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Public Service Websites

Breathing Public service Websites

This page includes both good and not so good sources. Over time they get changed to sites too biased to drugs and surgery. I cannot keep up with it all. You must decide for yourself but at least this may be a good place to start. 

The most important video you will ever watch  
The National Health Federation

True North Health - Alan Goldhammer 



International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine
The partnership of dentistry and medicine to help complicated patients 

American Holistic Medical Association
A widely varied group of practitioners who incorporate spiritual, physical and emotional aspects of healing. 

American Academy of Environmental Medicine

American College for the Advancement of Medicine
A large nationwide network of doctors practicing alternative medicine. 

American Association of Naturopathic Physicians
Promotes professional awareness, while providing consumer information and a searchable database of members 

American Holistic Nurses Association
AHNA is the definitive voice for holistic nursing, and promotes the education of nurses, other healthcare professionals, and the public in all aspects of holistic caring and healing. 

American College of Osteopathic Sclerotherapeutic Pain Management
These are some of the experts on pain management. 

Alliance for Natural Health
"ANH is your advocate. By joining ANH, you are joining the fight to ensure access to the full range of safe and effective therapies, including protection of integrative doctors and practitioners, passing federal and state health freedom legislation, and supporting critical litigation to ensure freedom of choice in medicine. I highly recommend becoming a member of ANH right away!" -Robban Sica, MD, ICIM Board President Member 

The Institute for Functional Medicine
In addition to information about IFM and its programs, we also offer a listing of doctors who have completed our "Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice" course







Dr. Tenpenny Vaccine Dangers
Vaccine Alert Vaccine Dangers

Evidenced Based Medicine 
We are a group of physicians that have developed a framework and rating system to evaluate therapies based on their patient-important benefits and harms as well as a system to evaluate diagnostics by patient sign, symptom, lab test or study.
We only use the highest quality, evidence-based studies (frequently, but not always Cochrane Reviews), and we accept no outside funding or advertisements. Supporting the emergence of a sustainable, green, ethical and a just economy worldwide  Dr. Bruce West DC
Naturopathic Doctors 
Autism Doctors  Select "List of Clinicians" 
Missing Kids

Global Lyme Alliance

Nursing schools 4u (for students interested in geriatric nursing programs) (for students interested in a career as a CNA). 
Poisoned places by air pollutants USA 
Student Nutrition Guides

Cerebral Palsy
Medical  malpractice center
Guided by experts, ProPublica calculated death and complication rates for surgeons performing one of eight elective procedures in Medicare, carefully adjusting for differences in patient health, age and hospital quality. Use this database to know more about a surgeon before your operation.
Medical Kidnappings
Masters in Nursing

Orthomolecular Society 
Safe Harbor Trained Practitioners  Select "Find a doctor"
ACAM American College for Advancement in Medicine
Functional Practitioners  Select "Find a practitioner"
Mind Freedom Practitioners 
Nutritional Healing 
Mercury  free Dentists
Medical Malpractice help
Medications Causing Breathing Difficulties/Symptoms. A partial list with ZERO alternative health options 
Ozone information
Ozone oriented physicians by state or country
FDA 2011 Safety Alerts for Human Medical Products
California Citizens for Health Freedom
Interpreting Food Labels 
Alliance for Natural Health
Orthomolecular Medicine
Doctors and Diet
Foundation for Alternative and Integrative Medicine
In Case Of Emergency  
Clark Howard list of very helpful information
Health Revolution Petition
Citizens Commission on Human Rights 
The Alternative Medicine Web Page 

American Holistic Health Association
Coalition for Natural Health 
Citizens for Health Care Freedom 

California Health Freedom Coalition

American Board of Preventive Medicine
Florida Health Freedom Action
Georgia Complementary and Alternative Medicine Association
New Jersey Natural Health Coalition 
New York Natural Health Project
Oklahoma Health Freedom Network

Minnesota Natural Health Coalition 
Health Freedom Massachusettes 
International Advocates for Health Freedom

CODEX alert
Codex DVD Information Web site 
Seafood Watch-safe to eat and not safe

E, The Environmental Magazine 
Science & Environmental Health 
Chemical Injury Information Network

Polluter Monitoring by Zip Code
Prozac Backlash 
Quit Paxill

Vaccination Dangers
Consumer Injury Advocates
Maitreya University  
Maitreya Buddhist University is a trans-national educational facility that specializes in the delivery of high quality, non-traditional and advanced academic pathways in the disciplines of Psychology and Philosophy


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