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I have developed a deep respect for one of Goethe's couplets:
"Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin it now!"


I'm a life coach and wellness professional specializing in breakthrough intensives. I combine eastern secrets and western insights around vitality, longevity, personal and spiritual power and self expression.  Did you know the way you breathe is tied to a TEN FOLD improvement or worsening of most health challenges, including cancer?  Our programs include self help, phone or skype sessions, individual coaching and a school for hands on teacher training. 

Clients often say "I would need to go to several different practitioners to get the same benefits from working with just you".  We focus on ANYTHING that gets in the way of human experience or expression such as mechanical, biochemical, environmental, emotional, and spiritual elements/factors. From the moment you walk into this office, I want you to know that anything said, mentioned, shared, and discovered during our time together is 100% confidential, and this includes a Courtroom, unless I have your express, in writing permission to disclose such information about you personally, your body, your physical condition, your session history, and any reasons you decided to engage into an exploration of what we can accomplish together. 

On-site gym providing all the potentially in-home inexpensive equipment necessary for key aspects of accelerating progress in your personal environment.

Our program includes when called for
Breathing development
Postural stability
Postural mobility
Movement efficiency
Core conditioning
Nutritional guidance
Blood CO2 percentages
Heart Rate Variability
Agility and reactivity
Speed and power
Blood work (additional charge)

Some equipment used depending on needs.
Oxygen Enhanced Exercise and Rest O2E2 aka EWOT
   including O2E2 diffused AND portable pen vaporized essential oils for our proprietary blends of Respiratory Enhancer and Mental Clarity.
Recumbent stationary bicycle
Massage chair
Hot tub
Back pain reduction equipment
Vibe Plate
Far infrared sauna
Karaoke equipment + 1,000 songs
Extensive health/medical DVD library and CD music collection.
Optional bodywork and lymphatic massage as needed.
Fresh juice smoothies
Herbal teas
Optional colon hydro-therapy when preplanned

Use of facilities are not counted in the hourly rate. You pay only  for time spent working with Mike.  Part of the one-on-one training is you get worked on and trained, we assess, you do more, we assess and so on. 

Breakfast or lunch via superfood and fruit smoothies included.   

Visit our local YMCA for training using specific gym equipment and what to do and not to do.

Out of over 100 options we choose only what is best for YOU.  Visits range between a few hours to a few weeks with optional back up over time.

The Free Breathing Tests and pre-appointment consulting session help us gauge what will be needed.


We pick you up at the airport
From any of the nearby
hotels  or motels you can
bus to downtown in 20
minutes or rent a car to
tour the area. 
The nearby Hilton will
drop you off and pick you up
at no charge. We have
men's and women's bicycles here as well.


Deeper stronger easier  breathing 
Reduced anxiety and the effects of trauma
ore energy
Increased stamina
Pain reduction
Shortened recovery times
Reduced tension
Improved blood circulation
Improved cellular oxygenation
Improved muscle tone
improved blood sugar balance
Improved blood pressure
Improved brain function and memory
Improved sleep
Weight training guidance
Sports performance enhancement
Improved voice for singing or speech
Improved meditation and calming 
Mental focus with relaxed concentration 
Mental focus with energized concentration
Emotional balance

Weight loss or gain as preferred

Difficult cases
Sleep Challenges Those wishing not to or unable to use mechanical breathing devices  require a minimum three day to one week intensive. 
Programs quoted on a case by case basis.  More about

Severe SOB.
I've had clients who could not step up a curb and ended up walking a mile.

Spasmodic Dysphonia or Stuttering In-Person Intensives and Skype sessions.
What I have learned from working with over 100 SD and stuttering people is that developing breathing mechanics are the most important aspect of recovery by approximately 50 to 1. I invite you to work with me on a one on one basis. If you are working with a speech specialist related to SD and stuttering you will increase your chances of a faster and complete recovery. Without the breathing done properly, a velvety fully functional voice will forever elude you.



Our Office, Skype or Traveling Intensives

Overall focus is on breathing development, voice development including singing, public speaking, spasmodic dysphonia, stuttering, anxiety, conversion disorder, attention, sleep, relaxation, energy, emotional balance, high blood pressure, depression, sports performance, nutritional advice, internal cleansing and personal empowerment/growth counseling.

Students and clients can expect to become more and more aware, more and more conscious of their inner and outer world. They will often experience a growing sense of freedom, safety,  wholeness and oneness. They can expect to greatly improve relaxing, de-stressing, and re-energizing; to find more potential for comfort and pleasure, for enjoyment, even in the most difficult of circumstances and situations.

