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What do you want to know about breathing?


Tips - Voice Development

1. For more breath that includes voice development

Stand or sit stay "tallest". Without taking a deeper breath, force all the breath out and let a big easier deeper breath come in while simultaneously raising your arms overhead to give more space to your in breath. Count audibly, quietly and clearly as you tilt and stretch deeply from side to side three times. Finish the exhale as you gently lower your arms. Repeat three times. This opens up the side ribs and expands the lungs for easier and deeper natural breathing while ensuring against breath holding that restricts the voice and throat.

2. Don't hold your breath

Primary O2 deficiency causes an O2 deficit in the cell walls of the venous capillary ends, which then swell and thereby lead to a narrowing and scarring of the vessel with reduced blood flow.

People with an unbalanced breathwave are oxygen and life-force starved; they are often nervous or anxiety prone and suffer from unnecessary worries; they have low energy, experience depression, confusion, chronic tension, powerlessness and physical ills.

3. Opposing Forces

Try this exercise for two weeks for five minutes each, five times a day with at least 3 hour intervals between practices.

Sit or stand with a slight backward arch and place your thumbs in your kidneys and wrap your fingers around to your belly (or sides of you are a large person). Squeeze your thumb and fingers together gently and breathe into that pressure caused by the squeeze. When your breath and belly is at it largest, force your belly outward as you slowly exhale your breath. Make sure the muscles are working hard to keep the belly extended. Repeat this several times and notice if your voice gets a little stronger or more even. Do several times daily.

If your voice gets stronger from this you must remember that the voice is nothing more than wind passing membranes. Without the breath the voice can never be.

Let me know how this works for you. Do not forget now. I am trying to help you and need your feedback to make sure you are understanding my instructions.

I recommend that you investigate the many other techniques and exercises in the Breathing Kit to help you learn to breathe and speak better.

Recommended Self Help Program: Singing and Speaking

For more advanced voice work:
Speech Clinic for Spasmodic Dysphonia
Private Sessions

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 11. Most other goals or chronic challenges are Control-Find searchable in the Supplemental material CD included in the Kit.

General breathing development
 2. Deepest Calm for: emotional regulation, 12 Steps, anxiety-panic,  headaches, high blood pressure, pain reduction, stress management, immune strength

 3. Energy, stamina, recovery, sports, gentle yoga, breathwork, Pilates, Qigong, Tai Chi

 4. Focus, Concentration, Learning

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Elizabeth Barrett Browning

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Dr. Danielle Rose, MD, NMD, SEP





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The breathing improvement techniques, practices and products outlined in this publication are extremely gentle, and should, if carried out as described, be beneficial
to your overall physical and psychological health. If you have any serious medical or psychological problem, however, such as heart disease, high blood pressure,
cancer, mental illness, or recent abdominal or chest surgery, you should consult your health professional before undertaking these practices.