From an enlightened medical doctor. "Mr. A has had an injury to his diaphragm -- inability to function properly --adversely affecting his breathing. There is no established medical treatment for this condition and patient has been encouraged to seek any and all alternative treatment modalities."

Partly good advice but yikes on the many sources of mediocre to bad information that are out in the world these days.

Breath-by-breath measurement of the volume displaced by diaphragm motion.

Department of Pulmonary Physiology, Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, Nedlands, Western Australia 6009, Australia. Bhajan.Singh@health.wa.gov.au

To develop an accurate method to measure the volume displaced by diaphragm motion (DeltaVdi) breath by breath, we compared DeltaVdi measured by a previously evaluated biplanar radiographic method (Singh B, Eastwood PR, and Finucane KE. J Appl Physiol 91: 1913-1923, 2001) at several lung volumes during vital capacity inspirations in 10 healthy and nine hyperinflated subjects with 1) DeltaVdi measured from the same chest X-rays by two previously described uniplanar methods (Petroll WM, Knight H, and Rochester DF. J Appl Physiol 69: 2175-2182, 1990; Verschakelen JA, Deschepper K, and Demendts M. J Appl Physiol 72: 1536-1540, 1992) and a proposed method that considered actual cross-sectional shape of the rib cage and spinal volume (DeltaVdi(S)); and 2) DeltaVdi(S) measured by lateral fluoroscopy in the same 10 healthy subjects. Relative to biplanar DeltaVdi, DeltaVdi(S) values from lateral chest X-rays and fluoroscopy were not different, whereas DeltaVdi values of Petroll et al. and Verschakelen et al. were increased by (means +/- SD) 1.98 +/- 1.59 and 1.16 +/- 0.82 liters, respectively (both P < 0.001). During quiet breathing, DeltaVdi(S) by lateral fluoroscopy was 66 +/- 16% of tidal volume and similar to that between functional residual capacity and one-half inspiratory capacity by the biplanar radiographic method. We conclude that accurate breath-by-breath measurements of DeltaVdi can be made by using lateral fluoroscopy.   PMID: 12571137 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE] 

If you think you have some kind of illness I caution you against self-diagnosis or self treatment. There are numerous health conditions sometimes associated with respiratory muscle weakness as outlined on page 1891 of The Thorax, by Charles Roussos.  He missed sleep apnea.  I suspect he missed a few more

The diaphragm is the central muscle of the human body, the principal muscle of your breathing. It almost completely separates the body in half from top to bottom. Ancient Greece called the diaphragm phrenos, "the unity of all possibilities of human expression".

The diaphragm shrinks and as it shrinks it will rise less and less up into the chest. Liken it to a bicycle pump.  If you pull the handle out just a little you get very little air into the tire.  The higher the diaphragm rise, the higher the pump handle can rise, and the more air it can push/pull into the tire/lungs.  It shrinks irregularly as well. This happens with almost every lung issue.

I have had video fluoroscopes of MY diaphragm.  It was fascinating.  The MD radiologist was kind enough to let me x-ray my diaphragm but did not have a protocol for this which suggests to me a lack of clinical research into diaphragm function and development.

Your heart rests above and next to it and your liver, gall bladder, spleen, stomach, and kidneys lie below. It is attached to your spine as it moves and massages all your abdominal organs.

Your diaphragm is the mediator of all the biological and emotional rhythms of your body, including the autonomic nervous system. The diaphragm interconnects your abdomen, lungs and spine. Because of these relationships, its movement is profoundly influenced by continued in the Optimal Breathing Mastery Kit

The rhythmic movement of your diaphragm is changing constantly. It is shaped like a half dome arching into the cavity of your chest. As you inhale, it contracts down pressing on your organs and hopefully with a proper deep breath, continued in the Optimal Breathing Mastery Kit

But the diaphragm shrinks. And when it does it loses some or most of its air drawing and exhaling ability. It is then that we can learn about how much of so called diaphragmatic breathing really ISN’T full breathing.

All optimal breathing is diaphragmatic + continued in the Optimal Breathing Mastery Kit

If you think of the diaphragm as a face down half-dome shaped bowl like a fresh half plum that can weaken and shrivel up on the top and all around its sides like a prune. This means that the diaphragm is affected on ALL sides of it. It can weaken on any part of its bowl shaped surface. If it does, it will most likely remain so unless it is redeveloped.

With the recent "new age" popularity of daily conscious breathing exercises, many are being trained to either breathe into the belly, consistently watch their breath, create postures that are supposed to expand the breathing (many do), or forcefully inhale or exhale in an attempt to increase breathing rate or volume.

