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Health Q and A
Page 4

Hyperventilation Syndrome

I got hyperventilation syndrome and I can't give you a clear and simple explanation of why I have this syndrome. I believe is an habit that I have because when I sleep I don't have it.

I have difficulties exhaling the air (which make me a lump in my throat).

I have done some pranayama breathing (hindu breathing exercises) which seems to help a lot. It is using the finger and closing/opening the nose. I stop this exercise because they said is not good for someone who breathes bad. Can you confirm this to me. I really need some help on this and have some hope that this problem can be solve.

Thanks for listening.

From Mike:

I would get my special including two different exercises and my manual. They will change your breathing more to what you need. Guaranteed.   http://www.breathing.com/articles/hyperventilation.htm

Recommended Program

Shortness of Breath for "NO" reason.  

Dear Mike.

"My 75 year old male neighbor has the most difficult time doing anything because he is constantly complaining that "I can't breathe.  I can't catch my breath.  I can't go anywhere because I can't breathe."  You get the idea.

He has gone to 12 doctors for "second opinions" and they all say the same thing.  "There is NOTHING medically wrong with you.  You simply must EXERCISE."

Well, "I can't exercise because I can't breathe.  They are crazy."  I can't begin to tell you what an impact this is having on his life and the loving people that surround him.

I can tell it is clearly not in his head -- no one could possibly want to live the way he is living.  He is constantly breathing heavy, constantly putting his head down and doesn't want to do or go anywhere for fear of loss of breath.
If he goes out in the car, when he parks in front of his house, it takes him a good 15 minutes before he can even get out of his car into his house.  It all doesn't seem right.

Every doctor has also refused to give him oxygen, claiming he doesn't need it.

You provide lots of reading material, I see, yet what would you recommend for this older man specifically?  Have you heard of these symptoms before?  I'd appreciate any help or insight you can provide.

From Mike:
Dear Diane:

This seems typical of to many medical doctor's attitudes regarding healthy breathing. Including the pulmonary specialists I have spoken with.. Thank you for bringing it to my attention. 

I just had a visit from a man from Oklahoma who was actually on oxygen which is a lot worse than your friend.  He had 18% of his breathing left.

He increased his breathing about 20% in four days of working with me. 

Have your neighbor come visit for a week or more (the longer the better). His heart has to work much harder due to labored breathing so the next thing that may well happen is heart problems or worse.

If he is unable or undecided on the visit here then get this program first and let him work with it.


Panic and Prescription Drugs

Dear Mike:
What i will call my poor if not indeed bad breathing. Sometimes (say a few times a week) notice that I am unwittingly holding my
breath. Of course I then feel breathless and start to panic. I then get palpitations and hold my breath all the more. I am around 25 lbs overweight and have hypertension. This is controlled but only with the help of a cocktail of medications. I look forward to your reply.

Tom B

From Mike: 

Dear Tom. The panic quite possibly comes from the breathing issue and the breathing issues may well be partly the result of prescription drugs. Often when the breath issue leaves so does the panic. The cocktail needs to taken seriously. Hypertension is again often or most often controllable without it. http//www.breathing.com/articles/prescription-drugs.htm

YOU need to take charge of your energy. As long as you leave it to someone else you are subject to their agenda.  Regardless of what you do about the cocktail I would start with Exercise #1 to see if it will calm you down. I bet it will. Backing off of the meds may be an addiction issue that your MD needs to supervise. That is if the person is open to getting you off the stuff in the first place which a lot of them are not because that is all they understand. It is possible we could work together over the phone once you have the Deepest-Calm program

Asthmatic Bronchitis and Hair Salons

Question: I have just gotten asthmatic bronchitis. I work as a hairdresser in a large, busy salon. is there anything i can do to prevent getting sick again? also, my sickness began a head cold. will this happen every time i get one?

From Mike:

Your hair solon is not the root cause of your problem though it may worsen it due the sprays and hair air bits in the air. If the salon was the problem everyone else would have asthmatic bronchitis which is highly unlikely.

The way you breathe is the primary cause. This is probably worsened by what you eat, your bending over too often to cut hair (not bending may not be an option) and or your type of or lack of exercise.

I suggest you get the Shortness of Breath, read the manual, work with the video two weeks then ask me any questions you may have at that point or along the way.


