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Turbo Mega-Flow Mask
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Part of The Turbo Mega-Flow
Oxygen Enhanced
Exercise & Rest (EWOT) System.

FIVE key factors.
1. About EWOT 
2. About The Reservoir Bag  Suspend it from a free standing $85.00 bag stand,
the ceiling with supplied hooks, on top of a sauna, resting on the floor or in another room.
3. About O2E2 machines  Leading edge in two sizes new and one size rebuilt
4. About the Turbo Mega-Flow Mask
5. About
The Entire Turbo Mega-Flow System

Feels like breathing totally free and exercising or resting
in a room full of pure oxygen.

Exponential benefits for almost any
wellness or conditioning goal.

Medium Mega-Flow Mask (fits 80% of adults)
MEDIUM = 5'4" TO 6'4".
LARGE = 6'5" Tall and Up     

 We have raised the bar.

Turbo Oxygen Reservoir Bag Turbo Mega-Flow Masks with 240% more O2 flow volume than anything out there.
You will love the ease of breathing, speed of recovery, strengthened endurance with no dilution of 02 and ZERO tension causing resistance.

Age 77 and going strong

The evolution of the
Mega-Flow O2 delivery mask.



Our DUAL PORT Mega-Flow Mask fed by our 500-900 liter reservoir bag is a critical component of the practice of EWOT. With the nose cannula, 1 liter reservoir bag, a telephone style "Head Set" you must mix outside 'air' with the 90-95% oxygen and that will dilute the volume of pure oxygen to severely lessen the EWOT benefits that were described by Dr. von Ardenne and his German researchers. This is why they will simply not work as none will allow full undiluted O2 breathing volume during exercise.
You need the large Bag housing the O2 and the Mega-Flow Mask to deliver adequate flow volume during exercise. 

The blue velcro CPAP mask that we used to use and many others still use has only one inlet and our dual port  Mega FLow provides over twice the flow volume. 



Another EWOT mask competitor talks about using extra pressure to push more O2 into the mask. It needs the pressure to do that because it is a smaller port than our TWIN PORT TURBO MEGA-FLOW mask.  We need no pressure as the twin ports allow for much more flow and that is large enough to satisfy over 100 Liters Per Minute for a 6'5" Football Wide Receiver. Besides who wants to have air blowing in their nose and mouth then they exercise.

ALSO, when the flow is not easy and unrestricted as with anything that is not giving you a full easy in-breath such as trying to breathe a satisfying in-breath through a drinking straw (extreme example but I hope you get the idea), that will cause tension and the tension will soon create lessened lung volume.

This ease and volume magnifies every possible benefit from EWOT aka
Oxygen Enhanced Exercise and Rest.

"Hello Michael
I would like to thank you and congratulate you on the NEW dual inlet oxygen mask,  which I have just received and test run. It is a perfect fit on the face  and the additional oxygen supply is both welcome and beneficial.
Your single inlet mask with blue velcro head strap (this mask was designed  for sleeping with CPAP)  restraints did not satisfy my need to breathe deeper, was rather unwieldy and took some time to get right.
Congratulations  on the new upgrade and many thanks.
Kind Regards

NOTE: The shopping cart is designed to be able to independently buy machines, machine accessories, bags, bag accessories, machines and bags in combination, additional Turbo Mega-Flow masks -
for bag-owner-buyers only in both USA 48 states and World Wide.

$50.00 plus shipping.
Connector hoses are EXTRA$

Only Turbo Oxygen Reservoir Bag owners or buyers may purchase this mask.

Medium (fits 80% of adults) 

Turbo Mega-Flow Mask MEDIUM = 5'4" TO 6'4".
INCLUDES: Mask with adjustable head strap.  You will need TWO ten foot BAG TO MASK hoses. Buy as many in the cart as you need for $20.00 each
More info about the bag and mask at

For expanded pricing options see the left hand menu of this cart BUY NOW


Turbo Mega-Flow Mask SMALL= 5'3 AND BELOW.

Mask with adjustable head strap.  You will need TWO ten foot BAG TO MASK hoses. Buy as many in the cart as you need for $20.00 each
More info about the bag and mask at

For expanded pricing options see the left hand menu of this cart BUY NOW

Turbo Mega-Flow Mask Large = 6'5" Tall and Up
Mask with adjustable head strap.  You will need TWO ten foot BAG TO MASK hoses. Buy as many in the cart as you need for $20.00 each
More info about the bag and mask at

For expanded pricing options see the left hand menu of this cart


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