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Oxygen Concentrators/Generators

Home Model Personal Oxygen Bars for Oxygen Therapy, O2E2tm (Oxygen Enhanced Exercise) and EWOT - (Exercise with Oxygen Therapy or Exercise With Oxygen Training). The same industry standard top of the line equipment used for life sustaining only we use it for life enhancement and wellness. Used primarily for well being and anti aging therefore no prescription is needed.

COMPLETELY REFURBISHED (you cannot tell they are not new).

Disclaimer: Neither the FDA nor Health Canada have reviewed nor approved of statements made here. We make no health claims regarding O2E2tm or EWOT. Results may vary. EWOT - Exercise With Oxygen Training (or Therapy) is considered a medical therapy in Germany but is not approved as a medical therapy in Canada or in the USA.

he units produce 92-95 percent oxygen by simply removing nitrogen from the air and leaving almost pure oxygen. Over 450% more oxygen than in normal everyday air.  These are industry standard units used by millions.

Exercise moderately and get twice the benefit in half the time.  Majid Ali, MD recommends 3 liters per minute. Our equipment will produce up to 5 LPM.

"I have one and they are GREAT. I use a hand held finger pulse oxymeter and watch my blood oxygen go up  2-3- points just lying there. You can use them to augment any wellness goals that oxygen will benefit which is just about all of them.  To greatly enhance the benefits we breathe the oxygen while exercising on our stationary recumbent bike, treadmill, rebounder,  and Total Gym. Clients use our office units for a few days and you should see the increase in their energy and stamina. WOW!"

German researchers have recognized for decades the dramatic value of exercising while breathing air with enriched oxygen (92% purity and higher). But you don’t have to be a doctor to know that oxygen is our most important element for life. Wellness is totally dependant up on it. If so far as body function is concerned if you don't use it you lose it so any activity increases the human body's need for oxygen. So we exercise with extra oxygen and whoopie!! Just a 30-60 minute session on our home model oxygen bar displaces harmful free radicals, neutralizes environmental toxins, and destroys anaerobic infectious bacteria, parasites, and microbes. Not to mention all the cellular repair you get. 

Oxygen enhances the body's ability to rebuild itself, detoxify blood, and strengthen the immune system.  It will heighten your concentration, memory and alertness, sometimes in minutes.

How are we getting more oxygen by increasing the level we breathe normally?
Normally, a red blood cell carries no more than 97% oxygen. Many will argue that you cannot force another 3% into the cell. This is true. However, additional oxygen is absorbed by the plasma (which carry the red and white blood cells) and is then pushed into the  body's cells without the aid of the red cells. This is called the Law of Mass Action. Very little oxygen actually gets through, but if you are consistently feeding your body the extra oxygen, there will be an extensive increase in your total tissue oxygen level. The goal is to keep the oxygen level of your blood as close as you can to 100 points. We show you how to get an inexpensive instrument to measure that when you get one of our units.

All unhealthy germs and bacteria are weakened or killed with oxygen. If one is suffering from headaches, hangover, migraine, stress, fatigue, cramps, jet lag, heat exhaustion, or minor aches and pains, oxygen can provide almost immediate relief.  On a longer term basis, oxygen helps flush toxins and impurities out of ones blood, possibly preventing cancer from gaining a foothold as well as reduce the effects of mold. Also, if one has minor sprains or injuries, oxygen can promote the healing of these injuries resulting in faster healing times. 

From OB School Faculty member Len Saputo, MD.
"Exercise is critical to extend the boundaries of body function…especially in sick and in aging people. Even a little exercise is beneficial to increase quality of life and life extension."

From Majid ALi, MD
Oxygen deficit directly increases free radical activity. Every element that causes excess acidity in body tissues increases free radical activity. Every element that increases the fluidity (viscosity) of blood, lymph, and other fluids of the body also increases free radical activity. For professional readers, I present detailed scientific explanations of these relationships in Darwin and Dysox Trilogy, the tenth, eleventh, and twelfth volumes of The Principles and Practice of Integrative Medicine.

"I have been using mine with a rebounder and I find that I work at my job for longer stretches of time without crashing.  I did 25 pushups last night! The last 3 or 4 I could really tell something was different. I feel that using the oxygen is making my body stronger and function more as it was intended." Todd S.

