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Performance Testimonials  Other results

  • 86 yr old race walker breaks 3 state records next day after OB intensive
  • Football team runs several 300 yard wind sprints, works with mike for 10 minutes then runs last windsprint faster than the first.
  • Mountain climber trains for high altitude treking in Napal.
  • PhD Raw food runner smoothes out gate and eliminates asthma symptoms.
  • Masters swimmer shortens recover times.
  • Scuba diver trains to increase tank air efficiency.
  • Bowling team trains to stay calm and smooth out ball delivery.
  • more below
Country Singer
The Muppets
Champion Race Walker
Seminar Leader
Stage Voice
Classical Voice
A Frenchman singing in Spanish
Rapid Improvement
Renowned Singing Teacher
Stage Fright
Fear of Speaking in Public
Phantom of The Opera
Singing and voice problems
Duets again

Breath is life, but for the flautist breath is also art. Working with Mike freed tensions that had built up through years of playing so I was able to recover my full capacity, control and ease of expression. I recommend him highly to anyone who wants to maximize his or her breathing capability.

Leslie Newman, Toronto Symphony Orchestra

Jerry Harmon Appalachian Singer Songwriter, Storyteller Mountain Gypsy and very interesting man.

"I have sang and played music for 35 years. I had no idea I was capable of singing with such strength, control, confidence and ease as I have been until after working with Mike for only 5 hours."

From Mike:  You can listen to his "old" voice
here. The new stronger, more clear, naturally expressive voice was recorded and available on his web site.

7 years later. "

Hey man.. I just wanted to stop in and say hello. How are thing going? I see you have really moved forward from when I met you in Waynesville in a small apartment. I am in the mts still, but in Otto NC. I purchased a home here, and am married to a girl from Canada. I am performing at a much higher level, and touring the UK a few times a year as well as parts of Mainland Europe. I have to give you credit for what I learned from you in a short time put me on a completely different path to performing. I have since took vocal lessons, and worked with a professional actor for a couple years to learn the art of performing. I learned the essence of performing at any level starts with proper breathing from you however, and that has been the backbone of my career. I would love to see you, and by the way I will record something and send it to you. You probably do not remember what I sounded like when I met you, but I do.  Hope to talk soon j"

Jerry Nelson, Muppeteer
(Puppeteer of several Muppets, including their voices)
The Count, Lou Zealand and many others.  Video clip

In memoriam 10 years after our Optimal Breathing Development session.

Gospel Singer
I’ve been a singing  professional for years but you showed me a new way. My power, singing ease and flexibility increased incredibly and I handle levels of voice, fear and energy that would have crushed me just a short while ago.

– Linda Webb Kakaba, Published and Touring Singer/Songwriter

Harmonica Player-Corky Siegel

hi Michael;  I used your exercises for about three days and then only once in a while but I believe it jump started me into breathing better and had solved my problem. Any time I feel short of breath (which is rarely) I simply make sure I am breathing right and I feel good almost immediately.  Thank you buddy.
I have been referring people to your site - just so you know I didn't forget you.

Rapid Improvement
Dear Michael: Since using the Optimal Breathing techniques I have been delighted to discover improved vocal powers and a greater equilibrium. Discovering and working on your breathing techniques has resulted in many wonderful and delightful changes in the timbre and resonance in my speaking and singing voice.

When I was a young girl I often lay on my bed and saw myself singing to massive crowds. A dream that included other aspects of my life that have been realized, but as yet my singing was yet to be birthed.

As a result of sustained abuse from a baby until adolescence many emotional and mental blocks made singing very difficult. Indeed, growing up under the tyranny that "children should be seen and not heard", was often met with violent retribution when breached.

Little wonder I developed phonophobia and previously found voice coaches who confirmed a limiting self-belief system.

After nearly fifteen years of no singing or public speaking, a time period that included a three-year stint where I lost my brother, husband, youngest son, and father and mother, I have recently returned to singing with the intention of realising that childhood dream.

