Welcome to our breathing family. Optimal breathing can prevent many illnesses common to our day. Improper breathing, on the other hand, can cause or worsen ALL diseases and limit our personal power. Learning how to breathe optimally is critical to long life and wellness. Breath is life. Study breathing, for life. Michael Grant White

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Foundation of Optimal Breathing
What ever condition or challenge--be it positive or negative--that caused you to be here, you can bet that the way you breathe is profoundly influencing it in many more ways than you could ever imagine AND you can change it rapidly and accurately. Breath IS life in many wonderful ways you may never have imagined.

Core emphasis
   Developing healthy, holistic mind-body-spirit natural breathing without drugs or surgery.
   Breathing fundamentals
   Breathing techniques
   Breathing exercises
   Internal cleansing
   Weight control
Integral aspects of state of the art functional natural medicine

Optimal Breathing Development Work
Integrates ancient teachings, modern science and technology, touch, non touch and self help approaches. It is compatible with ALL forms of therapeutic, religious, spiritual and stream of consciousness expressions. Breathing mechanics are essentially the same for every normal human body but many of us lose good breathing or never had it.  Breath is life. Many wish to improve on what they already have. I am 73 years old. The Voldyne 5000 shows my breathing volume to be that of a 6 foot 6 inch 20 year old male. At age 13 I was 6 foot 2 inches tall. I am still that tall.  There are specific and measurable factors that comprise our teachings.



About life in general.
Breathing is not only a marker for health and longevity, it is a major aspect for personal and spiritual growth and our ability to create and adapt to life's challenges and opportunities as we progress at our own speed. 




For some, breathing development is of the utmost importance, right now.
For others, better breathing is an indispensable aid to everything related to life and living.

Facts you should know.

  • Science has proven that cancer is anaerobic - it does not survive in high levels of oxygen.
  • Shortness of breath and heart disease are directly linked - the heart goes into spasm when it is deprived of oxygen.
  • Studies have shown that there is a high correlation between high blood pressure and

    poor breathing.


  • Most emotional issues, including breathing related anxiety and depression, result from
    the nervous system being out of balance.  Breathing drives the nervous system.

  • Optimal Breathing helps to promote weight loss.  Oxygen burns fat and calories.
  • Breathing well is the key to sleeping well and waking up feeling rested.
  • Breathing provides 99% of your energy.  Without energy, nothing works.
  • Yoga breathing may or may not aid proper breathing
Consider this:

1. Clinical studies prove that the body's oxygen supply, wellness, and life-span are totally dependent on proper breathing.

2. Lung volume is a primary marker for how long you will live. Breathing tests are critical to staying healthy.

3. Breathing supplies over 99% of your entire oxygen and energy supply. Poor breathing causes or worsens chronic maladies such as asthma, allergies, anxiety, fatigue, depression, headaches, heart conditions, high blood pressure, sleep loss, obesity, harmful stress, poor mental clarity plus hundreds of other lesser known but equally harmful conditions. ALL diseases are caused or worsened by poor breathing.

4. The average person reaches peak respiratory function and lung capacity in their mid 20's. Then they begin to lose respiratory capacity: between 10% and 27% for every decade of life! So, unless you are doing something to maintain or improve your breathing capacity, it will decline, and with it, your general health, your life expectancy, and for that matter, your spirit as well.

5. Breathing fundamentals are critical.
Just because one particular breathing exercise or development technique feels good does not mean it is the best choice. Many feel good at the outset of a certain exercise but that is largely because so many breathe so poorly that any progress feels significant, and it may well be. But each technique or exercise must be based in solid breathing fundamentals otherwise they can work against each other and cause future breathing development problems. Like a rocket ship even slightly off course, as the days and weeks pass, you will travel further and further away from your goal of a long, healthy, vibrant life. Knowing the fundamentals helps you stay on course. Here is an example of being way off course - Superman Syndrome.

                       Our Most Popular Programs

Optimal Breathing IS the most advanced  and versatile natural breathing development program in the world. We have helped thousands of people from around the world. Take control of your health and life.  

