STOP COMPOUNDING BLAME, FEAR, ANGER, CONFUSION AND STRESS.  We need to hear, see, feel and consider what is REALLY going on.  

APRIL 8.  Coronavirus latest: No new deaths in China and hopes of plateau in NYC   Germany NEVER HAD an extreme number of cases. 

APRIL 7. Certain blood pressure treatments may make the virus even WORSE, so that it is more likely to result in complications beyond the flu. 

APRIL 6 Coronavirus Ventilators Lungs and Oxygen  Dr. Cameron Kyle-Sidell, MD is a board-certified emergency medicine physician in Brooklyn, New York. He is affiliated with Maimonides Medical Center and is crying out that something is not right in ICU departments across America in terms of how they are treating coronavirus patients. LEARN MORE

APRIL 5, 2020  CDC Tells Hospitals To List COVID as Cause of Death Even if You're Just Assuming or It Only Contributed

"After watching the outbreak of COVID-19 for the past two months, I’ve followed the pace of the infection, its severity, and how our world is tackling the virus. While we should be concerned and diligent, the situation has dramatically elevated to a mob-like fear spreading faster than COVID-19 itself. When 13% of Americans believe they are currently infected with COVID-19 (mathematically impossible), full-on panic is blocking our ability to think clearly and determine how to deploy our resources to stop this virus "

Let me assure my readers that I personally have absolutely no fears or concerns about being exposed to the virus that is causing the COVID-19 pandemic, nor about possibly contracting the virus. The simple reality is that my MASKLESS lifestyle fully protects me from any and all significant harm.  So, in the case of the COVID-19 pandemic, if my body is not already immune to the causative virus -- then while I might indeed contract the virus, I know that my body would exhibit only minor symptoms at the most, and only for a rather short term. 

To me it looks like the World Health Organization has "'yelled fire in a theater" due to "one person smoking a cigarette". I predict they are going to get their heads handed to them in the not to distant future. And the good news is that we will learn who to trust and not. This "pandemic" will create attention around SAFE, INEXPENSIVE, NATURAL MEDICINES FOR ANY VIRUS, many of which are listed below. 

We had SARS 17 years ago but we DID NOT have the internet we have today so use it WISELY, and skip what you are not certain of. SNOPES is still good (but not perfect) at exposing falsehoods.

As you may already know, I personally feel -- as a holistic health professional-- that the public health agencies and governments of the world are grossly over-reacting to the COVID-19 pandemic, given that it is extremely likely that the actual true mortality rate is on the order of between 0.5 and 0.6%, which is higher than that of most of the seasonal influenza outbreaks, but much lower than that of some of the harsher flu outbreaks (witness the 12% to 20% or higher mortality rate of the 2018 Spanish Flu), and also because I disagree with the modern trend in Western medicine, where public health officials try to ensure "zero-risk" for all people. I feel that zero-risk approaches in public health policy are unrealistic and insane; the reality is that people die all the time, and, in the case of the COVID-19 pandemic, the vast majority of deaths have been in people who have had one or more serious or severe pre-existing health conditions, including smoking (either tobacco or pot, or other drugs) and/or alcohol or drug abuse.

Stay on point: Kill and prevent this "manufactured" mess.

The alternative might be Medical Martial Law and/or survival of the fittest, so mind your P's and Q's. If they keep printing money, rampant inflation will ensue, and the one thing we will have that is worth the most, will be our health.

Turn this page into a teaching tool. 

A chiropractor colleague warns  "it's very unpopular to speak out against this virus and the "media terrorism ".   

The word pandemic comes from the word "Pandemonium" meaning the seat of Satan and his demons in John Milton's poem in 1600's.



I am age 79, own BREATHING.COM and have for 23 years. I MUST take it VERY seriously. I had written an article on SARS (another coronavirus) 17 years ago. I have spent the last three weeks and about 125 hours gathering, and editing relevant info.

I am focused on STOPPING it, not HIDING from it. " Thank you Gene A, Bob A, Sayer J, Mark S, Dr. Joe M,  Dr. Ted C, Dr. John B for your welcome insights. NATURAL IMMUNE STRENGTH IS KEY.

It's scary for sure.  It's a lot like fighting cancer but  we need to make sure we use the RIGHT AMMUNITION this time. Our public health and safety support system is lacking key health information and in overwhelm.
Do not unnecessarily depend on them. Bless them!   It's not their responsibility to keep you healthy. That's on YOU.

They feel the fear and do it anyway. And SO can YOU!

Many are for sure infected. BUT the danger of getting lethally infected depends on how sick you are to start with. How weak your immunity already is. With all the 1.7 billion worldwide obese out there, drinkers - think cruise ships as several thousand drunks and one designated driver😒;  smokers (anything), junk food and sugar junkies and those on multiple meds with multiple side effects, it is not hard to imagine many having extremely weak immune systems, magnifying the stresses and getting sick and dying WAY much faster than others.

A confused mind does nothing. Keep it simple. Skip the conspiracy theories whether they are true or not.. Teach personal health responsibility instead of a race to blame or be victim. Victim is where the fear factor lies waiting to overcome to a panic state.  

Educate around simple safe non side-effect affordable biochemical natural medicine defenses. I see little to none of that in the hospital systems but they are so very busy "putting out fires" seemingly lit by the BIG PHARMA and WHO.  An MD I know offered ozone services to his local hospital. They hung up on him.  

Family member will fight with family about what to do and even infect family members. So what good is keeping people at home?  The answer is we are in overwhelming bad guidance so we at this point must isolate a bit and learn about and practice to support a healthy immune system strengthening as a group/team. 

GIVE THEM HOPE!!!  Help them stay calm doing this exercise. Natural, not pharmaceutical medicine holds the key to successful treatment at home or in the hospital. Engage with chiropractors, naturopaths, clinical nutritionists and MDs who practice integrative or preventive medicine. Show them how to live the healthy lifestyle, and understand the core functions of the body holistically, and be able to share information that is crucial to help people at this time. Use this page as a teaching tool.

This is from a doctor in China.  A man traveled to a remote island during incubation.  When he returned, he manifested the external symptoms and was diagnosed with Coronavirus.  However, no one on the island tested positive for the virus.  During the incubation period (before external manifestations), it appears that the virus is not communicable.  Social distancing for healthy with no symptoms manifesting, seems to be unnecessary.

I've read from MANY DIFFERENT SOURCES that the only deaths being reported these months are coronavirus deaths. STRANGE. Supposedly no one seems interested in death by other causes even though most ALLEGED coronavirus deaths are from other causes. Is someone trying to sell us a vaccine? Scroll down to video #3

I hear 50,000 testing kits per day are being distributed so whether or not you believe in them, that will "discover" those who are not infected and give them some freedom, but sadly, they should be testing for strong immune systems and are not. 

Hopefully you will follow the below suggestions and stay well and teach/inspire others. Just like we can have cancer cells in our body and will be vary well, I strongly believe people can be "infected" and not get sick. 

The coronavirus is said to be more lethal than the regular flu. Even though so much is unknown about this virus, health officials seem to have decided, even before it showed up, that they would close the world and suicide the world economy rather then let Nature take her course.

“A major source of information upon which government leaders have relied to urge or order the canceling of public events, shut down of businesses and sheltering in place has proved to be inaccurate.” 