Consistent strenuous exercise requires a great deal of oxygen. Your body burns the existing oxygen in your red blood cells, regardless of how much you are breathing in. You are using more oxygen than you are taking in.. Your oxygen levels (PO2art), measured in millimeters of mercury, should be between 95 and 100 depending on your age. Many doctors will advise that your low score "... is normal for your age." It's true that it's normal, but it's only normal because 99% of people don't know that it doesn't have to be low and you can keep it high where we believe it belongs! It is the single easiest step you can take to help prevent cancer, premature aging, illness, and more.  Walk into any gym... see all the people breathing hard, straining their muscles, and sweating?  Ok, so they're burning calories and building muscle, which may or may  not be helpful as many over train and many are not aware they may be aging themselves at a greater rate and increasing the opportunity for many illnesses even including certain cancers.

Documented cases that often stem from under-oxygenation:

• Development of cancerous cells which typically convert to cancer.

• The development of disease more rapidly and more often.

• Retention of toxins in the tissues.

• Lack of tissue stimulation furthest from the heart.

• Fatigue more often and for longer periods.

• Weak mental focus and stimulation.

• Poor digestion and food metabolism.

Documented effects of usage of supplemental oxygen:

• Recovery from physical activity increases by 5-10 fold.

• Physical activity participation at a higher level.

• Excellent relief from symptoms of altitude sickness, cluster headaches, migraines, hangovers

• Relief from stress (Stress causes shallow breathing which in effect limits oxygen consumption).

• An increase feeling in well-being.

Will often enhance sleeping while using a CPAP, amechanical breathing aid during sleep.

• More efficient metabolism.

• Sleeping better.

• Enhanced moods of rest, relaxed, refreshed, more awake or alert.

We use this canister vacuum cleaner sized device with wheels which plugs into the wall and produces 90-95% pure oxygen with no tanks to refill. We get several layers of benefits at the same time by combining extra oxygen with a treadmill, stationary bicycle, cross trainer, rebounder, nordic walker, far infrared sauna, surfing the net, reading, sleeping, chi machine,  vibrating platforms, slant boards, playing cards, watching exercise or stretching  videos, playing video games, watching the boob tube and more. Use it in your aquarium and to retro boost your ozone machine.

"According to scientists, extra oxygen along with a cleansing diet can return balance to the body." --Elizabeth Baker, The Unmedical Miracle: Oxygen.

Though prescriptions are certainly honored OEE  is not a "therapy" for "sick" people and therefore does not need FDA approval.  No medical claims are made and all of the equipment is sold for recreational use. However, Manfred Von Ardenne in his landmark Oxygen Multistep Therapy  states that oxygen enhancement will open "ways which often prevent illness by the prompt elimination of their cause (energy deficiency.")

  • Dramatically increase oxygenation of the tissues and cells  
  • Recover from stress related illnesses 
  • Helps prevent age related diseases such as cancer, macular degeneration, cataracts, diabetes, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, 'non healing' wounds (and so much more!)  
  • Slow down the process of aging 
  • Increase the diameter of the blood vessels (capillaries) that provide oxygen and nutrients to tissues and cells 
  • Recover from jet lag 
  • Stimulate the Immune System 
  • Offset chronically low blood oxygen saturation

    Reduces the risk of strain or overtrain and lactic acid buildup from excessive or intense exercise.

    Oxygen burns fat. It also enhances the benefits of exercise.

    I use my unit with my recumbent stationary bike. A few nights ago I stayed up till 1:00 am and had not slept since 5:30 a.m. the day before. I was not tired. At age 67 that is a great sign. I wake up more rested. I set up a book holder called a Bookmate III so I can read while using the bike and concentrator at the same time. Some use it at abut 2 liters per minute to augment their CPAP or BIPAP mechanical breathing  devices related to sleep apnea.

    "I walk on the treadmill while using the oxygenator for 30 mins and I have no chest discomfort that I sometimes get while walking upstairs or just walking in general. I can lift weights for 30 mins after the treadmill walk and feel great. Oxygen is getting to areas in my body that I believe were being starved for O2."


    "Thanks Mike, my oxygen machine has finally arrived. I used it for the very first time last night on 3 lpm for about 3 hrs while sleeping. Then, I turned it off for 2hrs and fell back to sleep and turned it back on when I awoke and fell back to sleep for 3 more hrs. Like you said it dried out my nostrils somewhat, but it was definitely worth it. I did use the humidifier option (plastic canister that came with the unit - with w/2 drops of 35% H2O2 in the water for disinfection). I dreamed like there was no tomorrow (haven't in the past). I used it in conjunction with my C-Pap machine. I woke up feeling refreshed. Just like the day I got my C-Pap (3yrs ago). I have a feeling me & O2E2 are going to get along just fine. Thanks for making these machines available to the public. I asked my Doctor (Internal Medicine) about 4 months ago for oxygen and he said "What do you want it for" I replied for "EWOT", of course he said "WHAT". I told him "For exercising with oxygen training". He said "NO". I went on about my business and kept researching. But all the machines I found on-line either wanted a doctor's prescription & they were out of my price range. Thanks for making these affordable machines available and  helping the public with oxygen entertainment. I love mine. "
    Robert R.

