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Exercise and Rest For Optimal Wellness and Athletic Performance.
Not Getting Enough Benefits from Exercise? 
You want exponential benefits or faster, stronger recovery from a health challenge or to focus on wellness and never get sick?

Never heard of EWOT?

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Patent Pending Medical Grade Oxygen Reservoir Bag and Matching Mega-Flow Mask Delivery System for Optimal Oxygen Enhanced Exercise or Rest aka EWOT-(Exercise with Oxygen Training) and OMT-(Oxygen Multistep Therapy) with key aspects of top secret military training.
The bag is filled by yours or our oxygen generator/O2E2.

Stationary Exercising, Home Gyms, Retreat Centers Worldwide
Many Olympic and Professional Athletes use this as their "secret weapon".  As long as they are in their heavy competition years you may never know their secret because they do not want their competitors and/or team mates who might replace them to know.

The O2E2 oxygen machine feeds the reservoir bag and the bag sends O2 to the wearer's Turbo Mega-Flow Mask with 240% more flow volume than anything out there.
You will love the depth and ease of breathing.

 Oxygen Machine Feeds the Bag


Reservoir Bag Feeds the Mask


Extra Mega-Flow Masks

2 Bag sizes. 1- 5 machine inputs.
Several people may use one bag simultaneously for exercise and rest.
Unbeatable value.

Our bags are two optional sizes, 500 liter and 900 liter, will accommodate up to 8 people and 5 machines
and are very very very strong.

Think 25-150 Liters Per Minute versus 1-3 Liters Per Minute via cannula or 1 liter bag delivery

Leading edge health professionals rave about it.

lease be advised we will not answer any medical questions. 
This applies for any Live Chat questions and/or contact submissions.
Our representatives can discuss product and science with you, but cannot address medical issues.
Thank you!

25 to 100 times more oxygen while exercising or resting.

When you use the Turbo Oxygen System for a day or two or week you get stronger and stronger and have more stamina. Naps are no longer needed. You heal faster. If I am out of town for week I sense no loss of energy. My mind is much more clear and at age 76 that is a big deal. Think what it will do for younger people.

If you can exercise at all I believe this reservoir bag is many times more effective than hard or soft oxygen chambers
or any other oxygen enhanced exercise EWOT system out there, including the ones using a cannula, 1 liter or 900 liter bags.

A basic overview of the reservoir system concept.

When you use a 5 liter per minute oxygen concentrator it produces approximately 93% oxygen as long as you have it on.
The issue is that it's producing 5 liters a minute, but you're not breathing 5 liters of oxygen a minute because
you are, number one: exhaling half or more than half during that time and number two: breathing in a lot of air along with the oxygen because you are using a nose cannula.

So that boils down to about 1-1 1/4 liters a minute based on roughly a 30 breaths a minute. If you breathe in more or less breaths a minute then you will breathe in that much more or less amount of oxygen. So you measure the combination of breathing rate, volume of lungs and percentage of oxygen mixed with air per breath.

Let's take that 30 breaths a minute and increase the potential for the oxygen by 50-100 times by not have any air diluting the O2. If you're breathing a full breath of oxygen every two seconds and your breath is two liters, you're breathing
30 times 2 liters of oxygen or 60 liters a minute compared to 1- 1 1/4 liter per minute.

Now, If you have larger lungs and you're breathing 3 liters every breath at that point you're breathing
30 X 3 or 90 liters of oxygen per minute. If you're breathing much faster say 1 breath every second
and you have a 3 liter breath you're breathing 60 x 3 or 180 liters a minute, whereas the cannula 5 liter approach
gives you 1- 1 1/4 liters per minute. You are then looking at potentially 50-100 times more oxygen per minute depending on your breath rate and volume.  So far the feedback from using the bags is that all people need is about 15 minutes once a day (twice is even better and I sometimes go for 30 consecutive minutes in "cruise control" and am energized for several days.

If people want they can push themselves much harder and still feel good. Athletes like that a lot and of course competitive athletes love it. I never recommend the hard push as I have no idea of one's state of health. I personally use a medium to slow walk or pedal on a recumbent bike watching Netflix and You Tube documentaries.

