Urgent information for you and your loved ones

Hi, my name is Matt Cook and I've just discovered a link between COVID19 and blood pressure problems.

Certain blood pressure treatments may make the virus even WORSE, so that it is more likely to result in complications beyond the flu.

And believe it or not, there's also certain blood pressure meds that could actually be PROTECTIVE... and help protect your lungs and breathing passages.

There's also brand new information coming out of China and Italy about the people who have already passed away from the virus... and what lessons were learned...

...information that the U.S. media is not sharing that could save your life or the lives or your loved ones.

I'm sharing it all here in this short and urgent video -- watch now.


--Matt Cook

From Mike:

Notice how he also includes several other pre-existing conditions.This is huge insight as to why so many deaths are totally attributed to the virus when in fact they are caused by a long list of typical death dealing illnesses that have nothing  to do with the virus. 


P.S. Always ask your doctor BEFORE you make any changes on medication. My purpose is getting this information out as soon as possible — so you can take precautions.


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