Exercise and Chest Pains

Question I started doing two exercises I saw in an article about two weeks ago. One was jumping rope and the other lifting small weights(@ 5lbs) I did both of these every night not longer than ten minutes. However, starting a few days ago I have been having upper chest pains. These are continuous pains, when I breathe, stretch, etc. Could this just be a pulled muscle from the exercise? I'm a little concerned since they have not gone away yet. Please send me your answer. I am wary of going to the doctor just to be told it's a strained or pulled chest muscle. (I have stopped the exercises for now). I am 23 years old and in fair shape.

From Mike:
Are breathing problems caused by sports, exercise, or prolonged, intense Efforts?  Or are exercise challenges caused by breathing poorly?  Answer. BOTH. It may be that you are breathing incorrectly when you exert but to be sure you should go to the doctor to rule out anything worse. Make sure your get the Shortness of Breath then you can ask me a question or two if you still need.  mike

Breathing Blocks and Weight Loss Videos

In your answer to the young girl who asked if your breathing exercises would help her lose weight, you stated that some breathing exercises produce "breathing blocks." What do you mean?" As you know, there are a number of popular TV infomercials touting the use of deep, high-rate breathing to loose weight. If I knew what you meant regarding "breathing blocks" I would be in a better position to know if these breathing exercises are "dangerous."

From Mike:

Question: If they are so effective why are they not still all over the internet and TV? Many of these extra breathing styles can give the body more energy. MOST of the tapes I have seen invite constriction from forced breathing. Some can help to burn off fat. Everyone is built differently and I suspect that a great many are going to receive initial benefits, until......... The problem lies in that they are going to do the same thing over a long period of time. Variety is key to most things and breathing is no different.

ALL forced breathing is eventually negative. Initially if it works great. Use my tests #1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 (5 is kit only)  as primary markers http://www.breathing.com/tests.htm. If the test numbers keep improving then they may be ok. When the test markers level off it is time to be cautious. Any other negative symptoms need be addressed as breath influences ALL of life and living.

I have created a great weight loss program at http://www.breathing.com/weight-loss-program.htm

Brain Stem Divot

Message Mike, I am an RN and my brother is being evaluated for an abnormal divot at the end of his brain stem. He went in for bizarre attacks which wake him up or come on suddenly. They are similar to panic attacks with visual flashes or pictures. He does have a very large hiatal hernia which has been operated on, but he has started having difficulty again. He is being seen by a neurologist, but hasn't been diagnosed yet. You are the only web site that comes up when I search for "brain stem divot". It is interesting about the correlation with the brain stem and breathing. Can you give me any more insight to a correlation or articles, etc. that I can research. I do appreciate your help.


Dear Pam:

On further reflection I suggest you contact Raymond Francis at http://www.beyondhealth.com  Nutrition is ALWAYS a significant component. Raymond is a master with the tough cases.

Hyperbaric oxygen will make an immediate difference. Get him to a chamber. NOW. http://www.breathing.com/articles/hyperbaric.htm.  I would also have him trained and directed towards healthy/normal breathing and see what develops.  Feed his breathing system   Go to http://www.breathing.com/bhln.htm


From Mike:

To me, laryngitis is a combination of poor mechanical function and irritated throat and speaking membranes from that poor mechanical functioning.  Worsened by poor nutrition.  I have seen it reduce significantly in a two hour private session.

DEVELOP and FEED his breathing system - click here

Speech Therapy

Dear Mike

Message I am a speech pathologist, specializing in voice disorders. Lately my case load has been overrun with patients with vocal cord dysfunction or paradoxical vocal cord movement. Most have been misdiagnosed as asthmatic. Have you worked with these patients. A lot of what I do with them is breathing work. Would really like hearing from you. Maria D

Dear Maria

That makes perfect sense. I just a week ago added speech to the subtitle of the manual to "The Art and Science of Improved Respiration and Speech without drugs or Surgery".   http://www.breathing.com/articles/spasmodic-dysphonia.htm

Recommended Self Help Program

Recommended clinic


Pulse Control and Breathing

When pulse is high, How can you lower it by a breathing technique. Is there a breathing technique that can calm you enough that it effects your pulse? If you could get this info. to me I'd be greatly appreciative. 

From Mike:

Try the Tip #1 on http://www.breathing.com/tips/anxiety.htm  Also try to breathe with the animated logo on all pages of the web site.  Recommended Program


Nose Breathing Problems 

Hi Mike, this is my first time writing to you. I read about the nose breathing and it makes sense. My problem is I grew up around smokers (my parents) and at a young age I learned to breathe in shallow bursts and through my mouth. Now days, when I breathe in through my nose for long periods of time, my nostrils tend to burn. I'm not sure if it was the smoke inhalation or when I was younger, I would use sprays in my nose to unclog them when it was stuffed. I think my mucous membranes may be burned away. Is there a treatment for this?

