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We all know water is incredibly important. We also know that a lot of water is polluted or over priced. Below are the graphic specifics, gory details and proper action steps.  See how easy it is to get a great water that makes water better then bottled water ever could be.

My favorite water-purifier-ionizer. 

Great video about bad water plus a free ebook

Supportive book about an important aspect of water: Alkalinity

Hydration Breakthrough for Athletes 

Using Alkaline Water for Cooking 

Create A Green Home with Ionized Water  

Healing properties of water.

Watch free on Netflix 
The documentary 
Tapped, The Dark Side of the Water Industry
and you will see how much we are getting ripped off drinking bottled water

Water testing for $97.00

EPA list of water contaminants

Energy and sleep

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Energy and sleep

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