Prof. Jihad Bishara, a leading Israeli virologist said people were being whipped into unnecessary panic. The virus is not airborne, most people who are infected will recover without even knowing they were sick, the at-risk groups are now known. The global panic is unnecessary and exaggerated.

Seriously sick coronavirus patients in New York state’s largest hospital system are being given massive doses of vitamin C  (VIDEOS 1 & 3). — based on promising reports that it’s helped people in hard-hit China. Dr. Andrew Weber, a pulmonologist and critical-care specialist affiliated with two Northwell Health facilities on Long Island, said his intensive-care patients with the coronavirus immediately receive intravenous vitamin C, three or four times a day. The regimen is based on experimental treatments administered to people with the coronavirus in Shanghai, China, Weber said.

“The patients who received vitamin C did significantly better than those who did not get vitamin C,” he said. “It helps a tremendous amount, but it is not highlighted because it’s not a sexy drug.”

Many very bad cases may need to go the megavitamin route and/or monitored by a health professional who is hopefully capable of administering intravenous C, H2O2, or ozone.

Now if they would only add bicarbonates to turn the body alkaline to the list of treatments, many people would avoid the worst that this or any virus presents. Add iodine, selenium and magnesium and only the patients with the worst preconditions needs to die. Ask your holistic alternative or integrative health professional.

Germany has isolated causes of deaths yesterday March 29 as 82 and is attributing the virus to way fewer deaths due to pre-existing conditions. So far they are the only country smart enough to think this way. 

We are on our own folks.  

I added a few smilers at the end.😉



I tried my best to choose the ones that would help anyone at any tIme and gradually added those that might help, starting with the most severe. 

If you are already VERY sick with something then the SUGGESTED SELF HELP OPTION quantities listed below may need to be greatly increased PREFERABLY under the guidance of a Worldwide Preventive Medicine MD able to use intravenous ozone, H2O2 or Vitamin C natural medicines  

If you must go to a hospital then make the hospital visit this page.   If they will not then i strongly suggest you find an MD here

Hydrogen molecules do not directly target the new coronavirus, but can eliminate the inflammation caused by the virus, so as to play an auxiliary therapeutic role. The most superior feature is anti-inflammatory and no side effects. Anyone can use it. This is report from national health commission of China.

Here we see the effect of already being sick with something not usually  thought of as a contributor, but it really is


Toilet training: Close the lid before flushing

This list ls long as many are out of stock and many can be valid replacements for others.  

The most likely dependable potent/fastest acting.
Exercise and Immunity     Oxygen Enhanced Exercise

DEFENSIVES/ANTIOXIDENTS  are:  Vitamin C  5-10 grams over the day to bowel tolerance SEE  VIDEOs #1 & #5 -- since many sources are out of stock get as much C as you can from citrus juicing 16+ oz daily, Vitamin D3 1-3,000 mgs per day, Vitamin A 25,000 units - 
Carotenoids - carrot juice, Oxygen Enhanced Exercise, Oregano oil 1 daily for prevention or 4 daily if symptoms present, COQ10Glutathione  (or glutathione precursors, glycine and cysteine), Probiotics, liposomal iodinecolloidal silverMagnesium bicarbonate, Zinc,  H2O2 Hydrogen Peroxide per Ed McCabe's Flood Your Body With OxygenINSUFLATED Ozone or tents, bicarbonate of soda Arm and Hammer 1/2 tsp in 8 oz water twice daily,  Hydration/electrolytes, sleep, ashwagandhatumeric, ginger, garlic, cinnamon, apple cider vinegar,  more herbs,  coffee enemas, digestive stimulator combine with Toxin Eliminator - search by those names,  stress management, liver cleanse, distancing and personal hygiene. 
"Taken together, hydrogen‐rich water may attenuate the oxidative stress and have the potential to improve the liver function and reduce the HBV DNA level in CHB patients." "Our results showed that hydrogen‐rich water treatment could improve the oxidative stress in CHB patients, and the liver function as well as HBV DNA load had improved tendencies after hydrogen-containing comprehensive therapy." 
Visit this page and scroll down to #6 

AVOID: Processed, fried, most fast foods, pasteurized dairy, unclean water, dirty air, humidity more than 50% and less than 30%.

A very good discounted nutrients source. You will have to do your own shopping/choosing.  This site is for certified health professionals to offer to their clients. Many are possible replacements for others.

Remember my mantra. If you feel a tickle, don't be fickle. ATTACK it immediately... 
Wellevate Logo

CIRCULATION = movement 

My personal program: I combine my alternating juicing and supplements consisting of C, D3, COQ10, ashwagandha, glutathione, zinc, Turbo Oxygen, vibration platform, treadmill Total Gym and Cable Cross ,  walk outside and swim. We have a hot tub and far infrared sauna. My body worker does incredible Thai Massage. I'd get acupuncture if I thought I needed it but I don't. 

If you need personal guidance: Health professionals such as  chiropractor, naturopath, clinical nutritionist, osteopath, homeopath, holistic nurse,  herbalist, ayruveda expert, acupuncturist, Traditional Chinese Medicinal practitioner. 

Over 600 successful cures in NYC. 

If Hunter had not mentioned zinc i would go all the way with the hydrox (think hydrogen)  but zinc is a key ingredient for antivirus. 
The same thing was done for Vitamin C  in that NYC docs added something and attributed results to the drugs and shined on the C. 
A clever way to either get the druggies to accept something that works. Whatever I say but try it without Zinc or C and watch the failure rate greatly increase IMO. 
The hydrogen probably strengthens the naturals and vica versa. Good teamwork IMO.


Stay informed. Watch the below 5 videos. Read the PDFs. 

The above key ingredients plus lifestyle choices and whatever strengthens the immune system.

MARCH 30. 

I guessed two+ weeks ago that it would be backing off in three to four  weeks. Not gone, just at its worst and lessening. That is not yet occurring but sadly it could have if the Gov and media including WHO had educated the public in ways of naturally safely systemically/biochemically preventing it instead of crawling in our caves so to speak.  Distancing and clean habits are helpful these days but need not have been so extreme IMO.

No matter what we believe, people are dying and hospitals might not be the answer. The whole idea or locking everything down was to save hospitals from collapsing under a tidal wave of coronavirus infections. It does not seem to be working. 



Vitamin D supplmentation could prevent and treat Iinfluenza, Coronavirus, and Pneumonia 

Oregano oil kills virus  


Suicide and mental health concerns far outweigh COVID-19 



Video #4.
The only deaths being reported these months are coronavirus deaths. No one seems interested in death by other causes even though most coronavirus deaths are from other causes.

“A positive test for coronavirus does not mean necessarily that this virus is always primarily responsible for a patient’s demise.” More than 99% of coronavirus patients who died in Italy suffered from other, pre-existing health issues, according to a study by the country’s health officials. The virus continues to be mild for the majority. Just 1.2 percent of those who died had no other ailments


“Never engage in a battle of wits with an unarmed man.”   Winston Churchill 

Why does World Health Organization head Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus advise against Vitamin C's value against viruses when there is ample evidence to the contrary.   

Gotleib's Plan With Plenty of Conditions, But No Definite Timeline

The second, 20-page plan was devised by Scott Gotleib who is a former commissioner of the FDA, and actively sits on the board of Pfizer; Gotleib, along with several co-authors, including Caitlin Rivers, an assistant professor of epidemiology at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, envisions four phases for re-opening the country. 

