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Spasmodic Dysphonia Clients

Testimonials below

Bonnie. "Mike is extremely knowledgeable about breathing mechanics and can find the natural voice in anyone"

Brenda: " I learned through Mike that good breathing is the key to maintaining the voice."

Lidia; "With Mike I found that elusive singing voice that I hadn't had for a long time".

Lisa. "Mike is a brilliant breathing coach who can teach lifelong good habits for overall health as well as improving voice".

Barada  "Mike is a brilliant scientist and a patient, genuine practitioner"

Tarryn  "Mike is able to assist with getting in touch with your breathing and finding your voice. If your breathing is stuck/restricted you are not going to beat SD.

Sylvia. "I thank Mike for teaching me how to breathe properly, for giving me many exercises that I can take home to practice so that I can recover my voice".

Brenda.  "Mike’s work on breathing contributed a vital part in helping me understand the elements which were detrimental to voice production. These techniques work!"

Betty. "Mike helped me get in touch with my core again…stay grounded. I have given myself permission to speak freely once again."

Gopali. "Mike has a wealth of knowledge and tricks to share, always searching for the techniques to help each individual voice."

Analee. "Mike is a true breathing guru and an effective trainer. Learning to breathe was particularly helpful to me – a new, crucial component to my voice recovery. I am well on my way to full recovery of my speaking and most dear to me, my singing voice."

Richard. "After trying Mike White’s breathing suggestions I could feel immediate relaxation and calm throughout my whole body. That alone was worth the price."

Mike's story I  spent 20 years getting my singing voice back from severe abuse and trauma. It was a breathing issue. I have a great deal of affinity for those with speaking/breathing problems

Many above have said is it the breathing that is the key to speaking. To me, focusing on the throat or head will only divert one from the real source of the voice. Anything else may be helpful, but is not foundational and too often a house built on sand.

After I got to work with some 40 people I started to worry about getting enough time with each person due to the need for the breathing patterns to be sustained long enough for consistency. This rarely happened. I felt like in such a hurry all the time. It caused me to get pushy or short with some of the attendees. I felt bad about that. I kept asking Connie for more time, more time and never got more than 4 hours with each person individually. 

A recent client came to me for a one on one intensive and we needed 16 hours to get her to her estimation of 50%.  I consider myself a personal growth mentor so the psychosocial is second nature to me when I have enough time to implement it. In January 2010 I got so frustrated with Connie's lack of respect for breathing I countermanded her instructions to a few attendees as they were counter to good breathing. I had no clue she was telling people that kind of information.  She went absolutely ballistic and after the clinic started screaming at me. During that incident I told her I wanted to devote the clinic to a lot more breathing and she answered  "Then what will I do?"   I told her I would train her in some of my techniques.  I never got asked to do that. What I got was replaced with a student of mine that knows about 5% of what I brought to the clinics.  Bad doggy Dennis.

I have created this page so that the past attendees will better understand me and why they might not have progressed well or at all.

Some attendees that come to her clinic will be helped, a little or a lot  Wonderful, but how many come believing that Dennis who now uses my strapping techniques but that is about 5% of what I do with private clients.  By being the breathing person he implies he knows enough about breathing and follows Connie's approaches that I am sure held many back in the past. 

So now I have had my say. Connie does help people with SD but I believe I am much better at it

Here is my first private client. A 95 Voice Handicap Index  Video 

The sign up page for my 25 hour 5 day intensive is here. If people need more time with me they get it.

More about my approach to training with an option to get help from Connie that I pay for

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"He who breathes most air lives most life."

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