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Theme #10. Weight Management
The Optimal Breathing
Self Mastery Kit™

CDs, DVDs, PDF books & tools. TABLET/IPAD/SMARTPHONE friendly for those with no disk drives.


Each Optimal Breathing Mastery Kit includes ALL of the themes.  Choose the theme you prefer now and change it over time if and when your goals change.

The Weight Management Program

"When you breathe and take in oxygen, the fat molecules are combined with the additional oxygen atoms causing oxidation. The products are carbon dioxide and water."
--A. Carlson, The Machinery of the Body
, University of Chicago Press, p. 361

It is no secret that an unhealthy weight is a huge factor in the myriad health problems that are faced by individuals today. If you are suffering from weight management issues and have had little to no success with the many fad diets, gym memberships and weight loss supplements that you have tried, then the Weight Management Program is exactly what you need. This program includes specific breathing exercises and all natural products to effectively use good breathing to help you to not only lose weight, but to assist you in maintaining a healthy weight and eliminating specific food cravings to restore a balanced system.

For the first time in the history of our species, our life expectancy is going DOWN -- that means our children will live sicker and die younger than their parents.

It is easier and wiser to gradually shrink your stomach and appetite than to endlessly exercise in order to burn 100 extra calories from food you should not have eaten in the first place.

I am not being alarmist -- the facts speak for themselves:
<> 65% of Americans are overweight, up 18% since 1994...
<> 30% of us are obese, up from 36% since 1994...
<> Over 40% of us have high cholesterol...
<> 50% of Americans over 65 have high blood pressure, and 28.7% overall, a 3.7% increase from 1991.
<> Nearly 70% of people are unaware they have high blood pressure...
<> 5.1% of us have type-2 diabetes, up 104% from 1980 to 2004...
<> Over 1,000,000 Americans have metabolic syndrome, which is one step away from having type-2 diabetes...
<> 92% of Americans are deficient in one or more essential vitamins and minerals...

As startling as these statistics are, they are easy to ignore, because they don't affect our everyday lives in any meaningful way...or do they?

Did you know that:
<> Americans spend $117 billion annually treating obesity-linked diseases including heart disease, diabetes, dementia, cancer, arthritis, and more...
<> Over $50 billion is spent annually on weight loss alone...
<> Of the $1.9 trillion spent on health care (16% of our GNP), ONLY 2% is spent on prevention...
<> Medicare and Medicaid costs are expected to skyrocket, with medicaid expenditures ballooning an estimated 8.9% a year from 2002 to 2012 and with Medicare jumping 6.7% a year as well...
<> And, not surprisingly, health care costs have exploded by 250% from $717 billion in 1990 to $1.9 trillion in 2004...
<> Despite the U.S. leading the world in terms of the amount spent per person on health care (about $5,000) we are nearly dead last (12 out of 13) when it comes to leading health indicators...
<> Health insurance costs have skyrocketed by over 10% a year for the last 4 years. Since 2000, cost of health insurance has increased 59% while wages have increased only 12%.

Let me sum that up for you: we are paying through the nose for our health care and getting no return on our investment. We HAVE to take charge of our health, NOW.

Oxygen burns fat. After 10-20 minute of our breathing exercises you will receive much more oxygen that will go directly towards fat burning and other important bodily functions.

Benefits to user:
· Boosts metabolism and dramatically lowers appetite
· Decreases sleeping problems such as insomnia and snoring
· As a result of fat burning, energy levels are increase

· Strengthened immune system
· No harmful or negative side effects
· Lifestyle changing device and method
· Extremely convenient-breathing exercises can be performed at the comfort of user’s home
· Unique to the industry-no other product like it on the market
· One time purchase-not an endless buying cycle such as pills, meal plans, gym memberships
· Does not only focus on weight loss; our program has multiple health benefits that promote a healthy lifestyle
· No chemicals-all natural product that has no side effects
· RULE 1 The program creator  CAN NOT BE OVERWEIGHT

Are You Digging Your Grave With Your Mouth?
Looking for the magic bullet for weight loss is sucker's play.
Weight control has several necessary components that must ALL exist at the same time. This program leaves weight loss hype behind and gives people the straight forward information that adult, parents and children need to lose weight safely and keep it off to permanently increase their energy and  dramatically improve their health. 

Fatness is a warning sign of poor health.  There are very few,  if any, obese 100 year olds.

