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Everything You Need to Know About CoQ10

"Our bodies produce enough CoQ10 but our production capacity decreases as we age, and the deficiencies can also be linked to some specific conditions as well as the intake of certain medications. For some people, getting their daily dose from their body's natural production is not enough, and certain foods may help. Organ meats, fatty fish, vegetables, fruit, legumes, nuts and seeds, and oils are high in CoQ10 and antioxidants in general and may help provide some amount of CoQ10 as natural sources. CoQ10 can most certainly be consumed as a supplement and is similarly absorbed in capsule form or through foods. You can buy your daily dose of anti-oxidant rich CoQ10 here "

The Real Dangers Of Soda To You And Your Children

How many sodas have you had today? How about your kids? The average American drinks an estimated 56 gallons of soft drinks each year, but...

About Water

We all know water is incredibly important. We also know that a lot of water is polluted or overpriced. Below are the graphic specifics, gory...

Vitamin B12 and The Vegan Diet

Vitamin B12 and The Vegan Diet

Linus Pauling, in his landmark "Orthomolecular Psychiatry states that a deficiency of Vitamin B12 (whatever its cause) leads to mental illness, often even more pronounced than...

A Vitamin D Adventure Not To Be Missed By Anyone

In pdf format by Mark A. Pegram

Depression and Breathing

Depression and Breathing

  A little like Charlie Brown, I think of depression as poor posture inviting a "depressed chest" and shallow breathing; a chest that has been...