1-8 simultaneous users and 1-5 O2E2 units.
Unbeatable versatility and value. Worldwide usage.

Without a large oxygen reservoir, you are only breathing as much oxygen as the concentrator can produce. Depending on the concentrator - 3 Liters per minute - 5 Liters per minute - or 10 Liters per minute delivered by a cannula or mask and 1 liter reservoir bag. That simply will not be enough oxygen for moderate to intense exercise.

Front view of Bag

4 x 8 foot 900 liters


Filled by an O2E2

Yours or ours



Filled by an O2E2



Optional Smaller Bag  
(4x5 500 liters )
Filled by an O2E2

May be hung from  a ceiling, horizontal or vertical,
over sauna,
outside on deck,
under staircase, above stationary equipment etc.


2 bag-mask connector hose adaptors 

2 Corks for large connector tubes when not in use, white caps to close off O2 inlet bag feeder nipples not being connected to oxygen machines,  one 14 foot hose to feed bag from machine; one nose cannula for direct to machine sleep or Y connector for sleep combined with bag for slow all night or all day fill. 2 no-drill sheetrock only/NO STUDS ceiling hooks - 15LB test each, nasal moisturizer.


Breath is life. The more you breathe the more you live.

High Flow Masks for varying
head sizes
Call us for proper sizing and a surprise gift when you order.

704.597.6775 ET   Email: 10-6 M-F

Turbo Mega-Flow Mask
Slow to intense exercise or rest



These cannula fed or 1 liter  masks to you right will not provide enough flow rate of oxygen for optimal moderate to intense exercise.


   1 Liter mask  VS 500-900 LITER BAG

Combine With ANY Stationary Exercise Equipment or Furniture Suitable For Rest


Better Sleep

Vibration Platforms


Recumbent Bike

Total Gym

The NEW Turbo Mega-Flow Mask  AMAZING!

Two people sharing bag

Reading Watching TV Video & Card Games

Brain Trainer

Ceiling Hung or Optional Adjustable
Bag Stand.

Ideas For Our Turbo Oxygen Exercise-Rest
Single or Multiple Person Usage

Vibration Platform and Sauna

Two Exercise Stations 
One at a time or both at once

Spinalator in
Separate Recovery Room

Resting Room Biomat (or Bed)
 or Massage Chair. 1-3 people

O2E2 Machines Can Feed One Bag or Multiple Bags Simultaneously in the
Same or Different Rooms

The shopping cart is being overhauled so if it gives you problems it is best to call  704.597.6775 ET   Email:


Outside or garage/separate room and Bag
Turbo Oxygen Usage


Athletes and supplemental oxygen   Great for weekend warriors too  

This high volume, advanced TurboOxygen system is purpose-built for HIGH PERFORMANCE and to deliver the ultimate user experience. Made with the most technologically advanced and inert materials available, the reservoir is designed to provide a chemical free, VOC, Phylate  free user experience. It is especially manufactured using the highest quality 'food grade' materials. When used according to manufacturers guidelines, this product has a minimum 5 year life expectancy.

Most will get results in 15 minute sessions. Feeling is believing. If you already have an EWOT system or O2E2, upgrade it to our Turbo Oxygen System now. You will be delighted you did.

Used and New Gym Equipment:
New equipment as inexpensive $100.00
Got my used xR6000 STANDARD from them for $2500. I ordered and waited 4 days until they found one.
The Octane xr6000 SMART is state of the art.

Call or email us for complete answers to make an informed decision. 
704.597.6775  Eastern USA Time zone 10-6 pm Email:


Mega-Flow masks are fitted for varying head sizes
The more you breathe the more you receive.

Price ranges are from $495 - $695 for a bag and
$1,200 -$4100 for bag and 5 or 10 liter machine.
Call us for specifics, and a surprise gift.
You are going to love this system. 

The shopping cart is being overhauled so if it gives you problems it is best to call  704.597.6775 ET  
(form on your bottom right) with your email

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