Gottleib's plan offers no definitive timeline; rather, the prospect of the lifting of quarantines and socio-economic restrictions is pegged to whether or not people comply with its directives. In essence, the nation's economy is being held hostage by a plan which would require the indefinite suspension of a number of civil liberties, and only a theoretical promise that a future vaccine and/or pharmaceutical combination would make a significant impact on the outbreak, before things are allowed to "go back to normal." Given the immediate adverse impacts that social distancing, such as the closing of millions of businesses, has on the health and well-being of countless affected individuals, it is difficult to understand how these plans ignore other very real causes of mortality (see image below) -- some of which are known to greatly increase due to the stress and socioeconomic impacts restrictions like these have.


I have never been a fan of this group thinking they were always too far right.  But lately 3/2020  they are making a lot of sense. 

False Positive Test Results 

Thanks IMO to the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION, the coronavirus currently has the entire world freaked out way out of proportion IMO. Strengthening the immune system is key. But at this point due to the panic mode many are in, containment is still extremely important.

  • I am not a doctor but I am a nutritionist and have studied breathing for over 40 years and owned for 23 years. 
  • Easily spread through person to person contact and  most dangerous to those with weakened immune systems/ sick with something already.
  • Has slightly better than a 2% mortality rate 
  • Kills primarily by initiating a cytokine storm or as a result of secondary pneumonia
  • The good news is these days we have a lot of home offices already. 
  • Is rapidly breaking containment so stay home, for now.
  • Preconditions (you are already sick with something nasty or just had recent surgery) make it way more dangerous.

If you feel you need to see an MD here is a list of them worldwide who specialize in preventative care and are usually able to administer Intravenous sources of Vitamin C, H2O2, ozone, and glutathione 


Below are my suggestions for how not to get sick and insights on the general subject.
    Stock up on:
    • Daily Vitamin C. EmerganC is a good one but any is better than none. 5-10 grams daily spread out over the day. If you get the runs(loose stool) back off but do not stop taking it.
    • Daily Vitamin D3.
    • Daily Vitamin A 
    • Daily Glutathione
    • 2-3 x Daily 1/2 TSP Arm and Hammer bicarbonate of soda in 8 oz water 
    • Dry grains: Rice, quinoa, oats, cornmeal (for polenta). NO WHEAT.
    • Beans: dried or canned.
    • Tinned fish: tuna, tasty cans of smoked sardines, or mackerel.
    • Canned soups
    • A couple varieties of nut butter and tahini.
    • Flour (you can add water, salt, and a leavening agent like baking soda or powder to make biscuits, tortillas, and crackers).
    • Eggs.
    • Onions (they keep for weeks when stored in a cool, dark place).
    • Garlic.
    • Potatoes.
    • Boxed cereal non gluten.
    • Hardy veggies: broccoli, celery, carrots, and kale (they stay fresh for a long time in your fridge). Frozen is safest for long term.
    • Bananas (when they start to turn, freeze for smoothies or bake into banana bread).
    • Frozen peas (add to soups and pastas).
    • Bag of frozen shrimp.
    • Taste boosters: soy sauce, mayo, ketchup, fruit jam, Dijon mustard, Parmesan cheese, olives, capers.
    • Avoid phlegm-producing and inflammatory foods like sugar and gluten, dairy products, red meat.
    • Skip the bottled water as we will always have public system or our wells but you can also boil it or add 8 drops of bleach to a gallon to sanitize it. 
    • Stop smoking. Anything.  Your lungs are your first line of internal defense. 
    • Experts at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggest social distancing would be an effective way to limit exposure to the fast-spreading virus and perhaps they are correct. Taiwan has only 50 coronavirus cases despite being next door to China. Its response to the crisis showed that swift action and widespread health-care can prevent an outbreak.
    • This may not be necessary BUT can't hurt and could for sure help.  HERBAL supplements. EXTENSIVE DOWNLOADABLE PDF recommended by an experienced herbal based healthcare practitioner  Karen Bauer. "Mike, I’m attaching (above PDF) a document received from our Chinese colleagues  re the herbal formulas used in major Chinese hospitals that were most effective for the various stages of this disease.  Please, please pass them along.  Dr. Chen shared them with us, and he wants them disseminated widely.  It’s probably the best herbal formulas, as they have been working with this disease for 3 months already March 20, 2020).  Also attached a PDF downloadable document from a classical scholar (Heiner Fruehauf) who translates ancient Chinese medical texts, and with whom I studied the treatment of infectious diseases, in which China has had thousands of years of experience."
    • Exercise, acupuncture, nutritional, mega vitamin, qigong/tai chi, yoga, optimal breathing, meditation, supplemental oxygen and exercise.  These are not luxuries!  Take care of yourself.
    • Humidifiers/dehumidifiers. Studies have shown that homes kept at 40-60% relative humidity-the optimal range-are likely to have fewer flu viruses lingering in the air and on surfaces.

    "Governmental responses to crises have been—and will likely continue to be—a bonanza for political, corporate, and even religious opportunists who seek power and financial gain by exploiting the fears of the American public." — Robert Higgs — Resurgence of the Warfare State The Crisis Since 9/11

    How can we ever trust leaving home with such a dysfunctional system guiding us? We can't. It is up to us to prevent illnesses. 
    The only answer in my mind is to learn what we need to do to get and stay healthy.

    The media exploits our emotional reactions to tragedy in order to attract viewers and advance social , economic and political agendas. The media is hyper focusing on this crisis in the same way it hyper focuses on mass shootings. That is to say, wall to wall coverage to the exclusion of everything else. It’s stressful and disturbing. And we can’t get away from it.

    We already have a full palette of effective substances that have been used successfully for decades to stop colds and viruses from gaining control of our immune systems.

    First, the alarm is not about events that are happening, it’s about what might happen.

    For example, how widely and quickly the disease may spread. Worst case estimates of infection rates and fatalities. Are there enough hospital beds? Ventilators? Test kits? What if police and doctors get sick?

    Second, the really concerning thing…

    Unlike other crises the media hyper focuses on, this one will be around for a while because viruses mutate/change as they always have (SARS is a coronavirus). Mass shootings fade away in a week or so. The same as natural disasters, deaths of world leaders and terrorist attacks.

    Coronavirus is not going away any time soon and the media will exploit it for weeks. Maybe months or years. Prevention is the key. STOP IT NOW!

    Why is the UK approach to coronavirus so different to other countries and at odds with the WHO? Which I agree with IF they add the safe inexpensive biochemical protection/preventives and SOON. Read more:

    If you have read March 12 already here is MARCH 16 UPDATE. Plus last 20 lines at the end of this article.

    Yes, the public "leaders" reactions are overkill due to total lack of simple biochemical preventive guidance but we still need to be careful and practice good illness prevention while the stock market short sellers make still more fortunes with the buy backs after the tanked market levels off, which it will. It always does. I hope.
    Is the World Health Organization downplay of Vitamin C efficacy/protection from the coronavirus any potential aid to stock market short sellers' and big pharma plans?  How many  jobs and retirement accounts will get wiped out this go round?  

    You probably remember the old saying that " a confused mind does nothing. In this case and largely due to the World Health Organization, the worldwide confusion is rampant and the "nothing" is staying at home doing "nothing".  Let the government take care of you. I just want to puke. (No virus, Ii'm just "sick" of dumb bureaucrats). 