Athletes can  expect optimal relaxation, reduction of pre-event nerves and improved power, flexibility and motor patterns for their specific events.


Private - at our center - one on one breathing, holistic health, voice and personal development sessions.  
Participants discover how they have learned to breathe, how their breathing habits may be affecting them, and how to effectively self-regulate breathing based on acquiring new breathing and holistic health habits.  Voice utilization and/or improvement is an integral part of this. 

X hours each day in person with Mike and several additional hours daily (at no charge) doing other tasks, directed by Mike such as reading, exercising, viewing videos etc. Breakfast or lunch via superfood and fruit smoothies included.

1. Individual Skype Web Cam Sessions

One hour minimum. 30 minute increments. $200.00 per hour.  Sessions need to be prearranged via email or phone. These "remote" sessions can be VERY effective. 

2. Certification for Optimal Breathing Coach.
CEU/contact hour
units can be included for private as well as group work on a case by case basis. 
In your locale USA or Foreign.  

3. Consulting for Business.
Creating programs that integrate Optimal Breathing
ģ insights, statistics, techniques and exercises. $500 per hour 10 hour minimum.   payment options

4. Lectures about breathing development including power-point and experiential on a case by case basis.

Testimonials from professionals 
General testimonials  
Speech Testimonials

Payment options

1. Phone or Skype web cam initial consultation  $200.00 per hour. Usually 1 hour is sufficient for good program planning.
Take our  free breathing tests to help me customize your needs and time here.

2. 3-5 hours over Skype and/or in person at Charlotte, NC $175.00 per hour.
You pay for 5 and if we do not need that much time we refund you the balance  3 minimum

3. 6-10 hours via Skype sessions and/or at Charlotte NC $150.00 per hour  
You pay for 10 and if we do not need that much time we refund you the balance  6 minimum

4. 11-15 hours via Skype and/or in person at Charlotte NC $135.00 per hour You pay for 15 and if we do not need that much time we refund you the balance  11 minimum

5. 16 or more hours via Skype and/or at Charlotte NC  $125.00 per hour 
You pay for 20 or more hours and if we do not need that much time we refund you the balance.  16 minimum

6. Special pre-quoted rates for world class athletes and performers.

Take our  free breathing tests to help me customize your needs and time here.


Video from Danielle Rose MD

A recent client age 63 , 6'1' 119 pounds with a severely worsening bronciectasis and a 25 year history compounded by bad breathing most of his life came to my office bent over and out of breath after walking the 50 feet to my door. He left 11 days later 2 pounds heavier and walked the streets of NYC for 90 minutes. I approached it as a dietary, nutritional supplements, sleep, postural and immune system issue as well as restoring his breathing mechanics including spinal flexibility and training him in what to do at home.

Removing the blocks to self realization and peak performance. From Mark G.
I spent four days in private sessions with Michael White.  My breathing was fast (23 to 28 breaths per minute) and I was having a very hard time catching my breath without using muscles in my core and shoulders to consciously draw in the inhale. My girlfriend tended to feel anxious around me and wanted to break up. Decades of breathwork and other somatic processes
helped improve my confidence and joy in my life, but the mechanics of my breathing had not improved.
I went to North Carolina with the following goals:
1. Improve breathing mechanism to catch my breath
and breath naturally and automatically.
2. Relieve "body armoring" from emotional traumas.
3. Have a deeper inner peacefulness.
4. Improve my relationship with my girlfriend.
5. Hike and run without inflammation in the lungs (chest) area.
6. Learn to sing in a way that sounds good and is enjoyable.
Mike made me feel very welcome and comfortable. We got right into some baseline testing followed by a wide variety of exercises and bodywork techniques. After four days, my normal breath rate was down to 10 to 14 breaths per minute (from 23-28). I could take a full, satisfying breath most of the time. My inhale started to occur automatically, without using my core and shoulder muscles.  
More important to me, is that my girlfriend is excited about the new me! I backed off on my running a bit with the intention of adding it back gradually being careful to avoid lung inflammation. I bought a karaoke machine and have been using it and enjoying it. I had considered myself "tone deaf" and only sang (traumatized myself) once in public as a child 40 years ago. 
I have to admit that it took me several days after returning home to gradually add some of the Optimal Breathing exercises back into my routine. I realize that it will be a process to fully transform my breathing and heal my lungs. But thanks to Mike White, all of my six goals have started to come to fruition!   
Mark G

On numerous occasions I have thought of you, thinking I should do a better job of thanking you for your help. Seems like I have always had these thoughts at the wrong time. At any rate, now is the time.