In our lives, we live too stressed because of many factors such as increasing work loads, unhealthy sedentary life styles, and the prevailing image of the hard, flat washboard belly. Also, to get away from fatness, we are trying to so many weight loss methods and programs in spite of painful, exhausting approaches that confuse and roller coaster us into frustration and fatigue.

What is missing in weight control/permanent weight loss programs relates to breathing. Not breathing exercises per se (there are many breathing exercise programs with bad breathing) but the way we breathe that either allows for calories to stay with us or get burned off on a moment to moment basis.

Breathing is our primary energy source.   Most people have little understanding of either diaphragmatic breathing or deep, front, side and back abdominal breathing. Most  people’s diaphragm moves very little, and we seldom allow our abdomen and belly to let us breathe.  Though most of us engaged in belly based abdominal breathing as babies and young children, we have gradually become upper chest breathers. The end result of our poor breathing habits is not only insufficient oxygen to our brain and the other cells of our body, but also insufficient movement in our internal organs and in the fluids upon which our health depends.

Without this movement and oxygen we quickly become susceptible to illness and disease.  In a few words, we cannot live without breath, but we are often living unconscious of the importance of proper balanced breathing. Because most do not know what good breathing looks feels or performs like we need a system that develops it in a way that day to day breathing will sustain us in a fully energetic balanced way. The next most important aspect is what you choose to  put in your mouth.

Using our program:

1. Your breathing will head in the direction of becoming natural and second nature. 

2. Improving your breathing will as well improve metabolism to burn of fat and soften emotional issues that lead to food cravings and unnecessary consumption. It will also invite a heightened sense of self awareness and well being. 

3. Includes very special breathing  exercises and natural, healthy breathing development aids plus several unique nutritionals, digestives, homeopathics and free instant downloads.

4. Nutritional and lifestyle tools for mental and physical transformation. 

5. Our technology does not use any medications. It does not cause any allergies and has no side effects.

6. Also included is a great list emailed to you of how to handle specific food craving with healthy food choices.

Interesting to note that people often lose weight while on bottled oxygen but no self respecting MD would prescribe it and I agree. The fact remains that oxygen burns caloriesIf you utilize ALL aspects of these programs you are virtually assured of losing what you need. The program is VERY holistic and each aspect has achieved weight loss by itself alone. So we put ALL of them together and leave little or nothing to chance.

You only need 10 to 30 minutes per day for these exercises because they tend to  improve the breathing during the rest of the day (oxygen burns fat) or sleep time. No strenuous physical activity is needed. But the more you eat the more you must move.

The Optimal Diaphragm Strengthener included in this program/Kit.
Provided they stay properly balanced amongst themselves, the stronger breathing muscles are, the less oxygen they require so they will steal less from other muscles in the body.
A very special breathing resistance/training device invented by a wind instrument player to strengthen your primary breathing muscle which needs exercise just like any other muscle. Expect great increase in constitutional strength as well.

1. Body fat loss
2. Wrinkle reduction
3. Increased energy levels
4. Faster recovery from exertion or fatigue
5. Muscle strength improvement
6. Increased sexual potency. By the way, erectile dysfunction
is much more likely in men with extra large waists.
7. Improved emotional stability
8. Better memory
9. Craving control
10. Sleep better
11. Lose weight while you sleep
12. Reduce stress because stress is fattening

Weight loss drugs?

Each aspect of the program below has successfully aided people in significant weight loss so I combined them ALL feeling that together they were much more powerful then they were separate.

Improving your breathing improves metabolism to burn off fat and soften emotional issues that lead to food cravings and unnecessary consumption. It also invites a heightened sense of self awareness and well being. We need to lose weight safely, keep it off permanently, increase our energy and dramatically improve our level of wellness.

The programs may include breathing exercises, breathing development techniques and strategies, nutritional and lifestyle tools for mental and physical transformation. The more weight you want to lose, the more comprehensive program level you should choose.

This is our premier self help program relate to weight control. We have received many success stories.   If after working with our program for a few weeks or months you find you wish even more or faster progress we can video skype or you may schedule a private intensive here  in Charlotte.

$200,000 worth of videos, animations and proprietary information. Scientifically backed  $381.00 value for $97.95 (for a limited time only) add to cart button 
Disks AND instant downloads included for PCs, Macs, Tablets, iPads and smart phones

We have suggested below products that might go along with this particular THEME. But you may already have some.  You have the option to choose by reviewing this list, noting the product numbers and going to the breathing store and adding them in the cart.