1. The Optimal Breathing Mastery Kit  Self Help Training, Techniques, Exercises,    Ergonomics and Holistic Health
Secrets of Optimal Breathing Manual

The Breathing Store

4.  Optimal Breathing School - Certification as an Optimal Breathing Development Specialist.

5.  Office Visits

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From Mano: The information is very informative that strikes a caution regarding bad breathing. It reminds one of the basic rule, "prevention is better than cure".  

From Justin S: I am inspired by new ideas and new concepts - I believe that breathing right is one of the most important things in staying healthy - your web site is filled with important and logical information...... it makes perfect sense on what your saying about breathing properly-a lot of people (including myself) are starting to look for answers in a non traditional way. I always believe that the best way is the simplest, straightforward approach, the way that makes the most sense - just breathing right.

Learning to breathe under the guidance of Mike White has not only saved my life but profoundly altered its quality- Marie D.,

I am a changed person....I sleep better, look better, and think better, all because of the video and exercise #1.  - Wanda Chafin

I am now of course still practicing proper breathing (50 years of bad habits), off meds, and have not awaked at night even once since starting the program and getting private instruction from Michael.  - Phyllis Ross

Michael White is an extraordinary breathing coach who teaches people new patterns of breathing, helping them to bring in more oxygen. These techniques help to improve health, stamina and even voice quality.  - Raymond Francis, Director, Beyond Health Corporation

While working with Mike in 2000 I was introduced to the strapping exercise which really allows an opening and expanding of lung capacity.  - Phillip Madeley

Coming to The Optimal Breathing School has been a life altering event for me. I learned how critical free flowing, coordinated, and balanced breathing is to our human existence.  - Sam Leiter, Philadelphia

"I have sang and played music for 35 years. I had no idea I was capable of singing with such strength, control, confidence and ease as I have been until after working with Mike for only 5 hours."  - Jerry Harmon, Appalachian Singer Songwriter

From personal experience I can highly recommend Mike White, the expert on optimal breathing.  If there is anyone who can really help you breathe better, it's Mike.  - Esther Joy, Natural Vision Trainer

Schedule an hour or two with Mike White!  He’ll share some terrific information and techniques to help yourself breathe better, Improve your diet and gain a new outlook on life!  - Jan J., health professional

I felt taller, my posture improved, I could take fuller, deeper breaths, I felt energized and focused while in class, and now I am motivated to do what it takes to continue to improve my breathing and posture.  - Margaret A., massage therapist

IN A RUSH? If you do not presently have the 15 minutes needed for the Free Breathing test you can subscribe to our Free Weekly Newsletter and take the test later.

Our optimal natural state should be steady energy throughout the day; great positive mood; freedom to breathe deeply and easily; waking up clear headed and refreshed; a clear mind and good memory and a strong vocal expression. All of these are dependent upon the way we breathe.  

If you are willing to take action to improve your breathing or achieve optimal health, please read on. This website is here for you to learn how stronger, deeper, easier balanced, healthy breathing will give your life a new meaning. If you have any breathing problems, your health isn't all you'd like it to be or just want to speak, or sing or play a wind instrument better, I am here to help you make a dramatic change for the better.  

Take control of your health and your life.

Attain Optimal Breathing
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"Breathing is the FIRST place not the LAST place one should investigate when any disordered energy presents itself."

Sheldon Saul Hendler, MD Ph.D., The Oxygen Breakthrough

"He who breathes most air lives most life."

Elizabeth Barrett Browning

"Mike's Optimal Breathing teachings should be incorporated into the physical exam taught in medical schools as well as other allied physical and mental health programs, particularly education, and speech, physical, and respiratory therapy."

Dr. Danielle Rose, MD, NMD, SEP

“Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness... the moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves, too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from the decision.”   —Goethe



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The breathing improvement techniques, practices and products outlined in this publication are extremely gentle, and should, if carried out as described, be beneficial
to your overall physical and psychological health. If you have any serious medical or psychological problem, however, such as heart disease, high blood pressure,
cancer, mental illness, or recent abdominal or chest surgery, you should consult your health professional before undertaking these practices.