    Once you've bought one we send  you some of the other ways we use the units and how we measure progress aside from increased energy, mental clarity etc.  more about why I like my oxygen concentrator

    People today are more health conscience than ever. Men and women have always used the gym as a social venue as well as a fitness venue, but many of these people that used to belong to gyms now find it easier and more time and gas saving to work out at home with store bought equipment.

    ECONOMICAL and Unlimited supply.
    Create your very own home oxygen bar.  Save the one dollar per minute usually charged at commercial oxygen bar locations. Your O2E2 will pay for itself in a few weeks of usage.  No bottle needed. It will  never run out of O2. We supply a 50 foot long tube PLUS a thin plastic hose you connect to the unit and insert in your nostrils or mouth.

    I call ours O2E2tm

    because they are short, roundish and remind me of the Star Wars robot R2D2. O2E2tm actually stands for Oxygen + Exercise = Energy Squared and Oxygen Enhanced Exercise

    The method used for this is a process called pressure swing arm absorption. Air is pulled into the machine by means of a compressor, forced through cylinders or magazines that contain zeolite (a volcanic mineral that absorbs nitrogen) and forces the oxygen into a product tank that is then fed to the outlet nozzle and to the person wanting more oxygen.

    Supplemental Oxygen is not flammable or explosive. There is much confusion on the dangers of compressed oxygen. Here are the facts:

    -Oxygen is an accelerator, not flammable (this means that if oxygen is flowing into a fire it will help it grow faster)

    -Oxygen is not explosive; The compressed cylinders of medical oxygen devices can act like rockets if the valve is broken off, which rarely happens; this is because of the high pressure (3000 psi) in these medical tanks.

    There are several manufacturers of oxygen concentrators and all of those machines follow the basic design concept described above. The most well known and largest manufacturers of this equipment are: Invacare, Respironics, and Airsep.

    Invacare: Manufacturer of the 5XL oxygen concentrator. This unit is a smaller and well built oxygen generator that may also be fitted with a valving device that will allow it to fill small oxygen tanks when used in conjunction with their home fill unit. But the adaptor is quite expensive in the $1,000 - $1,500 range  and not needed for home or mobile home usage. I prefer the Platinum as it is smaller> Some will want to use oxygen bottles for various reasons and this one comes with the optional adaptor (must be preordered by phone with a slight extra charge).

    Respironics: Manufacturer of the Millennium oxygen concentrator. This a very nice modern looking unit that uses a single cylinder compressor instead of a two cylinder compressor utilized on other manufacturer models. Very reliable when used in a home environment.

    Our minimun stardards require they last over 20,000 hours.
    Based on average usage from 30 minutes to 120 minutes daily my best guess is they will probably outlive most buyers.

    Almost impossible to get too much oxygen unless you are in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber and in that event you are closely watched by a MD supervised trained technician.

    We do not recommend daily use of oxygen more than 120 minutes a day for recreation purposes. One health professional colleague is recommending 2 hours per day for cases of extra chemical sensitive people or carbon monoxide poisoning and he tells me most are no longer chemically sensitive after 3-4 months of that 2 hour daily session.

    So I am hard pressed to worry too much about 120 minutes.  Integrating it with moderate exercise for relatively short periods of time is to us state of the art. One study in Canada has shown that using a rebounder for 30 minutes a day while breathing the oxygen from one of these units is like being on it the full 24 hours a day. 

    Oxygen by itself is dry and sessions as with using the bottled oxygen alone  can dry ones nasal passages. Our units come with a water bottle that moisturizes the O2.

    Included  in one of our education oriented email auto responders that you receive after purchase is a link to a source for pulse oximeters at $64.00 each. The best price I have seen. I have the exact one. 8 years ago i paid $500.00 for my other one. They perform exactly alike. 