Optional items below to enhance this weight control program theme #310

Optimal Digestion  #571
Digesting cooked food requires a lot of energy. Supreme Enzymes reduce the energy needed to digest food.
1 bottle with 90 or 270 capsules, or 3 bottles with 270 capsules each.
Choose separately in the cart for an additional $19.95
Green For Life  by Victoria Boutenko #559.
In her search for the ideal raw food diet Victoria took a little closer to nature - resulting in some fascinating insights. " I predict this one single book will bring health to millions."  Michael Grant White
190 pages.  Choose separately in the cart for an additional $14.95
From Mike White: Victoria is a personal friend and a great teacher.
Oxy-Cleanse #501.
Internal cleansing at its best. 
A true colon conditioner. Deep and safe, no psyllium. Take it at night and awaken to soon feel lighter and cleaner inside.
Choose separately in the cart for an additional 1, 4, 12, or 36 bottles. $18.99
Brain On #749.
Brain support. Concentrated memory food. Enhances concentration and attention and creates a feeling of well being. 60 caps per bottle
Choose separately in the cartfor an additional 1 bottle $28.75
Grain Damage: Rethinking the High Starch Diet  by Doug Graham #299.
The Chinese characters for "fasting" literally translate into "avoiding grains".
  "I believe there is a relationship between grain consumption, addictions and Alzheimer's disease." 39 page booklet.
Choose separately in the cart for an additional $9.95
Unstoppable by Cynthia Kersey  #325
45 powerful stories of perseverance and triumph from people just like you.
Choose separately in the cartfor an additional $14.95
Iodine- Liposomal Liquid #178  
I cannot speak too highly about this product. Liposomes, which use a form of nanotechnology science, also impressively and harmoniously, use the generalized nature of the Liposomes themselves to therefore increase the efficacy, bioavailability, absorption, and delivery of these certain entrapped dietary and nutritional supplements. This is an incredible source of natural energy.  I hate the taste of seaweed and kelp so never got into eating it. Iodized salt of course is mostly contraindicated due to excessive sodium and purity issues. So for years I took natural thyroid but I still had low energy. This product really works.
Choose separately in the cart for an additional: 
One 2 oz bottle   $15.95

Three 2 Oz bottles  $41.95
Adrenal Forte #586 companion product to Liposomal iodine above .
Choose separately in the cart for an additional: 
1 bottle $56.50   3 bottles $149.00  
Quercetin #608

Mike recommends it for allergies and sneezing caused by week immune, food over-indulgance and poor digestion. Works in minutes.
Choose separately in the cart for an additional 1 bottle $28.73


Oxylift #505
Daily oxygen and mineral booster. A super concentrate.
Choose separately in the cart for an additional $26.95
The Oxygen Answer  by Tonita d'Raye #333.
The twenty minute read that could change your life.

Choose separately in the cart for an additional $4.50
DMG Sublingual #579 
I find it particularly good for energy, mental clarity and recovery from fatigue.  Choose separately in the cart for an additional
1 bottle 60 caps 125 mg each $34.50
        3 bottles 60 caps 125 mg each $95.00

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Major Clinical study connects poor breathing and weight gain.
Effects of Obesity on Respiratory Resistance (increased force required to breathe and shortness of breath). Chest 1993 May,103(5):1470-1476

"....,these findings suggest that in addition to the elastic load, obese subjects have to overcome increased respiratory resistance from the reduction in lung volumes related to being overweight."

Clinical Study related to breathing and longevity.
Science has proven that you will lose your breathing volume and strength unless you do something to maintain or develop it.  If you do not use it............ you WILL lose it.  

Once you improve your breathing, all that extra oxygen, energy, relaxation  and mental clarity is free.  The mind creates and the breath makes it happen. By developing your breathing you are investing in your future in a very real and beneficial way.

Mike:  I noticed that when I breathe better I feel more like exercising. The weight just seems to be falling off without any effort.  CH


I have progressed significantly! When I first got the Audios and book I was at about 89 for the extended exhale count, now I am at 130+ . I was having breathing problems before. For example, every time I went to visit my Pop who has Alzheimer's, I would come back wheezing and coughing from the change in relative humidity and who knows what else. Since I started listening and practicing the Tibetan Caffeine (Better Breathing Exercise 2) I have a more relaxed and cyclical breath.

