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Allergies and the Way We Breathe

Bad air and allergies is a no brainer. CLEAN THE AIR.

There is a huge aspect of allergy causes not widely understood: The way we breathe. 

A 39 year old man presented with stopped up nostrils. MDs could find no reason. In two sessions we changed his breathing and his nostrils opened up.

Unbalanced or shallow or high chest breathing inhibits digestion. Poor digestion allows larger chunks of undigested to go into the blood stream.  These cause excessive white blood cell production and vascular engorgement/swelling.  Dairy, many grains, and chocolate (not cocoa) often also cause allergic reactions.

When the breathing is out of balance we vaso-constrict. A poor breathing pattern (see Superman Syndrome) produces more adrenaline production (saving the world is stressful). This 24/7 "stress" can wear out our adrenals causing them to fire too often. To offset the adrenaline we produce more histamine (remember we take an anti-histamine when having cold symptoms) then become more sensitive to undigested foreign bodies.

See the animated balanced breathing pattern to the right and the arrow in the figure to the right representing an even flow of unobstructed flow or wave stemming from that balanced wave.

Note the "speed bump" block in the breath wave to the right. It blocks the even wave or flow of breathing.



See the below organs affected by this restriction. 

Imagine how many nerves, muscles and organs can be compromised by this block and corresponding poor postures (emotional anatomy) below.
The arrows show hypothetical fullest to the most dysfunctional breathing
patterns and energy flows.

Emotions influence adrenaline. Anger and fear add to adrenaline and cortisol production. Excessive stress adds to to all this. The way we breathe worsens or resolves any emotional response.

The Health Magazine reports that Japanese researchers exposed 26 allergic people to cat hair and dust, first while they watched a Charlie Chaplin film and again while they gazed at a weather video. A good laugh cut the patients reaction to irritants by a 75 percent. Deep gut level laughter opens up the breathing spaces and invite improved posture albeit only  temporarily. The answer is to permanently change the way you breathe. In any event you will find me at Dangerfield's Comedy club almost every visit to New York City. I LOVE to laugh.

A good cry works a lot the same way (and can even improve your voice). They BOTH, when possible, require deeper easier breathing. But when the breathing is severely restricted or unbalanced, deep laughing, crying (and speaking) are restricted.

Have the last laugh on the prescription drug industry. See a funny movie. Develop your breathing with our Breathing Improvement program. 

Wake up  stuffy nosed? Catch a cold? This is usually a backup of undigested food referred to earlier and also ANY food in excess as that causes white blood cell increase; poor environment such as air, bed, household furniture, dust etc; some kinds of over the counter or prescribed medication or recent shot.

Breath rates and food allergies. Measure the breath rate before consuming and 15 minutes after consuming the suspect food. Increase of 15 BPM is for sure an allergen; 10-15 BPM is likely one; below 9 not allergic. BUT it sometime takes up to a week for an allergen to surface. That is why the mono diet where you east just one food for a week then add one and so on is the best test. 

Another form of stress that we usually do not think of as stress is weight training. Superman syndrome attempts to introduce people to the WAY they body build. Creating tight muscles around the breathing will restrict its volume. When we try to breathe deeper into those tight muscles we strengthen the speed bump and ass to our stress. There are weight training workarounds for this in the Secrets manual in the Breathing Mastery Kit. 

Vacuum Cleaners Recommended for Allergic Subjects

Why Should People with Asthma and Allergies Vacuum?


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