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 My friend Charlie Boyle's Other Laws

. The first pull on the cord will send the drapes the wrong way.
. A falling nozzle will turn toward you and land on its trigger.
. Conjunctivitis is in the eye of the beholder.
. The one thing certain is that nothing is certain.
. The key deficiency will never show itself during the dry runs.
. When things are going well, someone will experiment.
. An original idea can never emerge from committee in the original.
. Information travels more surely to those with a lesser need to know.
. Any venture will be helped by prayer, even in the wrong denomination.
. Improving and progressing are not the same as solving and completing.         
. Skill will be seen as management ability, causing disastrous promotions.
. The crucial memo in the out-basket will snag on an adjacent paper clip and go to file.
. On successive charts of an organization, the number of boxes will not decrease.
. Managers will consider subordinate's premonitions mainly in the post-mortems.
. Unless controlled, work will flow to the competent until they submerge.
. Progress will lag in areas where the highest overtime rates lie waiting.
. Scientists who become archaeologists will do ground-breaking research.
. Your career will unfold as a series of miscalculations, not all yours.
. Along most dotted lines, the perforations will prove stronger than the paper.
. Your future will depend upon having the courage of your misconceptions.
. There are people you cannot trust with your money; so with your emotions.
. In life, the dictionary, or the phone book, you will repeatedly straddle the target.
. Fate will do all possible to put you into publicly embarrassing situations.
. Clearly stated instructions will produce multiple interpretations.
. If you gain the doctorate, you will lose your first name.
. Today's disaster is tomorrow's archaeology.
. If you go on living long enough, you will die.
. Even a bad example can be a good example.
. The ears have walls.    


If you just smirk, grin, or smile and never guffaw you may have a breathing problem that has been overlooked? Want to laugh deeper and with more gusto? Click here to take your FREE Breathing Tests
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