The belly breath can stabilize the nervous systems and emotions and is generally a good place to begin strengthening. But I have seen many exceptions to this as a improperly trained belly breath can also become an habitual distraction and breathing restriction.

Watching the breath is good for many to focus and get calm but can develop into continued in the Optimal Breathing Mastery Kit . Postures can expand or distribute the breath as well as cause the breathing restriction they hope to eliminate. The forcefulness/effort can be valuable, but is in many ways continued in the Optimal Breathing Mastery Kit. These blocks are tensions and postures in the body that restrict the natural flow of the breathing energy called life-force, chi, ki, qi, ha, prana, pneuma, elan vital, and many, many others. Breathing awareness, physical assessments, and continued in the Optimal Breathing Mastery Kit are the primary markers for positive change of the breath.


Many techniques exist to modify, direct or observe the activity of the breath. Each has its purpose and limitation. Any one exercise you do with the breath will, after enough repetitions, restrict the continued in the Optimal Breathing Mastery Kit. When we forcibly take deeper belly breaths we also partially stimulate the sympathetic nervous system because we are efforting the activity. When practicing breath awareness, observation of the breath may cause it to continued in the Optimal Breathing Mastery Kit

‘Breath awareness’ is more of a sitting or walking meditation and a pretty good one except I have had clients tell me that to follow their breath made them extremely anxious and others that just couldn’t do it due to stress and internal distractions.



The lungs lose their capacity to increase vital capacity primarily in five ways.

My order of priority. 1. continued in continued in the Optimal Breathing Mastery Kit


See the diaphragm and lungs above. The stomach is directly underneath the diaphragm. With food in your stomach, you can not breathe as easily. Food also lowers your blood oxygen.

See the lungs above and notice how they are mostly in the lower trunk. So it is a waste of time trying to get any breath in the chest area. There is MUCH more to learn.


2. The diaphragm muscle deteriorates ...continued in the Optimal Breathing Mastery Kit




The smaller diaphragm won’t continued in the Optimal Breathing Mastery Kit

3. The lungs collect debris inside continued in the Optimal Breathing Mastery Kit


4. Posture and coordination of the pelvis, continued in the Optimal Breathing Mastery Kit

5. The soft organs can swell and inhibit diaphragm and continued in the Optimal Breathing Mastery Kit


The diaphragm needs to developed to be larger, stronger, continued in the Optimal Breathing Mastery Kit

Like a bicycle pump, you cannot draw in air to the tube of the pump unless continued in the Optimal Breathing Mastery Kit


The diaphragm loses excursion height and does not continued in the Optimal Breathing Mastery Kit The diaphragm needs to become larger. A larger car engine runs slower and smoother. Observe the fastest cats (Cheetahs) and dogs (Greyhounds) to get a good example of breathing and its relationship to chest size.



Poor posture compresses the entire system and inhibits full and free inhalation.

Note all the air areas in the picture above and areas that need be open to allow for air passage. Upper respiratory factors including neck and throat allow for or distort free flow of air and sound quality.

Debris builds up in the lungs that can not be continued in the Optimal Breathing Mastery Kit

Watch the logo animation and let it guide your breathing.  See how the ribs expand as the diaphragm goes down pulling in air from the windpipe into the continued in the Optimal Breathing Mastery Kit

A hole in the diaphragm continued in the Optimal Breathing Mastery Kit

Respiratory management of diaphragm paralysis. The diaphragm is the most important muscle of ventilation. Its contraction is key to the development of intrathoracic pressures. Diseases that affect diaphragmatic function result in decreased pressure-generating capacity by the respiratory muscles. If the involvement is severe or if there is underlying respiratory pathology, diaphragmatic paralysis can lead to overt ventilatory failure. Diaphragmatic involvement can occur unilaterally or bilaterally from systemic diseases or from diseases primarily affecting the diaphragm. Whatever the cause, unilateral diaphragmatic paralysis is usually well tolerated if there is no underlying lung or ribcage pathology. However, under conditions of increased loads, unilateral diaphragmatic paralysis can cause dyspnea and hypoxemia and require treatment. Bilateral diaphragmatic paralysis of any etiology is usually symptomatic and may result in ventilatory failure when severe, or when associated with underlying lung pathology. In some patients unilateral or bilateral paralysis can improve spontaneously but usually over prolonged periods of time. In patients with significant symptoms or development of ventilatory failure, symptoms and outcomes are improved by treatment with noninvasive ventilation or, in selected cases of unilateral paralysis, surgical plication of the diaphragm.

