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The history of concentrated oxygen.

Oxygen concentration and its units date back as early 1800’s. In 1772, Oxygen was discovered by Swedish chemist, Carl Wilhelm Scheele. English chemist Joseph Priestly, discovered the oxygen molecule in 1774, and published his findings three years before Scheele’s, but Scheele is still recognized as the first to figure out what oxygen is. What it DOES is STILL being discovered some 200 years later. Did you know that even rocks contains oxygen?

From Scheele, it took less than 100 years for scientists and doctors to utilize oxygen to help various health challenges. In 1885, the first recorded medical use of concentrated oxygen was for treating pneumonia. This revolutionary treatment was administered and pioneered by Dr. George Holtzapple. Two years later, a product was invented and sold that stored oxygen for intermittent on-demand usage.

In early twentieth century, a nasal cannula (demo) was used to connect between oxygen and the person. It wasn’t, however, until 1917 that Jon Scott Haldane invented a gas mask to protect and treat soldiers who had been affected by dangerous chlorine gasses during the First World War. Nose cannulas allow lots of ambient air to mix with the inhale. While the mask ensures against loss of oxygen and increase liters per minute flowrate.

Medical use of oxygen made breakthroughs up to World War II. Hospitals use oxygen to treat patients with a variety of respiratory issues. It wasn’t until the 1950’s that it was used to augment training for paratroopers. Even though the paratroopers were already in incredible shape, the oxygen enhanced exercise was used to SUPER TRAIN them for top secret missions. This method stayed top secret for years until it was expanded on by Dr. Manfred Von Aredenne in the 1980s. My preventive medicine physician and surgeon Majid Ali then refined much of its understanding.
What is the single greatest cause of all diseases? It is oxygen deficiency.

Portable oxygen came in the 1950s. It was used strictly in ambulances and on-scene emergencies. It was not the personal and lightweight units we’re used to today. The 1970’s was revolutionary for medical grade oxygen therapy advancements. Finally, you could manufacture your own oxygen in your home! This development in oxygen was extraordinary due to the fact that the concentrator purified oxygen within itself but it was extremely big and heavy!

Over the next 30 years, people wanted smaller more easily manageable machines. Concentrators began to shrink in size. With medical innovations, oxygen was used to treat various respiratory diseases. But still little was known about oxygen enhanced exercise and rest.

A nose cannula will only deliver resting breath rate about a liter or two a minute because the ambient air dilutes the oxygen. If you want to use oxygen for exercise augmentation you need to get as much O2 as you can, and as many breaths a minute as your exercise intensity commands. You must have the capability to access up to 150 liters a minute. For rest, 3-8 liters per minute is usually sufficient. Why not both?

To address both rest and exercise we have created the TurboOxygen system. Our latest version uses a modified gas mask (DEMO) and can support 2 people at the same time. Used with any exercise equipment or just something to rest or sleep on will give you exponential wellness benefits --- in FRACTION OF THE TIME. No prescription needed. click here

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