There is little doubt when the student is ready, the teacher shows up; as following a quality decision to return to singing and do it differently’ this time, my research led me to your Optimal Breathing website.

Daily I have been using the Optimal Breathing techniques, and daily I am reaping the reward with improved calm, peace of mind and enhanced equilibrium.

In addition to a greater resonance and power I have discovered an ease and poise as a result of a more balanced breathing.

After a lifetime of disappointment and disheartened efforts, I have finally overcome phonophobia and my natural voice and I are working in harmony as confidants.

Michael, I have been singing the praises of Optimal Breathing to my family and friends as they have noticed (in some cases with a degree of envy) the difference in my voice.

Tonight I am singing as a finalist in a singing competition, which is remarkable, as the wonder is, I do so in the knowledge I am beginning to live my childhood dream!

Thanks for your encouragement, insights and knowledge.

Warm Regards, Catherine P White Sydney AUSTRALIA 
Recommended Program

Classical Singer
My high notes have returned to stay. – Maria H., Opera singer preparing for Carnegie Hall performance

Seminar Leader
"Thanks for helping to improve my breathing.  As a result, my seminars on selling homes to people from diverse culture have much more power and impact."
Cultural diversity author, speaker and trainer Michael Lee
Michael Lee.

Voice Over Specialist and TV announcer trainer.



I’ve worked as a successful radio, tv & corporate voice-over performer for over 30 years, and ran into vocal difficulties in recent years.

 In looking at what was happening, I sought an ENT’s view, and learned there was no physical damage, or condition. That settled, I came to the stunning, surprising realization--a blind spot, really--that I had never been professionally trained, and had simply reached the limits of being self-taught, and had been harming my voice through on-going, regular, uninformed practices.

 Working with you over the weekend, I learned my breathing is something I cannot simply take for granted. It is--key. And there are rules.

I came to you, open, for insights and practices, and left without disappointment. You are a very good teacher--you had to be to get through to me.

You have a depth of experience, wisdom from which to share, and a high level of intuition, and listening; the ferocity of a true master; and the skills to deftly place those openings right where they’re needed.

I learned to attend to my breathing in a certain, clearly defined range; tips on how to breathe; physical & vocal practices for opening up and warming up my voice; fun activities to get me to those places (not everything is clinical), and the recognition that the path to express myself, through voice, is, again, as wide and open as I wish it to be.

For the many bad habits I had gotten into, it will take practice, intent, and patience, to cause the new habits.

I’m thrilled, delighted, even relived, to have been referred to you, and had the blessings of working together, closely, in a focused, intensive way, to help launch the next era for my expression.

Thank you, Mike, for helping me re-gain my voice. 

Best,  Josh Cohen Arlington, VA

From Mike:

Josh presented with symptoms very similar to Spasdmodic Dysphonia.
He had not be diagnosed but it sounded and reacted quite like a combination of AB and AD SD.

3 months later.

Further, in my view, anyone would benefit mightily from working around
Mike White. His insights on the power of breathing, are deep, and worthy.
I saw Mike on the recommendation of my dentist (who knows the power of
breathing in regard to health challenges), and I spent seven hours one-on-one
with Mike. My wife, an actress & teacher, accompanied me (we drove many
hours to see him), and she also found his insights on-the-money.
For the serious professional, with voice challenges, I would recommend Mike

Roll model of the decade
Charlie Boyle. Champion Race Walker. Age 86 and counting.

