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U.S. health care spending grew 4.3% in 2016 (inflation grew at just 0.82%), reaching $3.3 trillion, or $10,348 per person alive. As a share of the nation's Gross Domestic Product (GDP), health spending accounted for 17.9% (source: In 1995, it was 13.1%. Worldwide, the average share of GDP is 9.89% ( Yet the USA only ranks 31st worldwide in combined longevity ... so to say there's a lot of waste, in misspent money and people employed in healthcare ((which now -2017- has the largest number of employees of any other category (20%) of all people employed in the USA)) is an obvious conclusion.


Our entire society is greatly at risk due to the prescription drug, processed foods (scroll down) industries and certain bought and sold politicians and lobbyists.

As long as we depend on others to keep us healthy we are subject to their economic and political agenda and that includes a multitude of self serving so called clinical studies. Some studies are great, most are not as they too often parrot the influence of Big Pharma, Big Agri, Dairy, Cattle and Pig and too often certain bought and sold employees of the FDA who repeatedly give the FDA a bad reputation. Plus rarely if ever do clinical studies include optimal breathing factors.

Realize that people have different needs, access opportunities in different locals, climates, different times of the year and points in their lives. Learn about Eskimos (search "life span of Eskimos", hunter gatherers, farmers, city dwellers, fishermen, vegans, raw fooders, those seeking a more refined  spiritual, dietary and lifestyle consciousness. What do they eat? How do they transition? Do they transition at all and if not why not and how long and healthy to do they live?

These documentaries largely solve the problems and solutions of health (sick) care. They will often say the same things in various ways and sometimes even mildly conflict in their messages so look for the common denominators.
 What does healthy look like?  Do these people, LOOK healthy? They may not be but that is is good place to start.

Kim and I watch most of these while eating dinner together. I am arm-raised-to-the-sky begging you to watch these videos. You must educate yourself and your loved ones.  Personal responsibility is key and until we do that, medical insurance will remain forever unaffordable and ineffectively treating sickness and supporting a massively dysfunctional so called health care system instead of supporting optimal wellness.

It is simple. Study what healthy people do and beware of fake news. That is why we need to see many variations of a similar theme to be assured that the theme is real and not fake news.

Due to abundance of mostly useless processed foods and excessive use of refined cane and beet sugar added to historic stressful lifestyles we need to update an ancient axiom to:  "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound several pounds of cure."

You now can
never say no one warned you.

Start with this one. Sanjay Gupta and Ellsworth Wareham
                More on Dr. Wareham
                Dr. Milton Mills at VegFest UK
                Michael Greger MD  Anything he says is probably right on
T Colin Campbell The China Study Anything he says is probably right on              especially Diseases of Affluence
But it's Vegan!              
               Why Doctors Don't Recommend Veganism #2;
Dr. Neal Barnard
               Chocolate, Cheese, Meat & Sugar-Physically Addictive Dr. Neal Barnard
               Debunking What The Health Film
Dr. Neal Barnard
               Mad City Vegan Fest 
Dr. Neal Barnard
               Seeds of Death; Unveiling the Lies of GMOs.
Gary Null
            How The Cancer Industry Deceives You With Cancer Drugs
               Cancer, The Forbidden Cures

The Pleasure Trap
Douglas Lisle
               How To Avoid Oxidation
Dr. John Bergman
               Home Remedies  Dr. John Bergman
               Raw for 30 days  Dr. Gabriel Cousens on Diabetes

VEGAN  WORLD CLASS ATHLETES  “One hundred percent of the people say they could never do that. I usually say they don’t have to. I think that’s a flaw for a lot of people, thinking that if they want to try being vegetarian or vegan, they have to do it 100 percent. The point is to be more healthy, so if you just eat more vegetables and more grains and more fresh whole foods and less processed foods and less meat and less dairy, that’s better for you.” Griff Whelan, NFL Wide Receiver.

In January 2016, Tom Brady's chef, Allen Campbell, gave an interview to where he stated that any fat Tom eats comes from virgin olive oil on raw foods and coconut oil on cooked foods.
Campbell continued,He doesn’t touch MSG or iodized salt, never drinks coffee or dairy and drinks alcohol occasionally. AND he steers clear of pro-inflammatory foods.”
Tom brady

Brady told NEW YORK magazine in September of 2016, “I don’t believe that you could be a 39-year-old?quarterback in the NFL and eat cheeseburgers every day, cause I want to be able to do what I love to do for a long time.”

               The Ketogenic Diet and Cancer; Dr. Bergman
               How To Avoid Oxidation
               Death By Medicine
Gary Null 

One recipe book I like. Paleo Vegan Plant Based Primal Recipes. Ellen Jaffe Jones

PDF Meat Without Animals "Vegan, vegetarian, high protein, meat without animals? Which one is best?
If they do not taint it with GMOs that stem from Monsanto and any even marginally suspect substances and excessive acid forming aspects, this promises to be the most thrilling adaptation in many centuries. if not ever. Even WITH GMOs I would think seriously of trying it and helping the dead animal business become the greater of the evils. "
Another Indian. Where are all these people coming from? LOL

Vegan on $25.00 YOU TUBE

In Defense of Food
(A good start/introduction but too moderate for many)

Sustainable. Includes grains and meat. The Bible tells us to eat live fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts and grains. BUT in Leviticus 11  it also teaches which meats to eat.

The Gut

What the Health?

Fed Up

What's With Wheat?

Food Choices

Plant Pure Nation

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead 1 and 2

In Search of Balance


Forks Over Knives

The True Cost



101 Reasons To Eat Vegetarian     See also Juicing

Friends of mine at Permaculture and Biodiversity in action

EATREAL.ORG is certifying various food sources in the USA including restaurants and home delivery services. A good start but DOUBLE CHECK WHAT THEY ALL OFFER.

A few documentaries or sites that help to clarify KEY global issues

              Center for Science and The Public Interest
              Organic Consumers Association
ETHOS  Woody Harrelson Narrates. Amazon Prime. Watched it twice.
              Where to Invade Next. Michael Moore.  Amazon Prime. What other countries are doing  for healthy economic lifestyles that they actually learned from us but mostly thanks to big agri and big pharma we somehow stopped engaging in over time and need to recommence. Web site

Monsanto Wants to Disguise Its Genetically Engineered Foods as “Biofortified”

To attain optimal health you must also have optimal breathing. It is a combination of developing and maintaining proper breathing mechanics, the materials (food) you use, detoxification, exercise, environmental and lifestyle choices.

Capture the moment.
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Disclaimer: The statements made herein have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These statements are for informational purposes only and are not intended as a substitute for medical counseling. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Whole Health Network shall have neither liability nor responsibility to any person or entity with respect to any loss, damage, or injury caused directly or indirectly by the products or information contained herein

Study Oxygen. Educate Yourself  1 


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