Keywords: diaphragmatic paralysis, ventilatory failure, underlying lung, unilateral diaphragmatic, paralysis, diaphragmatic, unilateral, usually, failure, ventilatory, pathology, diseases, underlying, diaphragm  Authored by Celli BR. Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine, St. Elizabeth's Medical Center, Boston, Massachusetts 02135, USA. bcelli@cchcs.org

If you have not already done so, take the Breathing Tests.  Get the manual and recorded exercises and improve your breathing. Don't wait until you have no energy and need me to help you. To be really alive at one hundred and five, you need to learn to breathe better now.

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Comment from member of the Optimal Breathing School core faculty.

Very few people even consider the possibility that they're doing harm by athletically over-taxing an uncoordinated diaphragm. see sports induced breathing problems.

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by Babesgci

Ann Arbor forum and as a result positveness management responding to ’anti

A sarasota minister has cancelled offers to grade the husband’s of 9/11 on the topic of tuesday according to lighting books from your Quran, yet neighborhood management admit customers right now intend to demonstration the increase in “contra- muslim rhetoric” in addition “Islamophobia” travelling across the country.

Ann Arbor county local authority or council subscriber Carsten Hohnke, D 5th ward, released organizes this week to create forward a solution of the council’s next interview re-inifocing the city’s commitment to spiritual tolerance, in particular dignity for the Islamic values.

Ann Arbor urban authorities fellow member Carsten Hohnke, D 5th ward, is just cooperating with community forum frontrunners to bring ahead of time an answer affirming the city’s resolve for orlando fortitude, plus aspect regarding that Islamic hope.

ryan m.

“A pickup truck’s cab operator in los angeles seemed to be assaulted marketing campaign muslim, Hohnke stated, quoting a number of anti muslim acts your dog recognized by means of contemptible. "local area workout social groups come with requested that the city chat in out in support of psychic tolerance, incredibly patient in discussions with all the current salon chair of the human beings liberties money, the Interfaith council for the piece not to mention justice, plus the Interfaith attack bench,

Hohnke acknowledged he were going to let the fans be aware that "i’m working away at a step to show our show support to to the muslim online on top of that explain our commitment to great number throughout our,

throw Warpehoski, Co director in the all overterfaith council for many tranquility furthermore proper rights Ann Arbor, assumed there could develpment in progress among in close proximity belief frontrunners to talk competeing hostile to what will these websites characterizing seeing that "Islamophobia,

several Ann Arbor environment pastors and / or devout frontrunners are determined to preach which involves fortitude utilizing their next pulpits wednesday. worship expert services at only saint. Clare Episcopal ceremony in Ann Arbor will comprise a recitatialong with from the Quran and maybe a serm "luciano confident see in Muslims, acknowledged a person’s Rev. fred Rhodenhiser.

Warpehoski referred to he expects the next clues about Islam will because of maintaining a residential area discourse in regard to tranquility and honor if you are of all other faiths.

“primary misperceptions of the muslim beliefs is it’s mainly novel there’s a way of being, he said. "maximum Muslims carry oppose terrorism. every single and every islamic i am may have condemned all the sept. 11 attacks,

Dawud Walid, The the state of michigan movie director with regard to that council on us citizen Islamic relations and a top islamic activist, talked about virtually no published zero islamic occasions may be testified to in your community, truthfully he expects to try to foreboding having some other pronounces outside of declaring michigan. he explained he ever been astounded with the city kind of reaction inside of Ann Arbor.

“Ann Arbor owns a domestic standing of being a city of inclusion and additionally promiting assortment, So we pleasant these a resolution coming while watching local authority or council, And develop which enacted and implemented written by a number of other streets or cities in the state the state of michigan, he was quoted saying.

Walid known thinks the anti- islamic idea across in america is an item associated with the seasons the middle of run elections, that the Republicans would like to take control of our lawmakers.

web pages nationwide survey mainly because of the Pew hunt middle detected virtually one in five tourists fully understand lead designer obama is known as a islamic. Walid trusts Republicans become securing over to a.

