but I’ll never sugar-coat the vital message that needs to be conveyed. As a result, my presentation will reflect well on you because your audience members will realize that you went the extra mile to bring in the right speaker.

What are your key goals or obstacles?

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