    Other Oxygen Generator Uses

    - Equipment for an Oxygen Spa
    - Glass Beads
    - Better sleep
    - Supply for Glass Lampworking
    - Oxygen Facials
    - Enhancing Ozone Generators
    - Add to BIPAP OR CPAP air source
    - Supply for Fish Farming
    - Holistic Health/Medicine
    - Supply for Glass Blowing
    - Jewelry Making
    - Supply for a Goldsmith
    - Oxygen for Welding


    They come with a water bottle (optional usage) to moisten the air you breathe, a 50 foot hose to connect to the bottle, one canula (the hose that the goes over your ears and connects to the tube coming out of the water bottle or directly from the oxygen unit).
    In the shopping cart is an optional 14 hose, 50 canula, CPAP adaptor and mask. We recommend against the "mask" option for high intensity running/breathing as many will not get enough air to breathe with while exercising. 

    Oxygen enrichment Universal Connector Adaptors for CPAP/BIPAP may be purchased in the shopping cart at $6.00 each.

    Refurbished and deeply discounted.  These units sold for over $1,000-1400 new. 

    They have a one year warranty and they most often outlast the user because the do not use them 24/7 like the lung disease folk do.

    The units are equipped with on board computers to insure perfect running at all times.

    From satisfied customers:


         I just wanted you to know that since I started using the Millennium Oxygenator about three weeks ago during OEE, I have had NO MORE discomfort in my chest while exercising or anytime thereafter. Along with other alternative techniques, I feel OEE is working.

    "I wanted to update you on my results from using the Millennium O2 for several months, about 8 months I think.
         Thirty mins/day on the treadmill followed by 30-45 mins of weight training. I notice a significant difference on the treadmill/weights with the O2. No discomfort and a heightened sense of well-being that lasts for a significant time afterwards.
         Along with good nutrition and supplements, I would strongly recommend to anyone having cardiovascular problems to check with their Medical Doc and then give it a try.
         Semper Fi,  Cliff
         USMC, Retired"

    Hi Michael,
    As a testimonial for the O2 generator, I have been using it daily for over 2 1/2 years. I spend about 25 minutes doing resistance training, and the rest of the time I am doing both dynamic and quiescent Qigong exercises.
    I have never had muscle pain after exercising, and the power of the Qigong meditations are powerfully enhanced while using the O2 generator.
    I appreciate your efforts to get the equipment to people at such a great price.
    J Michael Wood

    Dear Michael,
    I have been using mine with a stepper machine. I rigged my own book holder using the lid off of a laundry basket. So now I study my EMT-Basic chapters and get 5 lpm oxygen while getting 30 minutes of cardio. I always feel energized after I finish and for some time afterwards as well. Take care and I hope to have more time to investigate other techniques soon.

    Requires an adapter to fill oxygen bottles. The adapters are pricey and home exercisers do not need them. They cost $1,500.00 but you may get lucky and find one on Ebay. If you MUST get one to fill bottles you will want to tell us first so we can get you the unit that adapts to that. Email us at 

    When oxygen levels are increased, the red blood cells pick up the extra oxygen, and provide it to our body tissues. Waste gases and toxins are removed more efficiently and cells begin to function normally.

    Anaerobic viruses, bacteria and fungi, unable to live in an oxygen - enriched environment, are compromised. Oxygen builds resistance to infections like yeast (candida albicans) that thrive in an oxygen deficient environment. Oxygen helps to neutralize acids in our body, like lactic acid resulting from muscle overload. Our body's chemical reactions are "fired-up" due to the increased oxygen levels. We burn fat more efficiently.  Sleep often improves even at altitude. We feel better, our body is healthier and we think more clearly because of increased oxygenation.

    Here are more benefits discovered by extensive research:

    * Removes free radicals

    * Reduces tissue swelling

    * Increases neuronal energy metabolism in the brain

    * Can create sustained cognitive improvement

    * Wakes up sleeping (idling) brain cells that are metabolizing enough to stay alive but are not actively "firing".

    * Enhances the body's ability to fight bacterial and viral infections

    * Deactivates toxins and poisons (e.g. side effects from some chemotherapy, spider bites, air pollution, etc.)

    * Enhances wound healing (stimulates new capillaries into wounds).

    * Creates an immediate aerobic state

    * Acts as an anti-inflammatory


    Add our proprietary blend of Respiratory Enhancer and/or Mental Clarity to the water bottle.

    Be careful not to be miss led with any high or buzz you might get from the oils inserted in the water filter bottles of various oxygen bars. At a dollar a minute people sometimes go to great lengths to create a positive reaction.