First, I want you to know I really am grateful both for your initial help via email and the Skype sessions, and the face to face time we had in Charlotte.
t is quite possible that I would be using CPAP today had I not had your input/ help. As you may recall, I saw you at the very beginning of 2012. The prior four months had been probably the most challenging of my life due to the battle with acute insomnia. My breathing concern was certainly part of that battle.

I think of 2012 as one of the best, if not the best, year of my life. The sleep issues have pretty much become history. My breathing anxiety has dramatically receded.

Personal, family, and work life are going well and I exercise regularly.

As I look back on my ordeal, I believe it was primarily spiritual. God wanted to break through and penetrate and reveal more of Himself to me. It took something fairly dramatic for my mind to be open to this.

You were helpful to me and I do want to express my appreciation.

Hope you are doing well.


Dear Mike:
I don't know if you remember me, I came up from KY with my husband Richard. It has taken me long to write this email, but I have thought often how grateful I am to have found your help. I was very depressed and full of anxiety when we met, and I thought I would never be able to function without anti-depressants, but thanks to what you taught me, I feel normal again, I have faced many challenges, but I have done so with my own strength, I am totally free of meds, and it feels great! All those doctors didn't know at all how to help me with my breathing, they had no answers, what a waste of suffering and money! You understood so well my distress and knew how to fix it. Sure there is still room for improvement, I know that if I were more diligent with your training I could be so much better, but I guess I am a little lazy, and I have taken it a lot slower, still my life is so much better!

Mike you are a God sent, thank you so much, from my husband as well!

Veronica W

The way I see it is people can go weeks without food, days without water, and only minutes without air. We put endless amounts of time talking about the fuel efficiency of our cars but the majority of us don't give time of day to the fact that oxygen is a primary fuel of the body.

Oxygen/Breathing efficiency was something I greatly overlooked before going to see Mike White. He has given me a structure and an awareness about breathing that will follow me the rest of my life.

To anyone over the age of 20: Improve the quality of your life! Inhale all of Mike's information on Breathing.com and then as you continue to be intrigued by his work go and spend some time one on one with him. Working with Mike was like meeting my lungs and diaphragm for the first time.

Your always looking for information on what to eat, the best exercises to do, and how to stay looking young. So why not address things from the foundation. Breathing is required for ALL of those things and they will ALL be better utilized once you bring Optimal Breathing into your life.

Mike White is Optimal breathing.  

-Pat Astle
 Age 20
 NS, Canada

Dan Sherwood -  Speech Language Pathologist 

PDF of SLP report of a 5 day intensive with Mike   Video


Iíve worked as a successful radio, tv & corporate voice-over performer for over 30 years, and ran into vocal difficulties in recent years.

In looking at what was happening, I sought an ENTís view, and learned there was no physical damage, or condition. That settled, I came to the stunning, surprising realization--a blind spot, really--that I had never been professionally trained, and had simply reached the limits of being self-taught, and had been harming my voice through on-going, regular, uninformed practices. 

Working with you over the weekend, I learned my breathing is something I cannot simply take for granted. It is--key. And there are rules.

I came to you, open, for insights and practices, and left without disappointment. You are a very good teacher--you had to be to get through to me.

You have a depth of experience, wisdom from which to share, and a high level of intuition, and listening; the ferocity of a true master; and the skills to deftly place those openings right where theyíre needed.


I learned to attend to my breathing in a certain, clearly defined range; tips on how to breathe; physical & vocal practices for opening up and warming up my voice; fun activities to get me to those places (not everything is clinical), and the recognition that the path to express myself, through voice, is, again, as wide and open as I wish it to be.


For the many bad habits I had gotten into, it will take practice, intent, and patience, to cause the new habits.


Iím thrilled, delighted, even relieved, to have been referred to you, and had the blessings of working together, closely, in a focused, intensive way, to help launch the next era for my expression. 

Thank you, Mike, for helping me re-gain my voice.



Josh Cohen

Arlington, VA


From Mike:

Josh presented with symptoms very similar to Spasmodic Dysphonia.
He had not been diagnosed but it sounded and reacted quite like a combination of AB and AD SD.

