Kinds of Breathing

12 different ways of looking at breathing: 
1. Easy vs. labored breathing
2. Noisy vs. quiet breathing. Snoring may indicate blockage AND or deep slumber; wheezing, asthma and panting, shortness of breath; and other noises, clogging of nasal passages.More about 
3. Fast vs. slow breathing 
4. Regular vs. irregular breathing
5. Jerky vs. smooth breathing
6. Deep vs. shallow breathing
7. Forced vs. effortless breathing 
8. Voluntary vs. involuntary breathing 
9. Mouth vs. nose breathing More about
10. The distinction between "high," "middle," and "low" breathing, where most of the expansion is in the top, middle or bottom parts of the chest and lungs, and the joining of all three in "complete yogic breathing."
11. The distinction between nervous vs. relaxed, and anxious vs. peaceful, breathing.
12. Transformational breathing More about

More insights about this in the Free Breathing Tests.


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