    Oxygen by itself does not produce a buzz. You simply feel more energetic, clear headed, recover from fatigue faster, sleep better etc. The oils may benefit in other ways but I suggest you do a cost comparison and I think you will agree the home bar approach is far superior in results and cost.  


    Mike has used all of them and prefers the Invacare as more recent versions are smaller and quieter.

    1 year warranty - Guaranteed Satisfaction: If not satisfied for any reason, concentrator can be returned within 2 weeks of delivery for refund of purchase price, less $100 for shipping Continental USA and $250 Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada), and less $25 for the nasal canulus and tubing (unless these are returned unopened). Concentrator must be received in good operating condition by us within 3 weeks of delivery. If you are not sure you will keep the concentrator, keep the box and packaging material in case you decide to return it!
    We ship exclusively via Fed Ex ground.

                  (For  NEW - scroll down)

    Oxygen is a huge factor but not the only factor we need to get as healthy as can be.

    Recommended below optional items outlined in red you can select (or not select) in the shopping cart:

    The Optimal Breathing Kit  (first develop the breathing)
    . The Art, Science, and Fundamentals of Optimal Breathing Development DVD/Video
    Optimal breathing skills and diaphragm development techniques to rapidly improve one's breathing ease, strength, depth, and freedom. The most basic yet inclusive/comprehensive place to begin.
    DVD plus breathing improvement strap. Includes free CD.
    b. Diaphragm Strengthener
    A very special breathing training device to strengthen your primary breathing muscle and develop breath support.
    Choose separately in the cart for an additional $70.00

    Shipping free with purchase of our favorite Home Model Oxygen Bar

    #850 Respiratory Enhancer - Aromatherapy
    Helps open the lung pathways for increased oxygen absorption and breathing ease. Works best when combined with the Breathing Kit.

    1, 7, or 12 bottles.
    Choose separately in the cart for an additional $35.00-$21.00 
    Shipping free with purchase of our favorite Home Model Oxygen Bar

    #852. Mental Clarity. Our proprietary formula. A special aromatherapy blend made JUST for Optimal Breathing by a world class Aromatherapist. This is NOT from a multi level company. Extremely pure and potent. $25.00-$15.00

    Oxygen and Aging
    Guidelines for aging healthfully.
    Choose separately in the cart for an additional $19.95
    Shipping free with purchase of our favorite Home Model Oxygen Bar

    #339. Oxygen Protocol for The Treatment of Cancer by Majid Ali, MD
    The oxygen protocol for the treatment of cancer, and much more.
    Choose separately in the cart for an additional $28.95
    Shipping free
    with purchase of our favorite Home Model Oxygen Bar


    #179. Sleeping and Snoring
    Included in the Sleep Program.  Addresses insomnia, fatigue, apnea, stress reduction, thoughts running amuck, preparation and recovery related to surgery, deepened sleep, snoring, and more.
    Paper booklet or digital download

    Building Healthy Lungs Naturally
    Biochemical and environmental aspects of the Optimal Breathing Development System.
    100+ page booklet also included in the Secrets Manual.
    Paperback book or digital download.
    Choose separately in the cart for an additional $15.95 
    Shipping free with purchase of our favorite Home Model Oxygen Bar

    #601. Oregano Oil (Oregacillin)
    Fights unhealthy bacteria in the lungs. Flu and bronchitis greatly reduced.
    $29.00  (including quantity discounts)

    Green For Life  by Victoria Boutenko
    In her search for the ideal raw food diet Victoria took a little closer to nature - resulting in some fascinating insights. "I predict this one single book will bring health to millions."  Michael Grant White
    190 pages.
    Choose separately in the cart for an additional $14.95  
    Shipping free with purchase of our favorite Home Model Oxygen Bar

    Note: Specify in the shipping instructions if you need Homefill II compatible for filling oxygen bottles. REMEMBER the +- $1,000.00 adaptor you will need to get as well. We do not sell them.

    Shipping included. Shipping to continental USA Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Canada.
    No Foreign shipments except Canada unless previously
    quoted for extra shipping charges.

    Your special discounts are reflected in the shopping cart.

    Style Price


    For home or health professional office.




    1 unit
    Cont. USA $599.00

    Alaska, Hawaii, Canada  $699.00

    2 or more units?
    Call 704.597.6775 Eastern Time Zone
    for quote.


    Some will wish a little bit of technical guidance to choose or get the most out of this program.  Therefore, we offer a free few minutes of phone consultation before and/or after you receive the program. Call 704.597.6775 Eastern Time Zone or email.

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