CHINA - GORDAN CHANG His opinions are colored by magnified COVID-19 caused death rates but overall he does have some very interesting ideas and...

Capitalism vs Socialism

Let's see how Richard Wolff gets to answer the vague generalities and scare tactics;  Epstein even quotes Noam Chomsky who would probably gag on many of his one sided out of control capitalist arguments.   See "comments" for complete article and your input option.

Breastfeeding Best Practices

Breastfeeding Best Practices: How to Increase Your Milk Supply Naturally During the early days of being a parent. Making sure your baby has enough milk is one of the most important aspects of being a good parent. The issue of having a low milk supply can be incredibly frustrating for newly-minted mom. For full article see comments

hydrogen therapy

HYDROGEN THERAPYA remarkable force by itself plus a major complement to oxygen enhanced exercise and rest. “Disease is usually the result of more than one...

Insurance: Out of Pocket Rising Health Insurance Premiums and Deductibles

  CRAZY-HIGH INSURANCE PREMIUMS AND DEDUCTABLES? Years ago Lucy in the Peanuts comic strip stated “’ We have seen the enemy, and the enemy is...

Food! What a minefield of choices: lifestyle choices, cost choices, taste choices. Some food is good for you and some is not. We know for example that a doughnut is not as beneficial as an apple. Yet most of us would prefer a doughnut. So how does it all work in the human brain?