"It's time to stop blaming the virus. We have misused antibiotics, antiseptics and all antimicrobials causing our immune systems to become weak and ineffective. It's our own fault. " 

From Mike. 
Partly true but is it JUST REMOTELY POSSIBLE THAT THE "'OUR OWN FAULT "' is what we have been taught for over 80 years?
"Just ask your doctor"? LOL
I call it brain washing for the sake of many ignorant licensed allopathic medical doctors, phony clinical studies ala big pharma,  and too many readers blindly believing a misguided  parroting press. Follow the money. 

The truth is we CAN naturally overcome it but we need to QUESTION THE DEATH STATISTICS and learn about natural health approaches from many angles and sources.  Scroll down.


I've known Denis for near 20 years.  Well informed and with highest integrity.

2. From New Scientist June 2020 page 37,  
Everyone is surprised that SARS-CoV-2 is causing such varied and persistent symptoms. Julian Hiscox is a virologist at the University of Liverpool, UK, who has been working with coronaviruses since early 90s, including the one that causes MERS. "Nothing that we are seeing with this coronavirus has not been seen with other coronaviruses,", he says. We know from animal studies that the same coronavirus can cause many different types of clinical disease. We also know from our experience with SARS and MERS that some people are fine, whereas others are worse off in quote" 

3. "'What sounded good, at least to health officials, did not work out in practice. Worse is that they hurt the world in a way it has never been harmed by human actions before. Not happy to massacre millions, over the decades, with cancer, diabetes, and heart disease, the medical establishment decided, like in cold-blooded premeditative murder (decades of planning), to unleash the worst and most medically ignorant medical response to CORVID-19 as possible.

Whipping up hysteria and fear, medical officials and the media are counting infection rates and being quieter about deaths because the death rate has been going down as infections go through the roof. It is the increase in testing which is measured, and if we could test the entire human race this week, some people would be booking trips to Mars or at least getting into their underground bunkers to get away from everyone."'   Dr. Mark Sircus


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