The Optimal Breathing®Pace OBP2-40 series

These have been split into four sections for four different goals. 
1. Calming  OBPC6-20SpCB - Beginner to Intermediate 
2. Relaxed Focus  OBPRF22-40SpCB - Intermediate to Challenging
3. Energized Focus  OBPEF12-2SpCB  - Beginner to Challenging
4. Rapid Repeated Belly Breathing  R2B2



  • Release tensions from the inside out as you progress to increasing difficulty.
  • Enhanced self regulation/control.
  • Deeper command of states of calm or energy
  • Enhanced recovery or protection from stressful experience.
  • Helps to hold increases in breathing.
  • Better sleep.
  • Reduces body tension overall and possibly in the solar plexus and rib cage
  • Helps to neutralize negative emotions.
  • Lengthens the resting breathing pause.
  • May reduce acidosis and lactic acid buildup.
  • May improve blood pH/carbon dioxide balance during states of calm. (see OBPEF for carbon dioxide balance during states of excitation.)
  • A breathing meditation.
  • Aids increased emotional consistency throughout the day.
  • Balances the third chakra, helping put the ego in balance.
  • Strengthened intuition (gut feelings).
  • A good exercise to do when holding colicky babies providing you stay in your comfort zone.


  • Standing, sitting, side, or back.
  • Shoulders remain down. Do not allow them to rise.
  • Belly or Squeeze and Breathe.

Degrees of Difficulty:

  • Begin with the easiest and progress to the more difficult in your own time at your own speed.
  • ALWAYS stay in your comfort zone.
  • On the inhale do not pull more breath as you make the exhale longer and within the OBWINDOW of 3-8.
  • To control the length of exhale, hold the breath back from escaping, like slightly pushing the valve in an inner tube or car tire to slowly let the air out. Do not tighten the belly musclkes and push breah out with your muscles.
  • Allow subtle tensions to release over time throughout your body.
  • Occasionally check yourself in the mirror to make sure you are not slipping up into a high chest breath - (position 1 in the strapping technique) and creating or worsening Superman Syndrome.
  • Mostly it is TRAINING, not natural breathing but it IS based on natural breathing so there is a lot of natural breathing overlap and underpinnings. 
  • Most everyone is going to want to exhale faster. This is a very slow exhale to extend the exhale without tightening the belly muscles.
  • When the black belly portion of the silhouette expands but the ribs don't start to expand until a few frames later is what we want to have happen. The ribs did not expand because at that point the lungs had not expanded enough for the ribs to need to expand.

The higher numbers starting from 12 up to 40 train for calming, relaxing and a gentle non intense kind of focusing. The higher number one can maintain for 5 minutes or more while still in one's comfort zone is the major marker of progress. One must always stay in their comfort zone to achieve proper progress.

For accelerated progress try it hourly.

"Should one always follow the end of a deep breath up in the chest - moving from deep in belly up to chest?" Good question. No The chest just fills by itself. Maintain mental emphasis on the lower trunk or foundation. Never direct the breath upwards. You do not have to blow up a balloon in parts. The air goes where there is least resistance. Use the strapping technique to open up the chest and it will fill by itself.


Relaxed Focused
The inhalation follows the animation. Mostly in to the belly or lower part of the pear to maximum OBW7 The exhalation depends on the length of the 22-40 Focused Calming exercise gradients.
The objective of this exercise is to without having deepened the in breath past OLBW7 to lengthen little by little the exhalation without any air hunger discomfort or pulling in the belly muscles or going past OBW3.
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