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Oxygen Concentrator Factors

My blood oxygen raises 2 points while using my concentrator (I call it 02E2).
I often feel better when I use it then when I do not. I always feel more clearheaded.  I always last longer without fatigue while at the computer or exercising. 
I have personally observed others using our 5 liter a minute machines and exercising using a stationary bicycle.  They report to be less tired using the concentrator during the same time than they would exercise without it. Some actually have to be stopped using the oxygen unit along with the stationary recumbent bicycle as they are taking too long because they feel no fatigue and "just keep feeling better."  But I suspect it is not the same for everyone.

I personally do not trust the heart rate levels that stress tests demand as people die during stress tests as well as the following day after passing a stress test.  I advise those using O2E2 to maintain a lower hart rate and end the session feeling energized or at least not feeling fatigued. Sweaty perhaps, fatigued no.
I know very well O2E2 is helping because of the oxygen that the pulse oximeter shows an increase as well as how I feel more energy and I am encouraged more to exercise because I believe I am getting the benefits of this added booster.  So if it is placebo so be it.  But my understanding of the benefits of oxygen lead me to strongly believe it is in actuality doing me a great deal of good. I also advise to not use it as a replacement for exercise but as a supplement and encouragement to exercise more albeit moderate.
When oxygen levels are properly increased, the red blood cells pick up the extra oxygen, and provide it to our body tissues. Waste gases and toxins are removed more efficiently and cells begin to function normally.

Anaerobic viruses, bacteria and fungi, unable to live in an oxygen enriched environment, are compromised. Oxygen builds resistance to infections like yeast (candida albicans) that thrive in an oxygen deficient environment. Oxygen helps to neutralize acids in our body, like lactic acid resulting from muscle overload. Our body's chemical reactions are "fired-up" due to the increased oxygen levels. We burn fat more efficiently. We feel better, our body is healthier and we think more clearly because of increased oxygenation.

Here is more benefits discovered by extensive research:

* Removes free radicals

* Reduces tissue swelling

* Increases neuronal energy metabolism in the brain

* Can create sustained cognitive improvement

* Wakes up sleeping (idling) brain cells that are metabolizing enough to stay alive but are not actively "firing".

* Enhances the body's ability to fight bacterial and viral infections

* Deactivates toxins and poisons (e.g. side effects from some chemotherapy, spider bites, air pollution, etc.)

* Enhances wound healing, (stimulates new capillaries into wounds).
* Creates an immediate aerobic state
* Acts as an anti-inflammatory

Aside from being in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber where they put you into pressurized oxygen at two atmospheres for 1 hour I personally believe it is very difficult to get too much oxygen and it is pretty easy to get too little.  One could say that water should never be administered without a prescription because it can lead to drowning if used incorrectly, or that baseball bats should be licensed as deadly weapons. But people don't say these things, because they defy common sense. Some with severe lung dysfunction may not be able to absorb/take in the extra oxygen and should consult a health professional familiar with that issue. It may be they need to start slower or not at all.
To me, hyperventilation is not always hyperventilation. In my opinion and due to my experience with various forms of breathwork it should often be better called hyper-inhalation and governed by phenomena called the Law Of Mass Action whereby extra oxygen not measurable in the hemoglobin but can be "packed" into the plasma then body tissues for later recovery and usage.  In terms of what is called "overbreathing" or hyperventilation, if the way you are breathing makes you anxious then you are probably chest breathing and need to change the way you are breathing and not sacrifice potential oxygen stores by breathing shallowly or less.  Under-breathing can sometimes cause the body to better utilize whatever O2 it can get but that benefit/phenomenon may not last all that long.

One very well informed client actually believes that the future will see portable oxygen "enhancers" carried by millions as a preventive health measure. 

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