From Mike. We worked for two days. Below is the email Charlie sent after his competition the following day from his return home from our office. Note his upright posture
Just woke up.
Briefly, you made possible three first place medals.
At 10 today, I ran (not Race Walking) the 1500 meters.
At 1 pm, the 1500 meter racewalk.
At 3 pm, the 800 meter dash.
The gratifying part was having a lung reserve at the end of each race.
Your tests and exercises surely made that happen.
The leg muscles were giving out before gasping would have called a halt.
In addition, time in your lab changed my apprehension about having emphysema disease. 
Also gratifying was lowering the Maryland records in my age group
for these 3 events. My own time is the Maryland record in the 1500 Meter
85 age group, and I brought that down by 9 secs.
Normally, I don't do more than one all-out event per day in the Sr. Games.
For years, that event has been the RW only.
Also, the officials rate the events and will not allow more than two
"hi-risk" events per day. Both of the runs were in that category.
Today, however, I felt sassy as hell, and just wanted to keep going.
I staggered home and sat in a tub of ice cubes for 20 minutes.
That's the sure cure to avoid being sore for the next week.
Thence, to bed.
I'm still sleepy and am about to return to the sack.
More later. 
Thanks for your contribution to a very productive today.
Driving home was a 10 hour nightmare.  Rain and wind and accidents all over the place.

More from Charlie:  A lot more

Stage Fright
It's gone. Just gone. 
Jim Brown. Trumpet player

After forty years of stuttering I’m now stuttering much less. 
– Mary W

Fear of Speaking in Public
It's gone. For the first time ever, it's GONE. Thank God.
Ben Warren

I was recently singing to Phantom of the Opera and some Barbara Streisand and then some other music. What I noticed is that the high notes which didn’t used to be all that clear, are amazingly strong and clear – all the time.
I can easily and powerfully reach a high “A” which before could easily be a struggle. And it’s a clear sound, not screeching to reach it. This is so amazing! I love it. This is the voice I have always wanted. And in ONE session as well.  Pamela Tablack

Judy Davis

Yes I wish to subscribe to your newsletter. As a singer, good breathing is simply a necessity.  A good technique frequently becomes confused by "so called" knowledgeable teachers.  Your site is great. Thank you for all the info you share. It is sure to be helpful to many.  Judy Davis.

A Frenchman singing in Spanish who speaks very good English as well.  
What a guy.
"Hello Mike after 22 days of your special optimal breathing exercises I feel  stronger.
I worked with the video. I used The DS and Strapping Techniques.
My breathing become easier. No fear, strong muscle support, my diaphragm is in great shape.
The way I tested my improvement is when I went to perform in the Manhattan Festival I was able to hit my high notes easily. I became more popular after each performance. I will keep exercising every day . Thank you Mike. My singing career is blossoming due to my optimal breathing course."

Guy Bisserette. 
To book call 646.671.9862

Oct 2016 - I have been invited by the Mexican government to perform for " the festival international meeting of nations"

Singing & Voice Problems

Dear Mike,

Hello! I have been looking at your web site for the past two days, I looked and read every single page, I found it so interesting, touching the particular issues I was looking for on the internet, the web site is also very well designed, I was really happy to find it. Telling you a little about myself, my name is Benjamin I am 22 years old, I go to voice training it’s been exactly a year from now since I started, I luckily found a great voice teacher that devoted himself literally (our relationship is far more than between any regular teacher and student), I started with a  small little voice very nasal, today I am a tenor (Lyrico- spinto) with a range of a little less than 3 octaves, we’ve progressed tremendously in such a short time, I can already sing most of Pavarotti’s repertoire, and Jewish Cantorial. All the credit goes to my teacher, but we are both determined to continue on improving, developing the vocal potential. My teacher never put any special emphasis about the proper way of breathing as other voice methods would, "we were born with the natural best way of breathing" he says, he himself was a terrific world reknown Opera singer, "I always had enough breath", his career was cut short due to a pneumonia, ("enough breath" - "pneumonia" oops, contradiction here  m.g.w.) he couldn’t perform anymore, feeling that he wasn’t able to sustain an opera anymore (before that he used to be a real lion on stage), since then he stopped and much later he began giving voice lessons.