    Many events and gatherings have been canceled and postponed. Though these may well be over-reactions due in part to the WHO's lack of showing how to minimize symptoms via appropriate supplements that are abundantly on public record. PLUS proper hygiene.  But in a time of extreme uncertainty and fears, the errors of extreme caution seem preferable to the errors of seeming carelessness.  Still how sad and like stampeding cattle we are these days. How about some meaningful education? Read on please. 

    Underlying factors such as the presence of undetected or detected lung disease where lung tissue is already damaged such as emphysema can increase the likelihood of both getting the infection and of having it be more severe. In China most of the serious cases and deaths have reportedly been in men over the age of 65. A friend from China told me he believes this is likely because around 50% of men in China smoke while only about 2% of women smoke. For many, infections like the influenza virus the very young and the very old are often at the most risk. Sadly in USA, where poor dietary habits are rampant, many immune systems do not work as well. For older individuals the risk of severe complications is also increased if there are other medical problems such as heart or kidney disease and drug side effects. 

    Do not be in fear of the coronavirus for fear 
    and stress make our immune systems weaker.

    The best defense is to maintain an optimized immune system AND make sure you have stayed hydrated with an adequate supply of natural anti-pathogens on hand. You won’t be able to prevent the virus if you’re exposed to it (this is a brand new virus, and no human being has any immunity to it), but it is possible to keep the viral load to a minimum so that it doesn’t progress into a cytokine storm, pneumonia, or acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS). If you do that, symptoms are likely to be mild, if IMO, at all.

    Cold or flu symptoms must be addressed at the first sign(s). My mantra is "If you feel a tickle, don't be fickle. Attack it now." Every minute you delay will risk lengthening the sick time.

    A brief personal story. My son, while living with my ex-wife for 10 years, often kept a cold for 2 weeks. When he came to live with me at age 13 he’d have it only for a day. 15000 units of C in freshly pressed orange juice, Exlax and lots of water. ONE DAY.  I (until the recent vaccine I had to take) haven’t had a cold in over 40 years. I  cut back from eating bagels 3 days a week as that gave me guaranteed bronchitis. I found out that gluten is part of the cause as well as the amount of excess food one consumes. NO MORE BAGELS. Eat when you are hungry and never feel FULL as that is a sign you have eaten too much and/or consumed lifeless foods.

    About the same time, 40 years ago I was taking chelation therapy out of curiosity as a preventative and I had a very bad cold.  At the end of the three-hour intravenous injection of EDTA my Chinese, Harvard, former surgeon who had changed to preventive medicine, added 30 grams of liquid vitamin C to the drip.  
    I noticed with amazement that my cold symptoms totally vanished in 30 minutes.  5 hours later they returned because we all know the body does not save nor can it create vitamin C and it needs to be gotten from outside sources on an ongoing basis. Nobel laureate Linus Pauling is smiling.

    Few will avail themselves in advance of the knowledge that can save them from death or avoid the coronavirus infection altogether. The smart ones will begin self treatment in their homes long before panic sets in in one’s town or city. If one is not prepared to take care of themselves in such epidemics, one could run into substantial trouble.  Avoid the herd mentality says I.

    Why does World Health Organization head Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus advise against Vitamin C's value against viruses when there is ample evidence to the contrary.   More evidence

    Another "planned pandemic?" about SARS 17 years ago: Mentioning coronavirus. repeat, 17 years ago

    Vitamin C Foundation  is out of vitamin C. Go to Amazon. Any C is better than no C.

    In case the MDs and hospitals run out of Intravenous C, below is a video sent to me by one of my most trusted Chiropractic Physician colleagues.


    As I have said over and over, Vitamin C is a primary preventive/immune system builder: Bowel tolerance is needed to begin to replace intravenous approaches but may still not be sufficient if already infected and with serious symptoms. Add 1/2 TSP in 8 oz water two to three times daily of Arm And Hammer Bicarbonate of soda.  They work for symptom a healthy body's alkaline environment for symptom prevention and germ elimination. 

    A medical team from the Second Affiliated Hospital of Xi'an Jiaotong University in China has reported the successful treatment of coronavirus patients with vitamin C. In a press release    use a translator (google)   posted on the hospital website, the team describes how patients suffering from severe coronary pneumonia, a potentially fatal complication of the new coronavirus COVID-19, have recovered after being treated with high doses of the vitamin. The medical team recommend that for critically ill patients and those with severe neonatal pneumonia, vitamin C treatment should be initiated as soon as possible after admission to hospital.

    Significantly, the press release acknowledges that early application of vitamin C can have a strong antioxidant effect, reduce inflammatory responses, and improve endothelial function. It also describes how numerous studies have shown the dose of vitamin C used has a lot to do with the treatment's effect. The medical team say their past experience shows that high-dose vitamin C can not only improve antiviral levels, but more importantly can prevent and treat acute lung injury and acute respiratory distress.

    Amazon still has some C left. Any kind is better than no kind.


    Lots of talk about immune system T cells but I think of our respiratory system as our primary immune system.  After all, most people die from oxygen insufficiency (heart attack, stroke, cancer and COPD). Pneumonia (a lung disease),  leads in hospital deaths.   

    Did this virus stem from China? Probably but I believe they know they blew it and the Shanghai Medical Association is recommending high-dose vitamin C for treatment of coronavirus.

    In a further development, the Shanghai Medical Association (SMA) in China has published a consensus on the comprehensive treatment of coronavirus disease. Based on the study of more than 300 clinical patients and developed by 30 experts in the treatment of new coronavirus pneumonia, it recommends high-dose vitamin C for even light infection with the virus.

    The dose recommended in the consensus is 50 to 100 mg per kilogram of bodyweight per day. For severe and critically ill patients, up to 200 mg per kilogram of bodyweight per day is advised, injected intravenously. Described as the 'Shanghai Plan', the SMA says its consensus has attracted widespread attention, including on Shanghai TV.

    High-dose vitamin C therapies on verge of becoming mainstream

    Reporting on these developments, some natural health websites have chosen to ignore the fact that the Xi'an Jiaotong University Hospital press release discusses claimed side effects of vitamin C treatment, such as the discredited suggestion that it can supposedly cause kidney stones. These websites similarly fail to mention that the SMA's expert consensus also recommends drugs for the treatment of the new coronavirus. While one can perhaps understand their reasoning, in that they may feel these aspects detract from the positive natural health theme of the story, they have failed to appreciate that high-dose vitamin C therapies are on the verge of becoming mainstream. Orthodox medicine will continue using drugs for some time yet, but its invasion by vitamins and mega vitamins is now well underway.

    In a further illustration of this, the U.S. government's National Cancer Institute recently published a long article on intravenous high-dose vitamin C in cancer therapy. Examining the history and use of vitamin C in the treatment of cancer, the writers concluded that "given the current high financial cost of new cancer drugs, it seems rational to improve the effectiveness of current therapies by studying their clinical interactions with vitamin C." They added that in their view, "the implementation of this treatment paradigm could provide benefit to many cancer patients."

    Not so many years ago it would have been unthinkable for the U.S. National Cancer Institute to have written about vitamin C in this way. Clearly, therefore, as described in the groundbreaking book 'Victory Over Cancer', published by Dr. Rath and Dr. Aleksandra Niedzwiecki in 2011, the 'Age of Intoxication' in the treatment of cancer is on the way to being replaced by the 'Age of Cellular Regulation'.