From Mike:

Start with this article

Had a singer friend that used Afrin so much it did burn her nostrils inside. First try the neti pot then the thing that many use to keep their nostrils open. Breathe Right it is called. Drug stores carry it. Use with it some essential oils.

Before surgery, which may be your last resort and may be the wrong idea in any event because the surgery often does not stick and the condition returns.  I would try several internal cleanses http://www.breathing.com/articles/liver-cleanse.htm is a great one. Feed and Develop the Breathing System.

Rolfing will be incredibly painful. But may make a difference as well.  Do ALL of these except surgery at the same time. Make it holistic. Good luck.

Incest Survivors

Question As an adult I have received a lot of mental health therapy treating me for the trauma of an incestuous childhood. One of the characteristics of incest survivors is a tendency to hold our breath. I believe this is a way to deny having a body. In other words, on some level I believed my female body was my enemy and not breathing was a way to avoid being in my body. Have you had ay experience with incest survivors benefiting from your program?

From Mike:
Absolutely.  http://www.breathing.com/articles/trauflexive.htm  
Recommended Program



Hi. I have speech problems. I Stutter. I just wondering if there's any Tapes or something to help me with my Breathing & Stuttering.

From Mike:

Many people think of themselves as stutterers. If you are willing to redefine yourself and think of yourself as one who "used to stutter" or who is "stuttering less and less" we can make some progress.

Are you willing to do this?  http://www.breathing.com/consulting.htm
Recommended Program


Question I feel breathless most of the time, I am continuously taking short sharp breaths but never one satisfying one, it is very frustrating! I do suffer with Anxiety and panic.

From Mike:

Sounds like a serious lack of breathing coordination. Your best solution would probably to receive the strapping techniques in the video and OBRs in the manual. http://www.breathing.com/sob-program.htm

LVRS - COPD Lung Volume Reduction Surgery

Dear Mike: What kind of therapy do you recommend for COPD? Could you explain the following statement.  No complementary alternative medical CAM approaches are noted as being  considered. It seems to me that these integral approaches should be used to minimize the need for the surgery in the first place. Thanks, Bill

From Mike:

Well said Bill. Alternative or "CAM" for Complimentary Alternative Therapies is not to my knowledge used with any frequency or real statistical relevancy.

COPD requires holism. Simultaneous aspects (in order of probable but not definite priority) mechanical rib expansion, diaphragm development, ergonomics, breathing coordination (sound production), detox, nutrition, clean highly charged air and attitudinal change from victimhood to being self determined and autonomous. Pharmaceutical intervention belongs somewhere in there but it is to be used as an adjunct to all the others, not the primary modality that it is at present to most medical doctors. Recommended Program


Body Flex

Hi, Mike!

I just saw an infomercial (yeah, I know....!<G>) For "Body Flex".  Of course, those things never tell you much but blabber.  But, if you are patient, and listen very carefully, one can gleen a few salient points. It sounded like she is re-packaging a some old methods into her "new" system. The thing she capitalizes on most is that the breathing pattern;  she advocates as that is what really burns the fat.

It seems like she is using a combo of good ol' isometrics, coupled with stretching (a must with isometrics), the breathing, and drinking a certain quantity of water. The breathing pattern was mentioned to use "breath skips" and very deep breaths, and sounded like pursed-lip breaths, too. Altogether, it sounded like Yoga!

Do you know anything about this?

From Mike:

Oh yes.  I have the tapes. I suspect everything will sound like yoga as they did not miss much when the Patanjali family picked it apart back in the 7th and 8th centuries. Except singing. They chanted. It is good but different. Their sitting cross legged postures are not so good for much of our culture either. It is actually un-grounding.

Go ahead and try Body Flex as it may do some good. Only be careful of the breath-constricting and holding that will cause long term problems later. The oxygen is essentially what burns the fat. That and the fact that it gives one more energy and that also gets one moving more. It is the movement coupled with the change in metabolism that works best. Though the movement is not necessary for all.

But it can also make people more hungry and they eat more. Jon Hendricks of the Lambert, Hendricks and Ross vocal trio used to go to Vanessi's restaurant in San Francisco for a 3AM dinner right after his show. He had been singing for two hours and was ravenous. He was slender and in great shape. I sing a lot and get hungry too. I think the singing is a better way to work the breathing because it works the nervous system in a certain way that maintains the nervous system balance. The voice becomes a primary marker for breathing improvement and the breathing improvement stays even after the singing stops.

