Question: I am on a CPAP machine, is this machine harming my lungs?

From Mike:

It may well be weakening the diaphragm but that might be the lesser of the evils to dying in your sleep. My objection with the CPAP is that they do not as well train people to develop better breathing. The CPAP is probably weakening the breathing. If the optimal breathing mechanical function were established you probably would not need the CPAP.  This may or may not be easy to attain.

Reasons for being on the machine are varied so it may save your life or just take you away from handling the situation yourself with proper guidance and not need to be a lifetime aid.

If you want to get off using it then you must focus on breathing development. sleep-program  

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1 THOUGHTS ON “CPAP: Is This Machine Harming My Lungs or Breathing Mechanics?”

by Juanita Parker

I have been on my CPAP machine 6 days now. About day 3, I began to find it difficult to breathe (especially exhaling). It almost feels like I am breathing against pressure and I am not even wearing the mask . I just wanted to know,Is it normal or safe to have have such an adverse reaction?