    UPDATE MARCH 11, 2020

    Should pets of COVID-19 patients be isolated?

    Weese said one scenario that needs to be ruled out are "perfectly healthy" animals that show no signs of infection but are still able to shed the virus. 

    "So even if they can't get infected, we're worried they could track it around," he said.  

    "That's why I want to get the awareness out that if you have a dog, cat or ferret, and you're isolating at home, those animals should be isolated at home with you."

    Hong Kong's AFCD says it "strongly advises" that dogs and cats from the homes of COVID-19 patients be put under quarantine as a precaution, while the World Health Organization says it is monitoring the situation closely. 

    "We're only aware of this one animal that's tested positive and he's doing well," Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove, an infectious disease epidemiologist with the WHO, said at a news conference Thursday. "

    Let's don't throw the baby out with the bathwater so to speak.
    We know that animals can produce their own Vitamin C and humans cannot. So I suspect that it may be an issue of they carry but do not succumb to the virus.  Animal (or any) hair is quite a dust, germ and pollen gatherer; kind of like a dust mop and they clean or lick themselves with their tongues. Owner beware.  How's about a pet shampoo and massage. MMMMM!   
    Maybe some Bicarb of soda in their drinking water? Bet it can't hurt and may do some good for all. Add your thoughts to this blog.

    The best anti virals happen to be natural medicines used in ICU departments, like bicarbonate, iodine, selenium, magnesium chloride and glutathione. All of these substances strengthen the body and do not have nasty side-effects.

    Vaccine Injury Compensation Data

    We may be about to experience a massive culling by an unstoppable and newly mutated coronavirus for which no one has antibodies against (except individuals who have already been infected), a striking fact is that wild and domesticated animals (rodents, poultry, dogs, cats, pigs) harbor this respiratory coronavirus but don’t develop life-threatening pneumonia and succumb to infection...There is strong circumstantial as well as scientific evidence that wild mammals exhibit immunity from coronaviruses and viruses in general because most animals internally produce vitamin C.  

    China article here  

    Not all vitamin C supplements are created equal. But ANY C is better than NO C 

    First, know that the best source of vitamin C is always whole, organic foods: specifically fruits, vegetables, and berries. If you do decide to supplement, many say you'll need to take a high-quality, high-bioavailability product. Maybe, maybe not. Linus Pauling took 15,000 units of pharmaceutical C daily. Nothing fancy at all.

    We measure proper high saturation dosages by taking it til we get a loose stool the backing off will the loosens subsides then stay on a maintenance dose.  

    If i contracted a bad virus I would do the IV but otherwise I take EmerganC and GSH daily as a preventive.

    Powdered C up to 20 grams a day added to fresh orange juice to bowel tolerance. EmerganC is a good maintenance source or even with symptom onset for many. Juicing is also VERY helpful. Add iodine, bicarb of soda 1/2 tsp in 8 oz water twice daily.

    has a rich and ancient history of use as a medicine, being rooted in Indian, Chinese, Greek and Egyptian traditions, alike. Technically a legume, related to beans and peas, its sweetness results from the presence of glycyrrhizin, a compound 30-50 times sweeter than sugar. This compound is what gave licorice its name, which derives from the Greek word γλυκύρριζα (glukurrhiza), meaning "sweet" (gluku) "root" (rrhiza). But glycyrrhizin's properties don't end with its sweetness; it is also one of the most powerful antiviral compounds ever studied.

    A study on glycyrrhizin's inhibitory activity against SARS-associated coronavirus published in Lancet in June of 2003, received little mainstream media coverage, despite its profound importance to human health. Mind you, only a few months before this the World Health Organization issued a press release (April 16, 2003) stating the recent outbreak of lethal Sudden Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) in Asia was caused by the same coronaviruses used in this study. With the world still reeling from global SARS hysteria and "preparedness," i.e. stockpiling pharmaceuticals like Ribavirin despite their well-known lack of effectiveness, you would think more attention would have been paid to promising research of this kind...

    March 2, 2020
    The CDC had issued a quarantine, first time in over in 50 years. And seems like half of China has been shutdown over the virus. Time will tell. Prevention is the key. 

    National Institutes of Health’s infectious disease chief, Dr. Anthony Fauci, said, “The mortality rate looks like 2% to 3% but could be much lower if many mild cases or infections with no symptoms are going undetected.” SARS proved fatal in about 10% of cases. The flu’s mortality rate is only 0.1%, yet it kills hundreds of thousands around the world each year (if you trust official statistics) because it infects millions.

    The good news is that air pollution in China has been cut in half. Other good news is that for 80 percent of humanity and almost 100 percent of children the coronavirus is harmless. More people are dying from the regular flu and regular pneumonia than from the coronavirus; and many more from cancer each day.
    The other good news is that most of the people slated to die can be saved, meaning the death rate only has to be high if people and doctors follow the lockstep of ignorance that is especially prevalent in the West. China is already starting to use intravenous vitamin C but no one is talking about using sodium bicarbonate, which working side by side with vitamin C would work very well.

    On the front lines of defense are magnesium, bicarbonate, iodine and selenium, as well as Vitamins A, D, C and glutathione. 

    Glutathione (GSH) a Tiger Against Viruses

    Glutathione is the most important cellular defense that allows the body to prevent and fight infections and disease. Glutathione plays crucial roles in the immune response, DNA repair, and the detoxification process that neutralizes drugs, chemicals, radiation, metabolic wastes, beats down viruses, bacteria and reduces toxins and carcinogens that are increasingly present in our environment.

    The immune system cannot function properly without plentiful glutathione and antioxidants such as vitamins C and E rely on it to function properly within the body. Glutathione (GSH) and the GSH-replenishing enzymes keep the antioxidant status of normal cells at a level where they can avert oxyradical-derived mutations. When we talk about sulfur pathways and sulfur sufficiency we are at the same time touching on glutathione because glutathione is a sulfur enzyme. See more about sulphur at the end of this article.

    Glutathione is manufactured by every one of our trillions of cells, and the level of glutathione in our cells is predictive of how long we will live. Without the cleaning and chelating work of Glutathione (magnesium and sulphates needed) cells begin to decay as cellular filth and heavy metals accumulate – excellent environments to attract deadly infections. Without sufficient GSH, the body accumulates toxins and acid residues, degenerates rapidly, ages prematurely and dies more easily from viral and bacterial infections.

    Low glutathione (GSH) levels, levels are associated with over 74 diseases or conditions and is a major biological player when it comes to dealing with viral infections. Supplemental GSH has been studied extensively and seen to inhibit viral production indicating and has been seen to be valuable in the prevention and treatment of other hemorrhagic viral infections like dengue.

    Importantly glutathione can be Nebulized directly into the lungs with bicarbonate for an excellent treatment when the lungs become inflamed. This can be important for ICU and emergency room doctors as well as patients at home who are suffering with the flu that is affecting the lungs.

    Over 98,000 scientific studies and articles on Glutathione are recorded in PubMed, the official U.S. Government library of medical research. Those articles reveal the remarkable role glutathione plays in the protection and function of every cell in the human body and the support of optimal health and function. They also show the terrible consequences of low glutathione levels, and how those lower levels accelerate the aging process.