I am a 74 year old MD Ear Nose Throat specialist who developed adult onset asthma and "non reversible" airway disease. I could not get any real help except inhalers. I came across Breathing.Com from Stephen Sinatra's Newsletter. I ordered the 176 program and have had tremendous improvement. I do not get winded doing simple tasks.  I also agree with Mike regarding the raw food diet and drinking a lot of water. I believe that chronic dehydration is another key to aging and in my case lung disease. I plan to take the breathing school this year and become involved in helping people help themselves. Keep up the good work Mike.  Randall Langston MD  
From Mike:
He arrived at our office with 1.5 liters of breathing volume as measured on the Voldyne 5000 and left with 2.5 liters.  Proper breathing is the first step in wellness but is often overlooked.  
More about our office visits Results

Spasmodic Dysphonia
Hi Mike,

I wanted to thank you again for working with me last night.  The voice I had when I left I haven't heard in years!  I spoke to my husband on the phone on the way home and he said my voice sounded like me and so clear.  I started crying because this is the first time I have heard myself in a long time.  I am going to keep working on these exercises and hopefully I will get to that place more and more.  Thank you so much again, you have been the only person who has really helped me at this point.  Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Sarah  M


Boston Psychotherapist Ruth Molin
"I don't believe I was ever breathing correctly until now. I believe there are millions of people out there just like me. Being one of Mike's clients has inspired me to become a teacher of Optimal Breathing development."   See her video here - 9 minutes


Preventive Medicine.  

I somehow knew that stress and breathing were related.  Being in the medical field, there is a lot of stress and exam taking that you have to go through. I noticed that I had become a shallow breather a good part of the time probably as a compensation for stress.   

I found out about Mike White from another doctor friend of mine.  I got product number 176 and started doing the exercises and realized how out of shape I was and how I took breathing for granted.

After some experience on my own and some excellent conversations with Mikeís staff, I decided to fly down and for a 3 day stay to have Mike work on me and fine tune what I realized was very important work.   

I made the right decision.


Even though I had very good lung capacity after Mike tested me, I discovered I was not utilizing it as well as I could.


Using the strapping techniques and other techniques that Mike uses with his personal clients, I was able to find and utilize areas of my lungs that I was not using. Also, I was able to use my rib cage more which in turn helped me to use my lung tissue more fully especially the lung tissue on the sides and in the back area.


Mike helped me to understand and make use of other techniques on program #176 so that I could go home and help to strengthen my lungs over time specifically the techniques used to strengthen the diaphragm, lungs and the Diaphragm Strengthener itself.


Lastly, Mike has state of the art computerized programs that deal with the rate and rhythm of breathing which documents breathing against the norm in real time.


This is an eye opener.  I could see my progress in real time before and after.


I am very grateful that Mr. White has made breathing his specialty for over 3 decades.  He has helped me to breathe better and more fully.


Sincerely,   Robert Sklovsky Pharm. D., N.D.   Milwaukie, Oregon


Yoga Instructor Tina Taylor

"Dear Mike,
Thanks for being there when I needed you.  While walking on the beach I was struck with an inability to breathe.  This was 4 years ago.  I was initially diagnosed with Emphysema at the emergency room.  At 43 years old, I thought this was the end.  I had been a smoker for 20+ years.  Finding your site on the internet, I called you right away.  You gave me the information I needed to make it through that weekend and when your package arrived, the exercises and testimonials gave me great reassurance that there was hope for my condition.  When I flew out to see you for a day of therapy, your insights and knowledge helped me understand that I did not have emphysema and I have since verified this with a pulmonologist who determined I have asthma. I use the knowledge I learned from you every day.  I do not have panic attacks and am able to lead a very happy productive life.  I just kayaked a class 4 whitewater river and have perfected the elusive "Combat Roll".  I ski double black slopes and work out daily.  My breathing has almost returned to normal.  I will never forget your friendship, availability, or the fact that you helped me so much during a very difficult and worrisome time in my life.  I use your techniques and exercises still and have learned to take each day without so much worry and stress.  
My life is GREAT again. 

James Griffith.
"On a real good day I can do the number count to  450" 

Jim has to be one of the most amazing and successful people I know. Check out his latest venture.


"I have sang and played music for 35 years. I had no idea I was capable of singing with such strength, control, confidence and ease as I have been until after working with Mike for only 5 hours."

From Mike: In Berkeley I got to work with gospel, opera, jazz, blues and pop singers but over the past 6 years having until recently been so isolated near the Great Smokies as I was,  it was not often I got to work with musicians. When I do it is always such a treat. It's like working with a very unique and special musical instrument all by itself. You can listen to his "old" voice here. The new stronger, more clear, naturally expressive voice is being recorded and will appear soon.  Jerry Harmon  

Jerry Harmon Appalachian Singer Songwriter, Storyteller Mountain Gypsy and very interesting man.

