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Whether or not you are not you have a health challenge or if you just want to maximize your energy or performance in the most efficient way possible, here are my list of priorities in my order of importance. You can also choose from several programs listed at the end of this page or create your own program from the list below.

  1. Optimal Breathing Improvement
  2. Building Healthy Lungs Naturally
  3. Breathe for Energy
  4. Breathe For Relaxation
  5. Focus and Concentrate
  6. Use an Intestinal Cleanser
  7. Maintain optimal nutrition
  8. Supplement with vitamins
  9. Oxygen Enhancement. Home Model Personal Oxygen Bars for Oxygen Therapy, OEE (Oxygen Enhanced Exercise and EWOT - (Exercise with Oxygen Therapy or Exercise With Oxygen Training)
  10. Secrets of Optimal Breathing
  11. Optimize your drinking water
  12. Learn to develop another's breathing

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