    Glutathione is a sulfur based enzyme and can float up to anything and attach itself to it. It is like sticky flypaper, whatever GSH attaches itself to cannot escape and is removed from the body. GSH is our body’s natural scavenger, knows what is normal and belongs and what does not. Obviously, anything that is not normal like bacteria, viruses and fungi will be quickly removed if there is enough GSH present to do the job.

    In another major active defensive pathway, glutathione makes sure that all components of the immune system are strong and operating efficiently. Without the interaction of GSH with the immune system it remains weak and unbalanced thus leaving patients with infections, vulnerable to death. It does not matter if a virus or bacteria has mutated or not, it will be recognized by GSH and removed. GSH is a basic first line of defense and should be used for all life threatening infections. Bottom line when fighting nasty infections—without sufficient GSH you will die but you will not see it listed by the authorities as a treatment for the coronavirus.

    Glutathione boosts white blood cell production to fight infection, particularly the T-cells, which are called lymphocytes. T-cells are at the core of our immunity, and tailor the body’s immune response to pathogens, viral and bacterial infections or anything the cells recognize as being invasive. Studies have shown that Glutathione is food for the immune cells, boosting the strength of lymphocytes. B-cell lymphocytes identify the unwanted pathogen that the T-cells then attack.

    Health care providers give glutathione by injection into the muscle for preventing poisonous side effects of cancer treatment (chemotherapy) and for treating the inability to father a child (male infertility). IV glutathione is used to treat diseases related to the brain (Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, MS), liver (alcoholism) or help those with suppressed immunity (HIV or patients undergoing some chemotherapies like cisplatin). When it’s administered by a medical doctor who has a total picture of your health and body chemistry it is safe. When administered by one’s self at home via suppositories it is even safer. Many people on IV glutathione go once or twice a week and at upward of $900 each administration so one can see how cost effective suppositories are.

    Healthcare providers also give glutathione intravenously for preventing “tired blood” (anemia) in kidney patients undergoing hemodialysis treatment, preventing kidney problems after heart bypass surgery, treating Parkinson’s disease, improving blood flow and decreasing clotting in individuals with “hardening of the arteries” (atherosclerosis), treating diabetes, and preventing toxic side effects of chemotherapy.

    Glutathione can be nebulized for treating lung diseases, including idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, cystic fibrosis, and lung disease in people with HIV disease.

    Dr. Julian Whitaker writes, “Alpha lipoic acid also ramps up glutathione synthesis and significantly enhances detoxification, and we use it at the clinic, along with selenium and silymarin, to treat hepatitis and other liver diseases. Recent research suggests that the “sleep hormone” melatonin boosts glutathione status too, by stimulating production of the antioxidant enzyme glutathione peroxidase. We’ve had particularly good success treating patients who are recovering from strokes and those with hepatitis, neurodegenerative disorders such as Parkinson’s disease, and other chronic illnesses—conditions associated with dramatic increases in oxidative stress and depletions in glutathione. IV glutathione isn’t a slam-dunk, and it’s always used in conjunction with hyperbaric oxygen and other therapies, but we’ve seen remarkable improvements, particularly in patients who’d been told that nothing else could be done.”

    Nutritional Status and Viral Disease

    The relationship between viral disease and nutrition has long been thought to be due to effects on the host immune system. This theory suggests that when a host is malnourished, the immune system is compromised, and thus increased susceptibility to viral infection will occur. However, the virus itself may also be affected by the nutritional status of the host. This is true for all viral infections and no less true for the coronavirus. It is one of the basic reasons that separate the survivors from the majority who perish. The difference between life and death can be measured in the severity of cellular stress.

    When it comes to human papilloma virus or HPV, or any virus problem for that matter, it is crucial that you are getting adequate amounts of selenium in your diet or using a supplement. Glutathione requires selenium for its production. Selenium is a trace mineral that the body incorporates into proteins to make over 25 different selenoproteins including the enzyme glutathione peroxidase. Researchers working with the flu virus discovered that animals deficient in selenium were more susceptible to infectious diseases. Animals with a selenium deficiency, when contaminated with the flu virus, the flu virus mutated into a far more virulent form when it was passed on to the next animal. The AIDS infection rate is highest in those African countries with low levels of selenium in their soil.

    Glutathione Good Health and Longevity  MaxGXL products

    The pre-cursors of glutathione synthesis are the amino acids glutamate, glycine and cysteine, with cysteine being the most important amino acid. As people age or experience disease, glutathione levels in the blood decrease, causing a reduction in this life-sustaining antioxidant. 

    Dietary sources of glutathione are therefore necessary to replenish stores and avoid losses. 

    1. Milk Thistle

    Used for centuries by traditional folk medicine all across the world, milk thistle has long been praised as a remedy for immune dysfunction. Specifically, silymarin, a unique flavonoid complex derived from the milk thistle plant, has been used for liver damage and biliary tract disease.

    According to scientists, the secret to milk thistle’s healing prowess is its ability to enhance GSH. Shown to boost glutathione levels in ethanol-induced rats, it was discovered that milk thistle could actually help protect the liver from toxicity in the presence of alcohol consumption; which is well-known to cause glutathione levels to plummet. 

    2. Whey Protein

    Whey protein replenishes glutathione by boosting cysteine, which helps rebuild glutathione when it is depleted from an immune response. According to a recent studies, whey protein is the ideal supplement to help naturally increase glutathione for both fighting cancer, strengthening the immune system, increasing metabolism and reducing appetite. 

    Rich in glutathione, it is extremely important to purchase the right type of whey protein. Avoid any whey protein that is processed or protein isolate. I recommend grass-fed why or goat whey protein as a dietary supplement. You will want to use a whey protein powder that is all natural or organic (when possible) and is completely free of pesticides, hormones, genetically modified organisms, artificial sweeteners and is gluten-free.

    3. Sulfur Foods

    Since the mid-1990s, it has been a well-established fact that GSH concentrations take a nosedive in the liver and lungs when sulphur amino acid intake is inadequate. (17) This is one of the many reasons I recommend sulfur-rich, cancer-fighting cruciferous vegetables as a critical part of any natural health regimen. These include:

    • Arugula
    • Bok choy
    • Broccoli
    • Brussel sprouts
    • Cabbage
    • Cauliflower
    • Collard greens
    • Kale
    • Mustard greens
    • Radish
    • Turnip
    • Watercress

    Magnesium deficiencies cause glutathione depletion and production of glutathione is also dependent on magnesium. Glutathione synthetase requires-glutamyl cysteine, glycine, ATP, and magnesium ions to form glutathione.[According to Dr. Russell Blaylock, low magnesium is associated with dramatic increases in free radical generation as well as glutathione depletion and this is vital since glutathione is one of the few antioxidant molecules known to neutralize mercury.

    Dr. Melinda Beck, a virologist at the University of North Carolina, and Dr. Orville Levander, a nutritional chemist at the USDA’s Agricultural Research Service, described how a run-of-the-mill coxsackievirus mutated into the deadly, rapidly reproducing strain when an infected person or animal was deficient in selenium or vitamin E. When selenium is deficient, we can assume that glutathione levels will be lower.  

    Suggested preventatives
    Arm and Hammer bicarbonate of soda -1/2 tsp in 8 oz water twice daily. Sulfur as well.