Jerry Nelson, Muppeteer
(Puppeteer of several Muppets, including their voices)
The Count, Lou Zealand and many others.  Video clip

Learning to breathe under the guidance of Mike White has not only saved my life but profoundly altered its quality.
In the first training session, Mike address my restricted breathing, which was steadily becoming worse, despite the inhalers I was using three and four times a day. He taught me the Optimal Leg Lift, a deceptively simple and powerfully effective breath which stopped within days my chronic coughing, and began to clear and relieve lungs and bronchial tubes desperate for air. 
He also used carefully controlled hand pressure and other techniques to "wring out and soften hard and atrophies lung tissue.  This "re-birthing" of my lungs has affected my entire being. The relief from asthma turned out to be only an introduction into fuller and more vibrant participation in life.  In the process of learning to breathe more deeply  and easily, old fears and insecurities are beginning to dissolve.  I am discovering the joyful calm that supports life at its base.
I believe Michael Grant White's work with the breath is a critically important contribution to an area of scientific research still in its infancy.
Marie D. California. 
Recommended program

I would like to thank you so much Mike. When I came to you I felt like I was on a verge of having a heart attack or losing mind. I drove 4 torturing hours, it was well worth the 4 hours drive. On my way home I had no panic attacks, which is amazing, I cannot drive in a car for 30 minutes without a panic attack and I drove 4 hours with none. I feel like you have given me part of my life that I thought was gone forever. These panic attacks have been a journey for me, but for once in my life I feel I am on the road to recovery. Thank you again,I  will definitely be back .

Ms. Nicole T. Atlanta, GA

Choir Leader
Iíve been a singing  professional for years but you showed me a new way. My power, singing ease and flexibility increased incredibly and I handle levels of voice, fear and energy that would have crushed me just a short while ago.

Ė Linda Webb Kakaba, Published and Touring Singer/Songwriter

Breath is life, but for the flautist breath is also art. Working with Mike freed tensions that had built up through years of playing so I was able to recover my full capacity, control and ease of expression. I recommend him highly to anyone who wants to maximize his or her breathing capability.

Leslie Newman, Toronto Symphony Orchestra

"Not one of the many doctors whom I asked about my breathlessness could give me any help, but you did  At age 92 better breathing is a very big deal."  John Cooper

A naturopath shares his story.
I had found Mike's website years ago when I was studying to become a Naturopath, but I had always put working with him or buying any of his home study programs "on the back burner".  After all, I had been doing pranayama for close to 20 years and had worked with many different types of body workers over the years (including an Alexander Technique coach).  How much more could this guy teach me?   In the fall of 2012 I moved to the outskirts of a little town north of Asheville, NC to finish my first book on holistic health.  A year later, nearly finished with writing, I just had to find out.
I bought the Singing, Speaking & Personal Power Program and scheduled time to work with Mike one-on-one. After studying the material in the program, I knew I had found a true Master of the Breath. A couple of  weeks later I drove out to Charlotte to work with Mike. As I drove home (with a now customized car seat!), I had a smile "a mile wide".  In less than 10 hours (over a period of 3 days), Mike had improved my breathing more than other professionals I have worked with one-on-one daily - over the course several weeks! And the progress sticks.  Learning about Optimal Breathing may be the best money you will ever spend on your health.  Scott Cousland scott.cousland@gmail.com     

An 85 year old racewalker diagnosed with emphysema
came to work with me for three days, returned home and the next day broke three state records. Now his MDs are not sure about the emphysema.
A recent client arrived with high anxiety, high blood pressure (medicated), poor sleep, low energy and sub-par blood oxygen.  3 days later his blood pressure had normalized (un-medicated), sleep was great, anxiety way down to "relaxed", and resting blood oxygen up 4 points.  A champion swimmer wanted to improve her ease of breathing and recovery times for multiple general race days and triathlete events. An opera singer was losing her high notes and sought psychotherapy but eventually just learned to breathe better and her high notes returned. A classical singer was losing her mid range and regained it with optimal breathing techniques. An emphysema victim learned that breathing was not what he thought it was, for over 50 years. It had become a permanent misunderstanding even to the point of doing it improperly when shown the proper way. Several sessions were needed to change this personís breathing. An asthmatic was retrained to breathe easier and the symptoms disappeared. Stuttering and spasmodic dysphonia can reduce or disappear when one learns to breathe optimally. A shy young lady learned to breathe better. Her shyness lessened and "I met a man and got married". Some eliminated their sleep problems, hypertension, type "A" responses, wimpy ways of being. Some increased their energy many fold, told off their suppressive boss, told the truth to their spouse, opened up to loving themselves, and set boundaries where needed. Some healed from illness or near death. There are thousands of stories like the above.

More results

Email address  contact@breathing.com

USA Toll Free: 1 866 694 6425
International: 1 704.315,2114
Fax: 1 704.597.3957


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