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What do you want to know about breathing? Answered in our newsletter

Pinhole glasses

In today's society most people's eye muscles are not being worked as they should be.  In the wild we'd be consistently looking over far distances at mountains, cliffs, rivers, and so on.  Today, most of us tend to be stuck in city environments and we rarely get the opportunity to look more than 25 feet ahead of us. 

To make our eyes even more lazy, many of us are looking at 2D television sets, computers, iPads and/or iPhones for the majority of the day.  Staring is the main culprit.  Scanning side to side instead or moving the head side to side is another.

When our eye muscles become lazy, the result can be blurred vision.  Of course the prescription eyeglass industry is going to try to take advantage of this situation and offer you expensive prescription eyeglasses that make your eyes even more lazy by doing much of the focusing for you. However, there is an easy and affordable alternative that enables you to effortlessly strengthen your eyes and restore their range of motion. 

[]Kim and I, plus our next door neighbor, all keep a pair of these Pinhole Glasses next to our desk and put them on just a few minutes of the day.  I do it for preventive measures since I am often at a computer for a good amount of the day.  Kim and our next door neighbor both have blurred vision and they use these glasses in order to help improve their vision.

It is now widely accepted that pinhole glasses do improve vis!on for those experiencing refractive error eye disorders, indeed even ophthalmologists use pinhole equipment to check eyes for refractive disorders during eye examinations. Moreover, evidence suggesting that concave or 'minus' eyeglass lenses actually accelerate acquired myopia is mounting. Many are turning to pinhole glasses as a prevention method and cure for this issue that has steadily increased over the last 50 years.

Pinhole glasses are ideal for sufferers of refractive eyesite disorders, the elderly and computer users, as the pinholes - accurately formed by laser technology - allow only direct and coherent light rays to pass through into the eye.

[]In a healthy eye, light rays are focused into a single point on the light sensitive retina at the back of the eyeball. Depending upon the type of refractive dis0rder, less healthy eyes focus light rays in front of or behind the retina, casting a 'blur circle' on the retina itself. The tiny pinholes on the surface of the plastic lenses of the pinhole glasses effectively stop down the aperture of the eye's pupil, so pass a narrower beam of light through to the eye lens, with a greater depth of f!eld. The narrow beam casts a smaller blur circle on the retina, improving your vis!on.

To order a pair of these amazing pinhole glasses search at amazon.com.
Also realize that a large part of eyesight management includes the way you breathe.

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