    High temperatures
    have been used to destroy tumor cells through a treatment known as Hypothermic Oncology. Hyperthermia is an old treatment yet new tools and more precise delivery of heat has allowed hypothermia to be used for cancer treatment. Though rarely used, recent research is suggesting it be used by oncologists with every patient because of its immune stimulating effect. 

    Another reason for traditional oncologists to pay attention to heat is that hyperthermia provides synergies with most conventional treatment modalities, boosts their efficacy helping to re-sensitize previously non-effective treatments.

    When suffering from a viral infection consider far infrared sauna.


    I use "Organic Sulfur.   855.375.9311 Pacific Time and Ed McCabe's You cannot OD on Ed's sulfer. Take 1/2 tsp twice daily.  Add Liposomal Vitamin C , Liposomal Glutathione , Oregacillan , a good combo to prevent many colds and viruses.

    Keep in mind that the common flu kills 600,000 people each and every year. Multiply that by the number of years you’ve been alive and that too is a very big number. But you’re still here. You haven’t died. And how many people do you personally know, or know of, who have died from the flu? In other words, it’s a big world, and even though your chances of eventually “contracting” COVID-19 are very good, your chances, and the chances of anyone you know, dying from COVID-19 are very, very, very low. In fact, your chances of dying in the next three years from heart disease or cancer or accidental death or even physician error are much higher than your chances of dying from COVID-19. So again, don’t panic. The vast majority of people who contract COVID-19 end up with mild to moderate flu-like symptoms–and then it’s gone. 

    Probiotics promote a healthy immune system and decrease the incidence of colds, allergies, and even eczema by boosting your immune system. For years I’ve been saying that beneficial bacteria in your intestinal tract are responsible for as much as 60-70% of your immune system function. Surprise! According to the latest estimates, I may have been understating the case. Some experts now claim that your beneficial bacteria may account for as much as 80-90% of your immune function. How is this possible? As it turns out, probiotics are multifaceted when it comes to your immune system. By lining every square inch of your intestinal tract, they not only provide a barrier to entry for many microorganisms that arrive with your food,8 they also directly kill many pathogens such as bad bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, and yeast. They also function as immunomodulators and produce a number of immune factors such as lactoferrin that directly boost your immune function as well as a number of B vitamins that offer nutritional support for your immune system. And finally, it is estimated that some 70% of your immune system cells reside within your colon in a layer of lymphoid tissue just below the surface epithelial cells. The net result is that studies have shown, for example, that probiotic supplements can significantly prevent recurrent streptococcal pharyngitis and/or tonsillitis in adults. Other studies, conducted in China, found that children aged 3 to 5 who were treated with two kinds of probiotics had a 53 percent lower rate of fevers, a 41 percent decrease in coughs, and a 28 percent decrease in runny noses. And antibiotic use was lowered by 84 percent in the children who were on the probiotics.

    And it gets better, i.e. more important.

    Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) holds the lungs and gut as very synergistic. Although most people think only of gut bacteria when they hear the word probiotics, colonies of beneficial bacteria are ensconced in 18 locations in the human body including the gut, the mouth, the nose and sinuses, the skin, the urinary tract, and the lungs. Taken as a whole, within the human body, it is estimated that there are 10 times as many microbial cells as human cells, and the vast majority of them are actually beneficial and “support” our biological functions. These symbiotic microbial partners perform a number of metabolic reactions that are not encoded in (and therefore not handled by) the human genome but are nevertheless necessary for human health.

    A 2019 study published in Cell Reports discovered that, even though the bacteria in the gut and lungs are very different, signals from gut bacteria help to maintain a first line of defense in the lining of the lungs. When mice with healthy gut bacteria were infected with the flu, around 80% of them survived. However, only a third survived if they were given antibiotics before being infected. The study also concluded that antibiotics (and that would be both those that doctors give you and those present in your food) can leave your lungs vulnerable to flu viruses, leading to significantly worse infections and symptoms. And for that matter, drinking chlorinated water will damage your intestinal flora, which we now know will affect your lung bacteria, as will stress and improper diet. If you want a healthy immune system, you need to supplement with a good probiotics formula–and be really cautious when it comes to antibiotics.

    And finally, for what it’s worth, I just turned 79 in February. I have no intention of hiding away in my house for the rest of my life while COVID-19 continues to circulate. I’m going to continue doing what I’ve been doing for the last 70+ years.

    • I’m keeping my immune system optimized
    • I have a supply of my anti-pathogen formula on hand just in case
    • And I’m going to live my life much as I have for the past seven decades.

    And this is not reckless behavior. Something must be working. The last time I had the flu was forty years ago, and I got rid of it in a few days.

    To recap. The novel coronavirus, dubbed COVID-19, has affected millions globally, raising fear and anxiety among the general population. But with simple yet proper measures to boost your immunity, you can safeguard your health and avoid becoming infected.

    Due to the litigious nature of our society and the paranoia bred by outdated or someone's misguided or self serving bad information, practically anything I recommend can be taken as bad medical advice. I can only tell you what I personally would do and am doing. The rest is up to your hopefully informed consent. 

    March 15. If WHO ever does their job right, I give the virus three more weeks then it backs off.  That is my goal and why I am spending so much time with this page. Maybe grass roots can prevail. Pray for that please. Get ready for the long haul.

    A few of my mentors: Dr. Brownstein; Majid Ali MDSayer Ji; MarkSircus; Dr. RathRobert Rowan,MD on Ozone-O3; Vitamin C DoctorYourSelf Dr. Shem Altman

    I sent this page to Let's see if they rise to the occasion. It looks as though the WHO has been bought and sold by big pharma.

    Consult a health practitioner if symptoms worsen; One who can administer IV Vitamin C, ozone, H2O2 or glutathione. 

    MIT comes up short with ZERO biochemical approaches. DUH!

    Want to understand your health situation and learn what best to do to feel better? Schedule a free 15-minute Exploratory Call with Mike

    Scroll down for an insightful sharing buy a leading edge medical doctor

    A conscious medical doctor comments on his in-office patient experiences with COVID-19 
    It seems like doctors and medical officials have gone soft in the head. Dr. David Brownstein seems to agree   saying, “Conventional medicine’s approach to COVID-19 is sub-optimal. They can offer hand washing and quarantining. That is about it. Really, it is pathetic!”David Brownstein, MD said, “At my office, we are not worried about COVID-19. We have been successfully treating coronavirus, influenza, rhinovirus and many other viral flu-like illnesses for 27 years. We have had success using natural therapies to enhance the body’s immune system as well as to kill viruses including flu-like viruses. Today, I ordered intravenous hydrogen peroxide, vitamin C, ozone, and glutathione for my sick patients. I am confident these therapies will help them recover uneventfully.” Brownstein continues:

    “Intravenous nutrient therapies are wonderful treatments, but there are other oral natural therapies that are effective against viral infections including coronavirus. Vitamins A, C, and D along with iodine have proven benefit. At the first sign of any illness, I suggest my patients take 100,000 U of vitamin A (NOT beta-carotene), 50,000 U of vitamin D3 and 5-10,000 mg of vitamin C per day for four days. Pregnant women should not take high doses of vitamins A and D. Vitamin C can be increased to bowel tolerance.”