That is actually the purpose of me writing to you, in the beginning of my voice, training, singing Arias felt physically very hard, after half an hour singing I felt how the diaphragm was getting tired, especially at the higher registers, although being within my vocal range ability, I was unable to continue singing, my teacher kept saying that it’s normal for someone that just begins singing, and taught me how to approach it lighter. We did special scale exercises for that, to built the flexibility and make the diaphragm stronger, now it is really different, I can sing for much longer, but I still feel that same feeling, in a smaller way of course, I also run out of breath sometimes especially singing in the high register, that’s why I would like to have your opinion on that, if your method for breathing improvement may be able to help me, I would surely buy it, my teacher agrees that improving the "natural" breathing can only be helpful for a singer. (I read your reply to the opera singer in the "FAQ" section, but I felt the need to tell you about myself, in order for you to help me better).

Reading about how your method can cure or reduce stuttering, arose my interest as well, I do not have a severe stutter, but I hesitate when I speak, sometimes for a long time, it is usually ok, but I wish to work on that too. I thank you very much for taking your time reading this long letter Mike, I wish you a lot of success in your projects, by helping people breathing correctly and optimally, I look forward hearing from you.

Your truly.   B

PS: Feel free to put my letter in your web site for other people, that need the same kind of help, I would just ask you to take out the personal things, thanks. 

From Mike.  Well done Ben:

You have uncovered the key to a lasting, free and easy singing voice. Optimal breathing. Tony Bennet and Robert Merrill would agree.  

I am pretty sure that if your teacher had seen me he would not have had to quit the business. I would love to work with you BOTH. Your teacher is WRONG about everyone breathing normally. Many develop breathing blocks due to trauma, emotional suppression, forcing the breath or gasping during physical exertions. Technique alone will not sustain the singing voice and will often sound technically perfect but slightly with an unreal or stilted "restriction".

It would be an honor to work with you but you must come to our office for a few days. A 55 year old classical voice teacher/breathing student of mine in California was training to perform fast Mozart at Carnegie Hall. She was losing her highs and was very troubled abut that. We got them back plus lengthened her low note sustains by about double. It took three sessions.


Dear Mike,

Just wanted to express my deep appreciation for your great help in improving both my health and singing ability. As a young woman I had had a professional career in both opera and concert. Although I had had excellent teachers and coaches in New York, Vienna, Austria and Milan, Italy, I had never been completely happy with my breath support. After marriage and having two sons, I settled back into singing in church and more local jobs. Then, about three years ago I discovered your web site and ordered your Better Breathing Exercises 1 & 2, as well as the manual. Well, they are truly marvelous! They've made me more aware of my posture, for every time I think of breathing deeply, it reminds me to stand more erectly. I had given up public singing except at family parties, or other such joyous occasions, but, as I began to practice in the shower with my new breath support, the voice was much steadier, and with a lovely tone. So-o-o, the next time I was asked to sing in church, I did, and they really liked it. Since then, I've been singing solos and duets quite frequently, and it gives me enormous pleasure. Why is this so amazing? Well, though only my family and close friends know (because I look about 60),1 confess that I'm 75 years old. Just married my childhood sweetheart 20 months ago. (We hadn't seen or even heard from each other in over 50 years), but he is the love of my life.

Your tapes have also helped improve my health. Although I've always been into holistic health, eating nutritiously, exercising, and the power of prayer, positive thinking and gratitude, your help with better posture and deeper breathing has been the added fillip that I needed. I especially love your "Better Breathing Exercise 1". It's so relaxing...marvelous before meditation, or before any possibly stressful situation. In fact I sometimes work with it when I wake up in the middle of the night, and have difficulty returning to sleep. I just turn it down low so that I can just hear your voice, and pay no attention when you tell me to keep my eyes open (if! tend to fall asleep.) Usually I am off to dreamland before the Tibetan singing bowls begin their chimes.

Then, when I know there's an especially busy day ahead, I love your "Breathing Exercise #2" to get the energy flowing. One of these days I hope to be able to take one of your classes.

Joy T. Jacobs,TN

Dear Joy.
It's never too late is it? mike

Nikolai Massenkoff Hi Mike, Thanks for the latest, most complete approaches, techniques for breathing for life and longevity that ward off all kinds of ailments and keeps us in best form for living to the fullest possible life. You did it Mike for all to take ...

Recommendation for amateurs
Recommendation for professionals

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