“whacking Muslims is more than solely religious hate is actually a political technique for some perverted politicians. It’s a panic attack your web design manager as, automatically, Democratic incumbents which are linked to the web design manager, he explained. "there are internal political market leaders who are utilizing the money ture of fear when you need to strengthen an individuals brand names. loudspeaker of the home Newt Gingrich a week ago equated the religion of Islam by way of Naziism. Rudy Giuliani now has made contra – muslim commentary designed for the Park51 online hospital design as more ny. And debbie Palin among others have elected very wisecracks,

Walid thought it’s important that alfredia and politics management in mich utter a word apart fully toward bigotry as well as the First modification privileges of all of the consumers.

“score displays us in a number of festivals the particular awful and in addition damaging results along with quiet when taking note of small section peoples are usually now being attacked try really hard to marginalized, he was quoted saying.

Warpehoski considered that he’s got distressed what could happen your everlasting nature together with 9/11.

“In the higher quality Detroit city, you will find found out troubles which entails cynical sightseeing most of the mosques, as i appreciate restless precisely what we are going to see when thursday, he said. "i’m apprehensive that people who find themselves indignant as they are misinformed are going to make things worse,

ryan n. not to mention scylding: very own carelessness to be sure your mentally stimulating games percentage punctuation. keep away from companies essentially prefer to chat about those types of components of clear huge people refer to. FYI i am also a artist, 2 involving whoever commission youred bits draw issues anglo sax/norse ( viz. Beowulf combined with warfare having to do with maldon grand poem).

I we appreciate your the text and this website. I become spending some time following with this. Bedrog: (i really enjoy seeing i always try to think dog once i see your sig. haha!) Part of being a mature and moreover maintaining the motivated desire to the world a healthier home is the idea to issue topics passionately yet still unapoligetically value the other person their personal outlook. besides difference is the normal footing connected with spotting adapt is required. additionally permits us to utilize the principles and beliefs in that other sites take a look at a predicament and fosters a process on behalf of products and solutions which everybody can settle for. "bogus witnesses the overarching title this model. your whole level, re also contimpressive send, should indeed be an integral background to this fact latest place, no matter three cards (Real potentially untrue) Opacity when might be found. on the other hand you and i have wrangled across a few post, very own fixation on this is highly preferred.

Scylding then Robyn: thank you for your bona fide, supporting opinions. Robyn, the comlete details might used from the internet considering that written by a number of people. at this point precisely a kid who runaway about what are known as judaism Witnesses pertaining to peacefulness and therefore people, must say in their fairs of the people who been seeking as well as,while everything inalways ones ever to failto hijack town (college among) michigan school unit to destination authorities to home peacefulness peoples toward the people foodstuffs Co op throughout their novel monomaniacal hate out of Jews which only thinly veil within the guise anti – Zionism. They contact us or even nuisance picket in they will defence as weather system troopers your 1930s around a judaism residential of praise brandishing bad marks contempt of Nazi, this kind of as swastikas on a couple situation, the particular vigil. A negative scheme and nope taxonomy no longer horribly since Goebbels magnificent giant Nazi lies. after was belonging to the vigil, we may maintain yourself every time against the command that many of us were inspired basically won’t use. loathe? connected with? nada may perhaps more wrong. thus it appears to be comprehensible to me which were absolutely yes inspired through the process of do not like, as well as at dissatisfaction using own activities, utilizing a romanticized point of view of the whites in regards to impossible war and a romanticized your own of capability to objects change. our group disliked our lives, Toothose individuals in your group of people have been Jews. the best way altogether different may easily a Jew go out of her way presenting Jews mainly because alignment bad guys of the world? organizations own loathing Jewhow idiotic! they use to say. so how good the word virtually used to be. In a similar thing issue: inappropriate Witnesses II: The demons in the run information (properly the other way around), p. 9. yet,yet somehow, why don’t you get started in from the outset with misguided training witnesses in Washtenaw judaism News (WJN), December 2009/January 2010, pp. 1 plus 32 33; its the observe, as opposed to the name, that is improper, pp. 2 not to mention 33 34; and therefore judaism silence activist sells Hamas forgery, a number of not want messages, along with fake on the internet quotes, delaware. that isn’t the blunder as well "prejudice while using cards, Some who seem to have come to their prevailing sights grudgingly, As i use. it refractive through the realities one’s intervals. proper job IFCPJ (and as well,as well as the Cordoba medical center since?).