I've got a long way to go but I feel better. Before I got the Audios I used to lift weights three or four times a week and was particularly proud of my bench press of 400lbs+. After listening to the Audios I kept hearing you say "never hold your breath" and I thought about how I did just that each time I held the barbell straight up for a few seconds before I would "rack it". Well, I haven't been anywhere near the health club for 6 months and I don't really miss it. I feel better, more relaxed in spite of many trials and tribulations (trust me on that).

I also purchased some orthotics for my feet and that has helped me as well. I have also modified my diet to restrict carbohydrates and starches to one meal containing carbos-starches-per day. The other two meals I eat salads and some protein (tuna) and sometimes bacon and eggs for breakfast (Judging by what you say on your Audios about devitalized foods you probably don't agree with the bacon and eggs). As a result of the change in eating patterns I have lost weight as well (15 lbs).

The net affect of all these things is that I feel as if I am getting younger! I am still a bit of a porker at 225lbs, but I don't get the chest tightness that I used to and I feel lighter on my feet. I think that God has put all of these programs in front of me exactly when I needed them. It sure is fun getting younger. Now if I could only get back to lets say...

25 yeah that's a good age (about half of my physical age). I spent 3 hours shoveling snow this afternoon and I still feel great! Cant Complain. When I get the blues I take St. Johns Wart. If I am having tightness or circulation problems I take Cayenne pepper. I also take some Chondroitin Sulfate and Gluchosamine Sulfate for my "creaky knee" It works GREAT. If you know of anyone with Arthritis, I highly recommend it. peace and happiness-Keep up the good work! Bud S. 

From Mike White:
I gained too much weight. So to test a program. I did nothing but add the Optimal Digestion Program to my regular program, which does not include much exercise other than breathing, and dropped 12 pounds in 3 months. My appetite and therefore my food consumption plummeted to %60-70 of  my previous intake. This particular enzyme formula makes absolutely sure you are utilizing ALL your food so that your body does not cry out for sustenance it does not really need. 


I, (Mike White) at age 11 was asked to sing acapella for my 500 grade school student body members. The next few years I experienced severe trauma via beatings and a sledding accident. I lost my singing voice and spent the next 40 years yawning, unable to catch my breath and mostly in a hurry. My breathing was the issue. This is what got me into studying breathing as a life's purpose and showed me how little knowledge there was about healthy natural breathing development. In 1996 a thankful client suggested I buy and the rest is history.

A recent email told me about a 25 lb loss with our breathing kit exercises and techniques just the Enzymes Supreme Digestives taken daily in 3 per meal and at bedtime.

POT GUTS?? Men over 40 inches and women over 35 inches waist size.
Show clear signs of autointoxication.  Many organs, including the stomach are forced into abnormal positions and sizes. The transverse colon droops and collects biophysical "trash".  Nutrients cannot be absorbed through the intestinal walls because they are blocked with junk and hardened mucous. Fungus is better able too invade, sustain and transform into parasites, within the body. Intestinal diseases, including polyps, are most often symptoms of a polluted colon, massive amounts of parasites and thriving unhealthy  bacteria. Toxins back up into kidneys, liver, lungs and brain.

Here is great picture from a colon hygienist showing how a large stomach can be ever so much more than just fat. Click here for the PDF of an impacted intestine and what is beneath many a large stomach or pot gut.  Or email us for a .jpg picture.

Lighten up with a little humor about what we eat. Subject: The truth about eating

For those of you who watch what you eat... Here's the final word on nutrition and health, and it's a relief to know the truth after all those conflicting medical studies:

1. The Japanese eat very little fat and suffer fewer heart attacks than the Canadians, British or Americans.

2. The Mexicans eat a lot of fat and also suffer fewer heart attacks than the Canadians, British or Americans.
3. The Japanese drink very little red wine and suffer fewer heart attacks than the Canadians, British or Americans.
4. The Italians drink a lot of red wine and also suffer fewer heart attacks than the Canadians, British or Americans.
5. The Germans drink a lot of beer and eat lots of sausages and fats and suffer fewer heart attacks than the Canadians, British or Americans.
6. Ukrainians drink a lot of vodka, eat a lot of perogies, cabbage rolls and suffer fewer heart attacks than the Canadians, British or Americans.

Eat and drink what you like.

Speaking English is apparently what kills you.

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