    “What else can you do? It is important to eat a healthy diet free of refined sugar, salt, oils, and flour. And, perhaps the most important thing is to maintain optimal hydration. That means taking your weight in pounds, divide the number by two and the resultant number is the minimum amount of water to drink in ounces per day. I cannot stress the importance of drinking optimal amounts of water.”

    It is too bad hospitals refuse to use natural therapies on sick patients. That is when a patient needs it the most. Intravenous hydrogen peroxide, vitamin C and ozone should be done in every hospital across the United States. But, don’t hold your breath for that to occur. Over 20 years ago when I rounded on patients in the hospital, I ordered a nutrient IV that contained vitamin C and minerals. Right after the order was registered, I received a call from the pharmacy department. The head pharmacist told me that was not on the formulary. I replied, “I don’t care. I wrote the order and I expect it to be done. I know you have the ingredients in the hospital.” I was told I would have to contact the medical director and go in front of a committee to make my case. The medical director called me later that day telling me that IV would never be allowed. I told him I would not admit any more patients to that hospital,” concludes Brownstein.

    Dr. Wodarg on coronavorus panic


    I would like to tell you something about the coronavirus epidemic that we allegedly are having right now. First, I thought this hype is going to end again, but it has increased so much, and we finally have to start taking a closer look.

    I worked as a doctor and conducted a health department. I had my own sentinel, my own monitoring system for flu diseases. And every year I observed how many people became sick in an area of 150,000 inhabitants.

    Every new year - worldwide - we have new types of viruses because the viruses have to change themselves. If the same viruses just came again in the next year, our immune system would recognize them so they would not be able to make us sick or to multiply - which is what they want. So they regularly have to change a bit and that's why we have new variants of these viruses every year.

    There are about 100 different types of viruses that are changing constantly. Up to now, we didn't really care which viruses caused this flu…or disease or however you want to call it. But there have been investigations over several years in Glasgow. There they tried to use the available tests - that means they didn't examine all 100 types, but just the ones they had tests for. So they looked at maybe 8 or10 different viruses and coronaviruses have always been a part of them.

    These are the figures from Glasgow. Starting from 2005 to 2013 they checked which viruses occur among respiratory diseases. And these colored columns are the viruses. The green parts refer to the coronavirus that was always in the mix. The coronavirus normally makes up 7% to 15%, maybe 5% to 14%, it always fluctuates a bit. Hence, it's just normal that a big part of viruses are coronaviruses.

    So, the following happens: In Wuhan, there is the biggest safety laboratory for viruses in the whole of China. So, there are a lot of experts on the topic, dealing with it all day long. Wuhan is a big city, 11 million inhabitants, big hospitals, big intensive care units, always people being ventilated, people with pneumonia… hundreds of them and they did tests with a few patients, less than 50, looked for the viruses they had and examined their RNA in the laboratory and they found a new type. This attracted their attention.

    When a virologist finds something like this he puts it in a global database. And this database is accessible for scientists all over the world, in Berlin for example. In Berlin, they checked and compared this new entry and tried to create a test to measure this new variant of coronavirus. Then Dr. Drosten submitted a protocol to the WHO, and it got admitted really quickly. Then Mr. Drosten submitted a protocol to the WHO, and it got admitted really quickly.

    Usually, a test is considered a product of medicine, it has to be validated. That means it has to be checked very precisely. What does the test actually say? What does it measure? The mentioned test is an inhouse-test developed in the Charite-clinic. But because there weren't any validated tests and the great panic arose, it was decided to just us this test everywhere. Then Mr. Drosten provided the test.

    Of course, the virologist can say if the virus is dangerous or not. He can only say: "This one is different," or "We have a test for this". But is the virus dangerous, Mr. Drosten? How is he supposed to know? He would need further epidemiological data based on observation of how sick the people are. How fast do they get healthy again? Are there fewer victims than before?

    That's why it is important to look at the data from previous years to compare them. To look at the mortality rates to see how many people died of the virus. So while looking for a specific virus, for example, the coronavirus, you can examine the total population. What you will find is that presumably 8% or 10% of the population will have some kind of virus, that makes them sick. But if you examine medical practice, do your tests there, to determine who is sick, then, of course, you would find a lot more positive cases. And if you examine hospitals and take samples there then you would find even more corona-infected people.

    That is to say, depending on which proportions of the population you examine - whether it is the whole population, patients in the waiting room, people in a clinic, or when you examine very ill patients in the intensive care unit that are about to die - you will expectedly find these 7% -15% coronaviruses every time you do a test. However, if they die of the coronavirus or of other viruses while just having also corona can't be determined for sure with this.

    So, when you look at the death rates in Italy, you want to know where the tests have been taken. Where and how have these few available tests been used? If they were used in a hospital on serious or terminally ill cases then obviously the corona death rate rises. Just because it looked like it, because of the specific group that was examined.

    Mortality, disease-specific mortality, refers to the percentage of dead among the people infected with this disease. And concerning the seasonal acute respiratory disease - commonly known as the flu - there is a mortality of 0.1%, which is already the maximum. That means that one in a thousand flu-infected inhabitants die - every winter. So now we will have to see whether this number increased because of coronaviruses.

    The assumption for Germany is that there are 20,000 or 30,000 more deaths than without the flu. This is called excessive mortality. So now that coronaviruses always make up 5% to 14% of all flu viruses - let's say 10%. Let us assume that in the previous years we tested all seriously ill patients in the hospital on the coronavirus - which of course didn't happen - we would have expected to find 2,000 to 3,000 people dying of the flu each year, that also had the coronavirus. And we still are far away from these numbers. Apparently, it is the case that virologists created something very sensational here, and with their creation, they really impressed the Chinese government as well.

    The Chinese government made something really big out of it, suddenly this was very important politically - completely exceeding the virological frame. All of a sudden, face recognition was installed everywhere at the airports, fever was being measured. The clinical thermometer controlled the traffic on Chinese streets. And all this was so significant that it led to international consequences, politicians had to heal with it, had to take a stand. Then the virologist came into play again.

    The government asked their own virologists and they confirmed that this virus is a thing to worry about and proposed to develop tests to help measure the virus-like in China.

    Something was woven around this. A network of information and opinions has been developed in certain expert groups. And the politicians turned to these expert groups, who initially started all this. And they really absorbed this network, moved within it. This lead to politicians who now are just resting on these arguments, while using these arguments to evaluate who has to be helped, to determine safety measures or what has to be permitted.

    All these decisions have just been derived from these arguments. This means that now it's going to be very hard for critics to say "Stop. There is nothing going on." And this reminds me of this fairytale about the king without clothes on. And just a small child was able to say "Hey, he is naked!".

    All the others on the courtyard - surrounding the government and asking the government for advice because they can't know themselves - they all played along and joined the hype. And like this, politicians are being courted by many scientists. Scientists who want to be important in politics because they need money for their institutions. Scientists who just swim along in this mainstream and also want their part… "We can help too!", "We made an app!", "We have a program for this!"

    So many people saying "Hey, we want to help too!", because they want to earn money with it and become important. And what is missing at the moment is a rational way of looking at things.

    We should ask questions like "How have you found out that the virus is dangerous?"

    "Didn't we have the same thing last year?"

    "Is it even something new?"

    That's missing.

    And, the King is naked.

    About prescription drug dangers   
    Vaccine Injury Compensation Data 



    Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of The Optimal Breathing Assn or its staff. If you are experiencing symptoms see your health professional.

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