So the breath changes metabolism. I believe it should come easily and without the huff and puff stuff.

But if it (Body Flex) lets you lose weight and your breathing count goes up and consistently exceeds 150 in three months or so, breath rate stays below 8 and pause rate at 3 seconds, your voice gets stronger and your upper chest expansion increases, then I can have no problem with it. Unless any of the other parts of the self tests get worse.

Feeling constriction, raising shoulders when you breathe, feeling tightness across the chest are all bad indicators and if you feel these something is wrong. They should lessen with ANY breathing program. Pay special attention to hers and your voice. Listen REAL CAREFULLY. Have her sing. 

You should also try the weight loss program.

Cancer - Hulda Clark

I appreciate your recommendations of Hulda' Clark's stuff. I believed it 100% and did it faithfully. I even had my kids, my sister, some of my employees and my maid all taking the stuff. I even bought it for them) While I agree with you that Hulda Clark is for real, I don't respect her therapy anymore. My husband has been doing her therapy for over seven months and the melanoma is still here. When we went to the Oasis of Hope Hospital, we met others who knew others who had died using her methodolgy. She does not have the respect of the Alternative Therapy Cancer doctors either. Mike, if there is one thing that I have learned through all of this, it is how little I really do know. I would have sold you Hulda Clark's stuff lock, stock and barrel one year ago. I even went to germany and did electromagnetic therapy and have done the zapper weekly too. I would have sold you on a vegetarian diet, exercise and tofu. My husband Sam was what I felt like the perfect model of health was. He exercised daily and has as long as I have known him, he ate what I felt was a perfect balanced diet, and meditated. For Sam to pop up with melanoma, after we have had 20 years plus with a vegetarian lifestyle, gone to germany and faithfully did hulda clarks stuff was a real shocker. There is nothing like a case of cancer to challenge a belief system. These days I don't know what to believe. I just recently read Paavo Aivola's book, Are You Confused? That I read almost 20 years ago.
Don't think I am bitter and that. I have just learned some valuable lessons through this. About 4 months ago, we recommended Hulda Clarks stuff to a friend who had bone cancer, (which she says in three weeks will be gone) and he just passed away two weeks ago. I have never felt so terrible in my whole life. I truly believed that Hulda Clark's stuff would help him and he died. I haven't even had the strength to call his wife.  I am never telling anyone about anything anymore and am taking the Stuart Wilde approach to life, save yourself and the others will get there on their own). 

From Mike:

Great feedback. My people need to see this info. I would still encourage them to try it as it is inexpensive and must have worked in several instances.  Nutrition and breathing must also be significant factors.  Attitude as well.  
Again, I will add it to the web site. By the way. Paavo died in his mid seventies from a heart attack. Stiff and large chest. One of the classic body types for under-oxygenation. Cancer is anaerobic. Breathing MUST have some positive benefits. Chi Kung people are touting cancer cures as well.  
Get him here ASAP and let me work on him before you leave.

One thing more.

Optimal Breathing work does not stop at simple stress management. It also trains one to walk through the gates of hell again and again and again. Just once is not enough to make it a healthy, lasting learning, and truly empowering experience.

So your unwillingness to ever share with another a healing possibility tells me you still have work to do with the breath. You have moved to the opposite extreme which is just as out of balance as Hulda's may well be.  Until you can walk comfortably and in a balanced way through Satan's portals for an extended period of time , you will not have the strength to realize your truest potential.  Among the many options of life experiences , both positive and negative, you must learn to recover quickly and get back in the thick of things. Or resign yourself to let go and let God or some such similarity. This is sad but definitely serviceable.  

But when it comes to getting what you want, beyond financial security, the possible malaise of semi retirement has is limitations and dangers.

I believe you need more work with me. So probably does your husband. Recommendation


Meniere's  Disease - Vertigo

I have a thing called Meniere's Disease---extreme dizziness, blind vision, nausea are some of the symptoms. I never know when an attack will occur. I had one this morning in my car on the freeway but started to practice my deep breathing right away and fortunately didn't have to pull over, or worse, get into an accident. Do you have any specific breathing exercises for this problem? Thanks!

From Mike: I worked with a man who had vertigo. He did not tell me about it. He had gotten it from riding Brahma Bulls. The vertigo left after three sessions never to return. So I cannot say what would work but I do know that when the breath is out of balance everything that is bad CAN occur. And when the breath comes back into balance anything and everything good can and has occurred to restore health and well being. Spontaneous remissions are often examples of that.

Come to our office if you can, and if not, then try our Self Help Program.

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