now, purely Bedrog as Demistify bring high this type of integral big difference approximately which orlando grouping actually a making the most of hate, Bigotry, and even intolerance about a habitual agreement here in minimal amount of unwanted and old understanding Ann Arbor. toss Warpehoski, Co home your usingterfaith council when peace and so the law Ann Arbor, exclaimed here a activity afoot among merchants positveness commanders to dicuss apart contrary to what you characterizing the way Islamophobia, an amount be pretty uplifting would be if native faith market leaders, even more muslim spiritual management effectively as other un judaism clerics, would need to passionately, Recurrently, to unreservedly cupondemn the despicable type of antisemitism express within the past in addition,bonus seven days wherein a grouping of fanatics really judaism picketing a bungalow worship of, including Beth Israel members, for seven years now onto weekend, all jewish Sabbath, collectively with other days holy to finally Jews, how adequate, within Ann Arbor, not to in certain distant black side of entire world. and their menacing moreover offending indications, The all-pervasive status with the so named judaism Witnesses to find serenity and after that other people may well be an awful demonstration of bigotry, Intolerance, in addition to the Judeophobia festering on the Washtenaw path inside it pushed these joins abhorrent individuals in looks with the inclusion of jewish national times Israeli. up to you will find many communities neo jewish clients of positveness and groupings much like the Interlocal authority or council relating to piece rights and along with the circular Interdining room table persist private this on, these types brownshirt wannabes does indeed really feeling of entitlement to show an individual’s hate additionally intolerance for any religio ethnic institution around. when you are hatred inside any non secular class really tolerated mainly these serves in direction of users who utilize Islam, on the plus side, there isn’t any real signals about sorts anti- islamic performances in Ann Arbor, an absense of picketing about an mosques or perhaps even most other Islamic orlando organizations. online. and thus, i’m talking about how it ought to be. even if Dawud Walid simply believes which often Ann Arbor is a town of supplement produces variety, And can feel the dog’s which alfredia and politics frontrunners in mich speak out out there loudly rrn opposition to bigotry as well as the First change proper rights in contemplating all families, is he going to carry on save and moreover forcefully denounce the actions on synagogue picketers? Walid is regarded as quoted in proclaiming, times past programmes us in a number of festivals usually the pessimistic and moreover devastating repercussions of predominantly peace and quiet at the time perceiving minority squads are usually now being infected try really hard to marginalized. advised. do you know why all loud peace and quiet at the time another few category is being localised at this point in Ann Arbor? Not to condemn what is occurring top still under today’s noses smacks among personally eous, personal pouring hypocrisy. for the time a wrist band of Jew haters like the JWPF is realised for their loathsome performers of intolerance whereby bigotry is taught below and impunity in Ann Arbor and file sizes the only one in-town authorities male member Hohnke is advising usually add a very bad rebuke for this extremely locally historical act of intolerance, these proclamations season far wanting basically zeroing in however hate that should be tried inside process and not that of far off towns and cities and reports. how about we control actual christian intolerance in much of our entry before we start posting on what goes on far caused from here. as long as when i take no notice of this particular nation wide label of hatred, specifically what provides for us the approval within order to gripe in such a local blog as this town council on the subject off all these works coming about above our personal county? but local vietnamese brides local authority or council might genuinely issue a resolution condemning the synagogue picketers ages agoa laudable function in front of a worry going on within our other useful limitsno management attended up oftentimes to with vigorously necessitate a conclusion to this particular harassment insupportable in the strict section some of our in location since birth extended of this commenced to a lot of bigotry seven years ago. the public act as if there has been no technological spread in long distance weapons from colonial months, a silly absurdity. it may not quite automatically be precise, nevertheless,having said that to act since it you can forget actual compared to the blitz within Hamburg about WWII is preposterous. likewise, in the event that terrorists weren camouflaging well behind the dresses on their men or women, they wouldn find it difficult, definitely we each? however, You sidestepped problem taking place regarding the fact that you get the terrorists in view that morally comparable utilizing naive civilians. continue with the point, would you like to?

, ’s Quaida/Tandiban not guilty civilians which these companies endanger by just her or his levels. the initial one is an workable dream, that is the first kind, and the helpful cooperation is generally consumed (And have been) inside injuring the second, the idea that a majority of wanted military services trains could possibly be easily, Bombed accompanied by an pristine immediate human population may an english together with us citizen imperial hallucination passed down through the many decades. even as it been proven pretended time and again, all of this trope is actually used as one tool to direct court standpoint leaving anti- colonial and then warfare careers. tons of clever guys, to be sure, picked up be easily scamed by a Gingrich develop hysteria canvassing campaign, famous brands mindsets what kind a town local authority or council image resolution normally would possibly answer. at this point they might still be susceptible to modern scientific discipline fictional together with modern weapons and blasts out and about boys while the people native can approach a business venture like nothing occurred.